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Guess Who's Having a Baby

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Jason Poole & his wife, Desiree! November is the due date. Ha, haa! I'm happy for you!
Congratulations Poole's!!!

Congrats to both of you! Your days of golfing are numbered JP  :P

You're going to build the crib yourself aren't you? What do you think Frankie...oak??

Really great news, congratulations!!

Congrats JP.. best of luck to you.. cant wait to see the little one throwin.. haha

Congratulations Desiree & Jason! So thatís what youíve been doing on all those missed Wednesday league nights.

Congratulations to Ashley & Ryan Gremillion on their new arrival in August.

Maybe the new Sr. and Jr. duos.

The future of J-Town Disc Golf is arriving!

little G unit running around too? NICE... Congrats Ashley and Ryan!!


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