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To register, and for more info, please go to:


Looking for temp baskets for both days at The Wild West sponsored by Westside Discs. Aug 29th-Aug 30th. Safari setup. If you can commit to bringing out a good temp basket, please post below. Thanks in advance for your help!

The Wild West sponsored by Westside Discs - Aug 29th & 30th

Pro C-tier/Ams B-Tier PDGA sanctioned tournament.

Two 18 hole rounds at West Park, in Joliet, IL. Yes that's right, I said 18 holes at West Park. I'm changing it up again this year, and setting up a safari course at West Park. Please be aware that some of the holes will be made more difficult. Expect the unexpected.

Players Pack:

Westside Discs dri-fit T. (First 60 Ams to pre-register.)
Westside Discs Koozie. (All the rest of the Ams.)
One tournament stamped disc to every Am that signs up.

Division Schedule:


Pro (including age protected Pro divisions)


Advanced (including age protected Adv. divisions)
Women's divisions
Jr. divisions

Westpark is one of the most popular courses in the Joliet area. The course plays thru mature oaks. Tee pads are natural. This will be another safari setup at Westpark.

Pre-registration is highly encouraged. By pre-registering, you help us run a smoother tournament.

Pre-register here: http://www.acesandchains.com/node/1178

Day of Registration (if spots are available) and Check-In will be between 8am-9am. Please check in when you get there.

Players meeting will be held at 9:15am. Tee off at approx. 9:30am. Tournament headquarters will be by hole 8.

Cost is $35 for Ams, and $50 for Pros (plus $10 if you are a current PDGA member) Please note there is a $2 credit card fee. Save that $2 if you register in person with cash either at the store, or during day of registration.

Courses / New bridge on hole 2 at Channahon
« on: January 05, 2015, 06:51:46 PM »
Love the new bridge on hole 2 at Channahon. Hadn't been out there in a while. Course looks great as usual.

That guy Frank never stops working does he?

May 23rd & 24th - First Flight Presented by Axiom Discs - Ams only A-Tier

We've added another course this year. Players will play one round each at The Canyons at Dellwood Park, Highland Park, and Channahon Community Park. Total maximum number of players is 216. This tournament filled early last year, and we had to turn people away, so don't wait too long to register.

Players Pack (so far):

Innova Disc
Latitude64 Disc
Gateway Disc
Salient Liquid Metal Disc
Tournament Poster
Players Guide

Pre-registration is mandatory. We will not be taking walk ups for this tournament. Also, since it's an A-tier, PDGA membership is a requirement. Registration will close on Wednesday, May 20th at 4pm. Of course, if we fill before then, it will close at that time.

Final 9: We will have a final 9 for every division with 12 or more players! The layout has yet to be determined. Check back here for more info at a later date.

Registration fee is $65, which includes $3 for the ace pot, and a $2 online registration fee. Pre-registration is available here: http://www.acesandchains.com/node/21

Of course, you can also register in person at Aces and Chains, 1706 W. Jefferson St., Joliet, IL  815-207-8874. If you register in person, you save the $2 online registration fee. (You can also mail in your registration to the same address.)

Leagues & Tourneys / Friday Night Lights is back!
« on: September 21, 2014, 06:22:04 PM »
Sorry for the late post. We started Friday Night Lights again two weeks ago and have gotten off to a strong start. 18 players showed up last week! Come on out on Fridays to "see" what all the fun is about...

Results and other info is posted on our new facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/fridaynightlightsjoliet

We close registration at 7:45p and tee off at 8pm each Friday. This coming Friday we will be at Highland Park. Currently, we are switching between Highland and West Park every week. $5 to play, plus two optional $2 (50/50) CTPs, and an optional $1 Ace fund. Ace fund is up to $21 so far.

Come and check it out. More players = more fun!

Glo lights and glo discs are available for purchase...

Leagues & Tourneys / The Wild West - August 17th - Pro C/Am B-tier
« on: July 15, 2014, 05:47:36 PM »
The Wild West will be run as a one day only event this year due to the fact that I got a J O B that will be working me 50+ hours per week, including Saturdays. I have some ideas for this years event that I may share with you later, or I might just surprise everyone. No Three Mile Island this year! Everyone seemed to figure out how to play it last year, so I'm going to switch it up a bit.

$35 for Ams, $50 for Pros.

More info available here: http://www.acesandchains.com/node/791

First Flight, the first A-Tier that has ever been held in the Joliet area, was a success! We had a great time all weekend, culminating in a great show put on by the top 4 advanced players in the ďFinal 9Ē holes at Round Barn Farm. Thank you to everyone who came out to play, everyone who went to flymart, the players party, and who came out to watch the Final 9!

I have a lot of people to thank.

First and foremost, I canít say enough good things about my TDís. Aaron Studer, Kevin Schramm, Paul Kenny, and Mike Kursell all did an outstanding job, and went above and beyond the call to make this tournament a success. Without them, this tournament would never have been possible. Please shake their hand and share your positive thoughts with them when you see them. They worked hard all weekend!
Iíd also like to thank Frank Grimes and Shawn McCarthy for their course maintenance work at Channahon. My apologies to Frank for sending 144 players through the course at this early date. As I mentioned on Facebook, I will not be giving that early of a date to the PDGA as an option next year, even if itís the third option.
And hey, thanks to Terry Miller, the DG Guy for coming out to video tape the tournament! Terryís a great guy. I saw him helping vendors at the flymart, in addition to his videotaping duties. Check out his footage of the tournament on his You tube blog. First dayís highlights can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIXx2gouBUQ&list=UU_VFGL2488ElJvThosFxaRQ
Below is the complete list of people who helped out at the tournament. My sincere thanks to each and every one of you. Itís great to be part of such a helpful community of disc golfers! Hopefully, I donít forget anyone!

TDís: Aaron Studer, Kevin Schramm, Paul Kenny, & Mike Kursell
Artist and creative assistance: Mike Kursell
Course Maintenance: Frank Grimes and Shawn McCarthy
Photography: Daniel Czempinski & Aaron Studer
Videographers: DG Guy Terry Miller & Ryan Fancher
T-Shirts: Ryan Fancher
Spotter: Cory Hill of Soul Flight Disc Golf
Banners: Mike Eichorst & Eric Fite
Scorecards and leaderboard help: Ryan Fancher, Daniel Czempinski & Ryan Barcas
Sponsor Tee signs: Jeremiah Bly, Mike Eichorst, and Ismael Ochoa
Doubles tournament: Lars of LSDiscs
Getting Sponsors: Larry Pennuto
Carrying the Final 9 leaderboard: Jeremiah Bly
Assistance during Final 9: Jose Herrera
Clean up aftward: Blaine & Christie Schepp

Lastly, Iíd like to thank Kyle Chapman, Zack Zandstra, Alex Nimtz, and Jason LeQuesne for putting on a great show during the Final 9.

Thanks again to everyone. Letís keep this positive vibe going all summer!

Leagues & Tourneys / Flymart Friday March 28th from 5p-8p!
« on: March 18, 2014, 04:06:04 PM »
We will be hosting a flymart at the Holiday Inn off Larkin (just south of Jefferson, right before the I-80 expressway.) from 5p-8p on Friday, March 28th. Whether you are playing at First Flight or not, you are encouraged to come check out what the vendors have to offer.

Major vendors attending:

Plastic Addicts

We'll also have our very own local custom printer Top Secret Studios out with some sweet custom printed shirts and other disc golf related items.

Kevin Schramm will be DJing the event for your entertainment.

Also, Paragon will be running a putting contest!

Don't miss it!

LSDiscs will be running a doubles tournament at Channahon between 10am-2pm on Friday, March 28th. Great way to prep for the First Flight tournament that weekend. All payouts will be in Merch.

Only $20 a team to play! Advanced and Intermediate divisions available.

LSDiscs will also be at the flymart Friday night, and vending at the tournament at Channahon all weekend. I encourage you to support them!

Leagues & Tourneys / The Trilogy Tee Pad Challenge - July 5th
« on: February 16, 2014, 02:49:59 PM »
An unsanctioned disc golf tournament to raise funds for tee pads at West Park.

Trilogy Challenge: A unique format using only three discs provided by Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, and Westside Discs. Players will play one round at West Park using only the three discs provided by Trilogy - One driver, one midrange, and one putter. The lowest score after one round will win a great prize package of three discs from Dynamic Discs, three discs from Latitude 64, three discs from Westside Discs, a bag, and several other goodies!

All levels of players are invited. This is a great "starter" event for players who would like to get into tournament play. Though we will be following the rules set forth by the PDGA, play will be more casual than a fully sanctioned PDGA tournament.

Cost is $30, with $9 of each player fee going toward improvements at West Park, including, but not limited to, new cement tee boxes for each hole.

In addition, we will be approaching businesses to sponsor additional tee pads at a cost of $160 each. Any business or individual who sponsors a tee pad will get their name/logo on the tee pad sign! I have attached a powerpoint presentation that can be used to solicit tee pad sponsorships. If you wish to help get sponsorships, it would be greatly appreciated! Please do not promise any particular tee pad to any sponsors you get. I've decided that the best way is to assign sponsors to holes randomly in a drawing after we get all the boxes sponsored. Gary may decide to redesign the course as part of this process, so each hole may be completely different than it is today anyway.

Walk ups will be welcome on the day of the tournament. There will be no additional "day of" fee for walk ups.

Player check-in will be open from 8:30-9:15am, with a short players meeting to follow. Tee off will be approx. 9:30am.

This tournament will be limited to 96 players (ie: 4 per hole.) Pre-registration is up and available at: http://acesandchains.com/node/1173

Leagues & Tourneys / First Flight - Ams only A-Tier - March 29th & 30th
« on: December 12, 2013, 02:28:15 PM »
A-Tier Amateur only PDGA sanctioned tournament.

March 29th & 30th.

Three 18 hole rounds at Channahon Community Park, and Round Barn Farm DGC in Manhattan, IL over the course of two days. See below for course schedules.

Channahon Community Park is one of the most picturesque courses in the J-Town area. Thanks to the Sodfather, Frank Grimes, this course always looks great. Cement tee pads, and benches at many of the holes, it's a great place to play. Hole 4 has a raised green, as does hole 11. Hole 9 and 14 will test your distance. The course has an even mix of lefty and righty shots. Definitely a must play if you are in the area.

Round Barn Farm is one of the newest courses in the area. With two sets of championship level baskets on each hole, it has a lot of variety of shots. There are also 3 water holes on the course, giving it that pucker factor. Playing thru mature trees, it is also a scenic course to play. RBF is a great addition to the J-town area.

I am working hard to get sponsors so I can make this the best event possible for the players. I'll list the players pack as it stands right now, but it may change (for the better) as more sponsors come on board.

Players Pack:

Innova Disc
Latitude/Westside Disc
Local Disc Golf Calendar
Long Sleeve Dry Fit T-shirt (Must pre-register by February 14th!)
Commemorative Poster
Tournament Mini
Players Guide

Both discs in the players pack are to be determined as we get closer to the tournament and see what each manufacturer has available.

Registration fee is $50 cash (at the shop) or $52 online. Pre-registration is mandatory. We will not be taking walk ups for this tournament. Also, since it's an A-tier, PDGA membership is a requirement. Pre-register at: http://www.acesandchains.com/node/21

Information about check in times, players meeting(s), and tee times will be available as we get closer to the tournament dates.

Tentative division schedule:

Saturday (2 rounds):

Channahon Community Park (Tee time: 9:30am):

All Advanced divisions

Round Barn Farm (Tee time: 9:00am):

All women's divisions
All Jr. divisions

Sunday (1 round + final 9 for Adv. Men):

Channahon Community Park (Tee time: 9:00am):

All women's divisions
All Jr. divisions

Round Barn Farm (Tee time 9:30am):

All Advanced divisions

We have room for 144 players in this tournament, and I expect it to fill. Pre-registration is open as of today.

Thanks again to everyone in the disc golf community for your continued support! I couldn't do it without you.

Leagues & Tourneys / Winter Glow Disc Golf Tournament - Dec 14 @ RBF
« on: December 06, 2013, 07:56:16 AM »
Manhattan Park District is offering a glow tournament at Round Barn Farm DGC.

When: Saturday, December 14 at 5pm.
Price: $25
Players pack: CFR champion glow disc of your choice. Value=$19!
Tournament Director: Patrick Johnson

Register at: http://www.manhattanparkdistrict.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=260:2013-discraft-qace-raceq-tournament&catid=64:disc-golf&Itemid=263

Registration closes December 11th. This tournament is pre-registration only.

One round of 18 holes. All baskets will be lit up. First and second place will receive a cash payout. Everyone who registers will receive a CFR glow disc of their choice. A great variety of glow discs will be available to choose from. Extra glow discs and glow lights will be available for purchase. And the Manhattan Park District will be giving out free hot chocolate to all registered players.

Round Barn Farm is a great course for glow golf. Come on out, have a great time, and help support the Manhattan Park District and the RBF disc golf course.

Friday Night Lights:

9/20 - tentatively scheduled at Channahon - 7p tee off.

Please get there early to register, put your glow lights on, etc. We need to be teeing off at 7pm to make sure we get out of the park by 10p.

10 week league
Two divisions - Pro/Adv, and Ams
PDGA sanctioned singles format
$10 per person ($5 toward payouts, $2 CTP, $1 Ace, $1 Park fee & $1 PDGA sanctioning fee)

This is a points league, with the following points awarded each week:

1st place - 4pts
2nd place - 3pts
3rd place - 2pts

Plus, everyone who plays, but doesn't place, gets 1pt for showing up.

Points will be kept separately for the Pro/Adv divisions and the AM divisions.

If 4 or more Pro/Adv players are playing, they will play against each other with a separate payout. The Ams will play against each other with their own payout pool.

If there are less than 4 Pro/Adv players, everyone will play in the same pool. Points, however, will always be kept separate for each division.

CTP's will be by division (unless there are less than 4 Pro/Adv players)

Ace fund will be for all divisions (ie: no separate fund for each division. It will be all one fund.) Ace pot will continue to grow until someone wins it. On the last week, if no one aces we will have a CTP throw off for the remaining amount.

I'll post a tentative course schedule tomorrow listing where we will play each week. Please keep in mind that this schedule may change. I am still working on getting approval to play at RBF, West Park, and Highland. If I get approval, I will work them into the schedule.

The points leader in each division at the end of 10 weeks will receive a trophy.

I will have glow lights and discs available at the park.

Schedule/flyer attached below

The annual Aces and Chains Finals - Oct 5th & 6th - unsanctioned invitation only tournament

Qualify by earning points at each Aces and Chains tournament. Currents points will be posted below.

Unique format: You will be matched up against one opponent each round. This is sudden death format. Win the round against your assigned opponent and advance to the next. Lose and go home. Winner of the final round gets all the cash for their division, and gets their name put on the perpetual trophy which is currently in the Joliet shop. Winner of the Advance division gets to determine which shop (Joliet, or Geneva) that the trophy will be displayed in for the next year.

Fee to play is $10. Invitations will be sent out a minimum of  two weeks prior to the tournament. (Invitations may be by phone, emailed, or posted here at the TDs discretion)

This tournament is for Advanced, Intermediate, Recreational, and Novice divisions only.

First two rounds will be played Oct 5th at Westpark. Short tees first round, and long tees for the second round.

Semi-finals and finals will be played at Highland on Oct 6th. Nov and Rec divisions will play Red tees for the semis, and White tees for the finals. Int and Adv divisions will play White tees for the semis and Blue tees for the finals.

First round at 9:30am both days.

We will try to get 16 players in each division. If we get less, then bye rounds will be awarded to the players with the highest point totals as deemed necessary by the TD.

For those of you planning to play Homie on the 6th, if you make it to the semi-finals, we can schedule your round(s) the following weekend or whenever it's convenient for both you and your opponent.

Invites are listed below for each division. Call in soon to reserve your spot at 815-207-8874.

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