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I just exchanged emails with them about this.  I confirmed that YES, this will be a USADGC qualifying event because of the B-Tier status.  Cool!

The 49th IOS and first of the 2012 season will take place the first weekend of May (5th-6th) in Channahon, IL.  Come on out and participate in this Pro C/Am-B Tier event as we remember my dad at The Dave Pitner Memorial.

Open, Intermediate, and Novice divisions play on Saturday.
All other Divisions play Sunday.

Pre-registration is now online.

Tournament Details: http://www.illinoisopenseries.com/
Pre-Registration: http://www.paperorplasticsports.com/2012/2012ios49.html

Pre-Reg closes THURSDAY night, sorry, no exceptions!

Please note the NEW CHECK-IN AND PLAYER MEETING TIMES - 7:30-8:30 check-in, player meeting at 8:45!  This should get everyone started in their rounds about 30 minutes sooner, and that means that you can get home just that much sooner!

J-Town Ice Bowl / Re: Preregister for the Ice Bowl, Still available!!!
« on: January 31, 2012, 02:15:53 PM »
just sent in an email as well, looks like I'll be able to make it!  Time to see if I can get my rating to keep going up :)

Leagues & Tourneys / Re: Would you play a tournament on Fathers Day?
« on: January 30, 2012, 01:33:48 PM »
Patrick - I agree, mother's day is a MUST avoid date while Father's day is far less of a problem.  Some guys play *because* it's Father's day, and I think the amount of players that you lose is negligible.  I ran that weekend in 2009 at West Park.  There were 47 players, the Novice division was really small that weekend, not sure why.  Novice was still a pretty new division though.  I had 60-some the day before.  Since Channahon is a better venue, you'd probably get the better turnout.

Leagues & Tourneys / Re: 2011 IOS #3 - Sinnissippi Open
« on: July 22, 2011, 10:48:53 PM »
CHANGE IN PRE-REG CLOSING TIME:  PRE-REG WILL CLOSE THURSDAY @ 10 PM.  No one will be available to check to see if you signed up after that time.  PLEASE PRE-REGISTER AS SOON AS YOU CAN.  Thanks!

I have over about 350 new Innova discs and 250+ new discraft discs for this tournament (all stock stamped).  I also have Innova dry-fit t-shirts and polos that will be available.  Most of my stock will finally be returned to close to full strength!

Wow, less than 2 weeks away for IOS #1!  The custom stamp order is arriving from Innova tomorrow.  I put a near identical stamp as last year on the plastic, so hopefully everyone will enjoy as I heard many loved the stamp but were disappointed to only see it on Gateway.

Pre-register at www.paperorplasticsports.com and full tournament details at www.illinoisopenseries.com

IOS #1 @ Community Park, Channahon, IL--5/14 & 5/15 2011

Pro C-Tier / Am B-Tier

2 Rounds of at least 21 Holes
1st round shorts, 2nd round longs

Pre-Registration is OPEN:

IOS Series Information:


Please contact Dana to get on the waiting list should someone drop out or for some other reason cannot make it.

Here's the current pre-reg list.  Right now Dana has 10 spots left for Open, 8 for Advanced, and 12 for Int.  This thing is going to fill up FAST!

1 - MPO Matt Coyne 23011
2 - MPO Todd Fanning 24707
3 - MPO Dustin Fee 24562
4 - MPO Steve Slater 23634
5 - MPO Dave Kociuba 26608
6 - MPO Tom Matesevac 23272
7 - MPO Al Hermosillo 25345
8 - MPO Chris Heeren 18464

1 - MA1 Tafe Hemler 19740
2 - MA1 Michael Fierke 36765
3 - MA1 Matt Travis 29292
4 - MA1 Ray Hill 25183
5 - MA1 Travis Barnes 33346
6 - MA1 Jeremy Buzea 20391
7 - MA1 Dan Zehr 41543
8 - MA1 Kenny Glassman 30060
9 - MA1 Doug Payne 7648
10 - MA1 Eric Ford 40673
11 - MA1 Kyle Chapman 43716
12 - MA1 Dwight Powell 34800

1 - MA2 Randy Moore Sr 30166
2 - MA2 Sam "Wrecking" Ball 36246
3 - MA2 Jordon Buzea 44004
4 - MA2 Bryan Sullivan 27373
5 - MA2 Jackson Buzea 46153
6 - MA2 Scott Coyne 34724
7 - MA2 Dom Sanfilippo Jr 35429

Spots Remaining: 12 spots available for Open, 9 spots available for Adv, 14 spots available for Int.

Pre-registration is currently at 69 players.  We max at 125!  I'm expecting quite a few walk-up registrations!

--make sure to stay hydrated tomorrow--!!!

IOS #6 @ West Park, Joliet, IL--8/14, 2010

Pro C-Tier / Am B-Tier

2 Rounds of 25 Holes


Due to the Indiana States on Sunday within 50 miles of West Park - we are going to run all divisions on a SINGLE DAY.  That means we max at 125 players, no exceptions!  1st round shorts, 2nd round longs.

We're going to try something slightly different for the pre-registration this time.  To get in for this tournament, you don't have to pay ahead of time!  You can go through www.paperorplasticsports.com to fill out the registration form.  You just need to give me your name, PDGA #, and what division you will play.  That will get you on the list.

At the tournament: Entry fee will be $30 for AM's, $50 for Pro's, $20 for Juniors.  No $5 walk-up fee!  Trophy only will be available for $20, 1/2 in Pro's for $25.

BONUS: AM's that want to play both weekends, August 14th and August 21st, just pay $50, and you get to play both tournaments - that's $10 off!  You still get the same player pack, same amount added to payouts, all that great stuff!  This is just added incentive to come on out and play these IOS events.  Sorry about all the changes we've had to make!  This discount will not be available for Trophy Only or for Pro's, sorry!

This is the bag that will be given away from Fade Gear to each of the winners of the 4 AM divisions: Adv, Int, Rec, and Nov.


It's Fade Gear's latest and greatest Limited Edition black bag - "Fly or Die" - looks great!

Brett is out at the course now accepting registrations.  We will accept walk-up registrations tomorrow.  $20 player packs, great payouts, and a mini basket to the winner of each of the 4 divisions, nice!

Registrations are coming in hot and heavy, so don't miss out on the fun!

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