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J-Town Disc Golf Club / J-Town Disc Golf Club Meeting 9/14/15 5PM
« on: September 10, 2015, 07:07:34 AM »
J-Town Disc Golf Club Meeting 37
9/14/15 5:00 PM
Community Park, Channahon, IL (Weather Permitting)
      - Alternate: McDonalds – 4280 W Jefferson St, Joliet, IL 60431

1) Financials
2) Handicap League
   a) Awards
3) Saturday Bag Tags
4) Ice Bowl
   a) 2015 Prize
   b) 2016
5) 2016 Bag Tags
   a) Order
   b) Distribution
   c) Membership Pricing
6) Member Advocate Election
7) Open Q&A

J-Town Disc Golf Club / Re: Meeting Minutes
« on: July 31, 2015, 01:42:11 PM »
J-Town Disc Golf Club Meeting 36
McDonalds- 4280 W Jefferson St, Joliet, IL  60431
Meeting called to order: 5:10 PM

Members Present:
Dave Kociuba
Shawn McCarthy
Jason Poole
Steve Rachan

1)   Financials (see attached)
●   101 Members
●   $620.03 available for course projects
●   Approved

2)   Handicap League
●   3rd Session will run from 8/4-9/29

3)   Club Invitational Recap
●   21 Players
●   $38 added to Club Enhancement Fund

4)   Ice Bowl Prize
●   Prize for our 9th place finish in money raised. ($6400)
●   Chose a Dynamic Discs Ranger Bag

5)   Election
●   Steve Rachan- VP (unopposed)
●   Jeremiah Bly- Member Advocate (unopposed)
●   The J-Town board would like to express their gratitude to outgoing VP Frank Grimes for his many years of service.

6)   Open Q&A
●   IL State Sponsorship- tournament supplies (Passes 3-0)
●   Highland Park cleanup project has been completed.  J-Town paid $360 for the rental and fueling of a wood chipper.

Meeting adjourned, 5:22 PM

Hey is there day off sign ups? Better yet is there still room left for a brotha?

There are day of sign ups and there are still spots available.

Any OB on the temp holes besides streets and water? Lot's of paths on c and d and I was wondering about OB there.

All paved paths are OB.  If the tee and basket are on the same side of the path, across the path will be OB as well.

J-Town Disc Golf Club / Re: J-Town Disc Golf Club Meeting 7/13/15 5PM
« on: July 13, 2015, 06:01:20 AM »
Due to the possibility of severe weather, we will be having the meeting at our alternate location: McDonalds – 4280 W Jefferson St, Joliet, IL 60431

J-Town Disc Golf Club / J-Town Disc Golf Club Meeting 7/13/15 5PM
« on: July 08, 2015, 01:08:40 PM »
J-Town Disc Golf Club Meeting 36
7/13/15 5:00 PM
Community Park, Channahon, IL (Weather Permitting)
      - Alternate:
McDonalds – 4280 W Jefferson St, Joliet, IL 60431

1) Financials
2) Handicap League
3) Club Invitational Recap
4) Ice Bowl Prize
5) Elections
6) Open Q&A

Leagues & Tourneys / 2015 J-Town Club Invitational
« on: July 02, 2015, 10:56:05 AM »
What:  2015 J-Town Disc Golf Club Invitational (PDGA C-Tier)
Where:  Highland Park, Joliet, IL
When:  Saturday, July 11th, 2015

Registration: 7:30 - 8:30   
Players Meeting: 8:45
First Round Tee Time:  9:00

1st round white tees
2nd round blue tees

Open Divisions: $10
Advanced Divisions: FREE
Recreational Divisions: FREE
*$10 PDGA Non-Member Fee

Ace Fund: $2 (Optional)
50/50 CTP: $3  (Optional) 50% goes to the Club Enhancement Fund

Field limited to 90 players.  So preregister by posting below or contact any officer.

This tournament is just a perk of the club, as well as a huge thank you for being a member!!
We are playing for ratings and PDGA points. The club will cover the PDGA’s tournament fees.
100% cash payout to Open division.
There will be no prizes, just FUN, points, and ratings.
There will be trophies for 1st place in each division.
For more information e-mail jtowndiscgolf@gmail.com.

Click here for the flyer.

Pre-Reg closes today at 4pm.

Nominations will be accepted through 5/25/15

Nominations Listed Below (A=accepted, D=declined)

Steve Rachan (A)

Member Advocate
Jeremiah Bly (A)

Unfilled positions are back up for nominations.  Please take this time to nominate a J-Town Disc Golf club member for the following positions. 

Member Advocate

Individual Board position descriptions are listed below:

a.   The Vice President shall chair the Staff-based Operations Team, acting as team leader.
b.   The Vice President is responsible for maintaining positive relationships with Club sponsors, local players, and other disc golf organizations. The Vice President shall assist the President as needed.
c.   Any teams or committees created by the Board of Directors shall be managed by the Vice President (or by a delegate appointed by the Vice President if approved by the rest of the Board).
d.   In the event of the President’s absence, the Vice President shall chair Club meetings.

Member Advocate
a.   The Member Advocate is responsible for maintaining a positive relationship between the Board of Directors and the general membership.
b.   The Member Advocate shall talk with members to come up with member concerns and desired changes in a more informal setting than the general membership meetings.  These topics will then be presented at meetings on the member’s behalf, anonymously if desired.

J-Town Disc Golf Club / J-Town Disc Golf Club Meeting 5/11/15 5PM
« on: May 05, 2015, 07:16:53 AM »
J-Town Disc Golf Club Meeting 35
5/11/15 5:00 PM
Community Park, Channahon, IL (Weather Permitting)
      - Alternate: McDonalds – 4280 W Jefferson St, Joliet, IL 60431)

1) Financials
2) Handicap League
3) Discontinuum Club Challenge Recap
4) Course Project- Highland Park Basket Upgrade
5) J-Town Club Invitational
6) Trilogy Challenge
7) Elections
8 ) Open Q&A

J-Town Ice Bowl / J-Town Ice Bowl 2015 Sponsors
« on: May 01, 2015, 08:06:51 AM »
SourceItem     Value
J-Town Ice Bowl (Tournament)Cash/Check     $908.75
J-Town Ice Bowl (Raffle)Cash/Check     $798.00
Winter League (Mick McGowan)Cash/Check     $540.00
Ed KreisCash/Check     $500.00
J-Town Ice Bowl (Discs)Cash/Check     $330.00
Kathy & Charles SharpCash/Check     $250.00
Commercial SystemsCash/Check     $150.00
Jason PooleCash/Check     $114.25
Al & Cindi GrimesCash/Check     $100.00
Casey's General StoreCash/Check     $100.00
Channahon General RentalCash/Check     $100.00
Dan GrimesCash/Check     $100.00
Eric DotyCash/Check     $100.00
Feeny Package LiquorCash/Check     $100.00
Flash DiscsCash/Check     $100.00
Frank GrimesCash/Check     $100.00
Glen & Deanna VansoulCash/Check     $100.00
Highland LiquorsCash/Check     $100.00
Integrated Physical MedicineCash/Check     $100.00
Jerry & Jean HarmonCash/Check     $100.00
Lee PakoskiCash/Check     $100.00
Mike LennonCash/Check     $100.00
Mike MackeyCash/Check     $100.00
Northern Illinois Steel Supply CompanyCash/Check     $100.00
Shawn HarmonCash/Check     $100.00
Shawn McCarthyCash/Check     $100.00
Snider FarmsCash/Check     $100.00
Standard BankCash/Check     $100.00
Steve GrimesCash/Check     $100.00
Summer League (Jesse Saenz)Cash/Check     $100.00
Tom CallanCash/Check     $100.00
J-Town Bag Tags (Jason Poole)Cash/Check     $82.00
Michael WalshCash/Check     $60.00
Cardinal ConstructionCash/Check     $50.00
Dan CharlesCash/Check     $50.00
Kate PetersCash/Check     $50.00
Thor BatchelorCash/Check     $50.00
Jerome HarveyCash/Check     $45.00
Jesse SaenzCash/Check     $30.00
Rich & Kelly BarkleyCash/Check     $30.00
Dean CassCash/Check     $25.00
Don HuckabyCash/Check     $25.00
James PetersonCash/Check     $25.00
Martha SchoffstollCash/Check     $25.00
Mike's Paint Paper & FramesCash/Check     $25.00
Sharon HolzkopotCash/Check     $25.00
Christine BakerCash/Check     $20.00
Felicia FisherCash/Check     $20.00
Jason PellegriniCash/Check     $10.00
John BiermanCash/Check     $10.00
CPX SportsCertificates     Est. $840.00
Frank GrimesDick Butkus Jersey & CDs     Est. $300.00
Jimmy K's40 Gift Cards     Est. $200.00
Haunted TrailsFamily Pack     Est. $101.00
Town & Country LanesParty Package     Est. $80.00
White Castle25 Certificates     Est. $75.00
Cemeno's2 Certificates     Est. $50.00
Frank GrimesQuad Shock Strap     Est. $40.00
rQ! BarbecueGift Basket     Est. $40.00
StarbucksCoffee Basket     Est. $40.00
Delta Sonic2 Certificates     Est. $38.99
Golden Corral2 Certificates     Est. $30.00
Marks on 592 Certificates     Est. $30.00
Sages MeatsCertificate     Est. $30.00
Shorewood LubeOil Change     Est. $29.12
Rax5 Certificates     Est. $25.00
TargetCertificate     Est. $25.00
WalmartGift Card     Est. $25.00
Big Apple Pancake HouseCertificate     Est. $20.00
Mitchell's Food MartChilli Meat     Est. $35.00
Total Cash     $6548.00
Total Raffle     $2019.11
Total Misc     $35.00

Leagues & Tourneys / Re: J-Town Disc Golf Doubles League
« on: April 27, 2015, 01:18:06 PM »
IMO, all excellent changes. Will the same be true for Tuesday night handicaps?

I haven't had a chance to get out there yet, so it will be a day of decision.

Leagues & Tourneys / Re: 2015 DISContinuum Club Challenge
« on: April 07, 2015, 09:02:04 AM »
Points breakdown for J-Town's team (pro points have already been multiplied by 3):

Div    PDGA    Name    R1    Rating    Pts    R2    Rating    Pts   
pro6803Steve Forneris481022656951
pro52389Matthew Myers5010011258932
pro26199Eric Bassett519912158932
pro60925Steve Rachan529813056951
pro49631Izak McDonald5397142529906
pro40673Eric Ford5397156951
pro26608David Kociuba54961529906
pro35165Lester Buddy Sloan549615497139
pro54018Anthony Rodriguez559515596148
pro36765Michael Fierke5595158932
pro5956Shawn Harmon569415596148
pro42541Clayton Drake5793055961
pro31323Jimmy Mac McDonald5793058932
pro36149Christopher Brenholtz6090057942
am46532Adam Brkovic479711569415
am25183Ray Hill489593549611
am68567Christopher Sirota5093366090020
am41317Ryan Barcas51920136090020
am51403Jeff Kinsella52907175892014
am19774Jason Poole54882296288030
am54562Jeremiah Bly548822965849
am61677Mike Eichorst54882295793011
am46519Mike Stahulak5488263870
am60403Richard Walsh5586965849
am45428Larry Pennuto5784362880
am45630Scott Carroll608055991018

J-Town Disc Golf Club / Re: 2015-2016 J-Town Disc Golf Club Board
« on: March 16, 2015, 05:41:48 AM »
Nominations will be accepted through 4/13/15

Nominations Listed Below (A=accepted, D=declined)

1.   President
Dave Kociuba (A)

2.   Vice-President
Frank Grimes (D)
Anthony Rodriguez (D)
Tom Matesevac (D)
Jesse Saenz (D)

3.   Secretary
Dean Bingham (A)

4.   Treasurer
Jason Poole (A)

5.   Member Advocate
Anthony Rodriguez (D)
Tom Matesevac (D)

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