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Pre-Registration for The Spring Opener @ Sinnissippi Park is now online!

The divisions are split as follows: Open, Intermediate, and Novice are on Saturday.  Everybody else plays Sunday.  Full tournament details can be found by going to the tournament information and registration link at the above page.

APRIL 17th-18th, 2010 - Pro-C / Am-B TIER
Many thanks to Tim and Fade Gear for helping this event come together!

Singles both rounds - at least 20 holes!

Pre-Registration for IOS #1 @ Channahon is now online!

The divisions splits as follows: Pro Men, Intermediate, and Novice are Saturday.  All other divisions are on Sunday.  Full tournament details can be found by going to the tournament information and registration link at the above page.

The Dave Pitner Memorial - May 1st-2nd, 2010 B-TIER

This event was formerly the Irish You the Best of Luck tournament held in March.  3 years ago, while running the first "Irish" tournament (held in Elk Grove Village), I received a phone call to immediately go to the hospital because my dad (Dave Pitner) had suffered a heart attack.  I arrived at the hospital and found out that he was dead upon arrival.  The following year the event was moved to Channahon - a larger venue for a larger tournament.  Now the event has moved to the month of May for the warmer weather and his birthday was in May.  He was a Christian, a disc golfer, a former volunteer fireman, a computer systems programmer, and a great dad.

David Scott Pitner - May 11, 1959 - March 3, 2007, died at the age of 47.

If you haven't heard - the 4th Annual Jericho Lake Ice Bowl will be on Saturday, February 13th, 2010. This is a fund raising event for Hesed House and the Aurora Interfaith Food Pantry (a branch of Hesed House). There will be 2 rounds at Jericho Lake Park in Aurora, IL. First round is singles, 2nd round seeded doubles based on your first round scores. As the focus of the event is a fund raising event, the event will not be sanctioned. This allows us to offer things such as mulligans for $2 or 3 for $5 that you can only buy before the round and can use throughout either round.

You can sign up at www.paperorplasticsports.com

So far we have more than 80 sponsors signed up to support this event. This is an awesome event for an excellent cause, so will you show your support and come on out? It's $40 for Pro's, $25 for AM's, and $15 for Juniors (<16). $10 from each entry will go to Hesed House. You can sponsor a hole for $25 - email me if interested as well.

In case you are interested in the Ace Fund or other such things that go on at your regularly scheduled tournaments, the following will be available:

$3 Ace Fund - 100% paid out at end of day.  If no aces hit during day, CTP will be set up (some sort of approach shot) with closest 2 to basket split.  If someone Aces the CTP, they get it all.
$2 50/50 CTP - Will probably be for round TWO since everyone will definitely be playing from the same tees.  It will probably be hole #1.  50% of total 50/50 will be donated to Hesed House.

Putting Contest - 9 markers will be place for around the world putting.  I'm probably going to recommend that it be started a couple minutes after the cards start coming in, and then will close 5 minutes after the last card comes in (so the last card people play the game first, then eat).  This way you don't have a line of people standing at each flag.  The volunteer will keep track of the name of the person that made it to the furthest flag before missing both putts (you get 2 tries per flag).  If there is a tie at the end with 2 people getting knocked out on the same flag, the tied players will be called back for a putt-off from the flag where they all missed and continue on until only one person remains.  Entry is free - prize is still TBD.

Mulligans - $2 each, 3 for $5.  Limit 54 per round.  Your first round mulligans are ONLY GOOD DURING THE FIRST ROUND - so use them up.  You will be able to purchase mulligans before the 2nd round (depending on the size of the field we may have to close sales of mulligans for the 2nd round to make sure everyone can get done at a decent time).  100% of the money goes to Hesed House.

Raffle Tickets - $1 each, 6 for $5, 15 for $10.  100% of the cash brought in for the raffle goes to Hesed House.  A list of prizes will be available at the tournament - don't worry though, there will be some good stuff!  I know that there will be a Barry Schultz autographed disc, a really nice Cubs shirt and Bull jacket, as well as a Lazer Autographed Chicago Bears Football.  I expect to have plenty more prizes than that!

CTP's - by playing you will qualify for CTP's (except for the 50/50 - you do have to buy in for that).  The CTP list is still being compiled.  There will be one on every hole BOTH rounds.  We'll split it up for the divisions so that everybody has a good chance to win stuff.  Instead of marking on the CTP flag what you won - we'll have each winner pull a number out of hat (essentially) and the CTP's will be numbered - whatever number you pull, that's what you have won.  To be fair to all - we'll try to limit each winner to no more than 3 CTP prizes.  If you have the closest drive - go ahead and always write your name on the CTP even if you've already had your name on 3 - that way if a previous one gets beat you can still win up to your 3 prizes.  We'll arrange it so that the person who was next closest can also win a prize.  There's more than enough for everyone to give away all this stuff, so enjoy all the free stuff!

Payouts - all of the payouts will be in the form of pick-your-own-prize Reward Dollars redeemable with Paper or Plastic Sports merchandise.  There will be a good selection of product on hand (why wouldn't there be? ;) ), and you can use your payouts on that.  The reward dollars are good all year, you can save them up and use them at any tournament where I'm vending (about 15 events this year).  They are not valid for online sales, but you can contact me via email or PM to arrange a purchase.

Best part of all - HAVE FUN and Support a GREAT Cause!

Equipment / 2010 Innova Calendar
« on: December 16, 2009, 11:23:22 PM »
I have gobs and gobs of 2010 Innova Calendars if anyone wants to pick up a sweet stocking stuffer for their friends and family (or themselves!)  The price is $7, shipping $2.50 for the first one, $4 for two, and a max of $5 shipping for 3+.

For those of you who know Lauren Lakeberg, the photo she took appears on the August page.  It's a 14-month wall calendar - it has a vertical day tracker, and then it also has a thing at the back where you can mark what tourneys you placed and aces that you hit :)

The pictures:

You can contact me directly through PM or email at scott@paperorplasticsports.com or buy it through the eBay listing here:

Note that you if you pick it up through eBay and it ships to Illinois there is 7.25% state sales tax.  If you pick it up directly through me it's sales tax included.



Leagues & Tourneys / Where do YOU want to see a tournament take place?
« on: October 27, 2009, 05:07:35 PM »
I think it's generally agreed that the Joliet Championships should be moved earlier in the year.  That's cool and great.  However, I'd like to continue on with tourneys at individual parks.  I have to talk to Jason McKinney - I don't know if he wants to continue with the Channahon Classic or if he would like me to.  West Park usually goes well, although I'd probably try to get the pavilion next year (provided it has power!)  I don't think I'd run one that was exclusively at Trinity Links, and there's of course, Highland Park now that is well deserving of a tournament all by itself.

Just curious what the thoughts are from others on what would be neat to see!  I'm starting to pull together what courses I'd like to target for a 2010 schedule.

Leagues & Tourneys / Joliet Disc Golf Championships - Oct 24th-25th
« on: October 08, 2009, 11:46:40 PM »
All tournament information is now online as well as pre-registration is NOW OPEN!!!


Some of the specific details may change, but enough of the information is there, and you can stay tuned here for some extra info if anything becomes available.  The website will be updated as well.

Limit 90 players per pool - there will be one pool of AM's, one pool of Pro's.

Trinity Links, Highland Park, and Community Park will be the featured courses for this event!  It's the must play event of the year!!!

Full Tournament Information and Registration is now online!!!  There's going to be 21 holes - probably some similar stuff to what you have seen at an IOS in the past.

So if you're not playing at Worlds, come on out to Aurora August 1st and 2nd!!!

I do have the pavilion reserved for both days!

Sign up at the link above, save $5 if you pre-register!

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