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First Flight - B-Tier - April 6th & 7th @ Highland

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phish sticks:
yeah I'm pretty sure theres a very good reason for it. I'm not that huge of a tourney player but I dint mind the fee especially since its a B-tier event and it does come with a players pack.

"If you Pre-register, you will get one tournament stamped disc of your choice from a large selection of tournament discs past and present, along with other goodies. Walk ups will receive an Aces and Chains gift card along with some goodies. It's definitely to your benefit to pre-register!"

Seems they are making it more beneficial to pre-register so you really get your moneys worth and then it helps them be prepared with knowing how many people will really show up making the experience better for everyone. I'm gonna start hitting up highland once or twice a week to get in some practice.

Aces and Chains:
Yes, it would be odd if Ams and Pros had the same entry fee. That is not the case here though. I just didn't post the fee for the Pros. The Pro entry fee is $25 higher than the Ams, making it $60 + Ace and CTP + PDGA fee of $10 if you are not a member.

Aces and Chains:
Also, just to be clear, only the Ams get a players pack. Everyone knows this, but since it's here in writing, I figured I would clarify just in case.

Thanks for clarifying! I'm signing up right now!

Hey Patrick I will be in this week to sign up for Sunday, but I plan to come out on  Saturday to help with whatever you might need. Just let me know.


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