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J-Town Disc Golf Club / Re: Meeting Minutes
« on: November 12, 2013, 05:47:21 AM »
J-Town Disc Golf Club Meeting 26
11/11/13 5:00 PM
McDonalds- 4280 W Jefferson St, Joliet, IL  60431
Meeting called to order: 5:00 PM

Members Present:
   Dean Bingham
   Frank Grimes
   Jason Poole
   Aaron Studer

1)   Financials (see attached)
   $682.34 Available for projects
   17 Members qualify for merchandise discount prices. (>1000 Points)

2)   Handicap Singles League
   2013 (Prizes $300, Perpetual $9.38, Trophies $50, Party $175)
   $2.42 left in Prize/Party will roll over to next years league
   $68 left in Ace pot will roll over to next year

3)   Mid-Season League Changes
   No rule changes mid-season.
   Any changes must be put on the agenda for a vote at a club meeting.
   Motion to add League Change rules passes 4-0

4)   Saturday Bag Tags
   Avg 15 per week
   CTP has raised $474 for the 2014 Ice Bowl

5)   Ice Bowl
a)   2013 Prize
o   Gateway Wizzards to be priced at $10 (25 Available)
o   Minis to be prices at $2 each or $3 for a nested set. (100 Available)
o   Motion to set pricing passes 4-0.
o   All proceeds go to the Ice Bowl fund. Motion passes 3-1.

b)   2014
o   Date of 2/8/14 approved by the State Coordinator
o   Frank to get the date approved by the Channahon Park District.
o   Jason will get sanctioning, CEP, and IceBowlHQ set up.

6)   2014 Club Invitational
   Looking at the dates of 8/9 or 7/19
   Dellwood park if available, Lockport will be the alternate.
   Jason Poole-TD, Frank Grimes-Assistant TD

7)   Open Q&A
   Request for logo use for the Vibram Birdie Bash, date tba.  Motion passes 3-0

Meeting adjourned 6:17 PM.

Shoot The Breeze / Re: Gary Lewis Achievement Award
« on: October 18, 2013, 10:58:21 AM »
I've been asked to post my speech for those that couldn't hear me.

Most of you who know me, know Im not much of a speech person, so Ill try and keep this brief and just thank all the people who got me involved with the volunteering.

First off, Id like to thank Gary Lewis, for whom this award is aptly named.  When I first starting playing disc golf in this area, he was pretty much the only person running tournaments.  And they werent just your basic tournaments, he ran a very smooth show with all the extras that really make a tournament great.  He was the first person that inspired me to help out.  I would play one day of his events and would show up the other day to give him a hand.

Secondly, Id like to thank Jesse.  Hes spent countless hours getting courses ready and making sure every little detail that goes into running the biggest and I must say best events get done.  Beyond that, he is a great promoter of the game.  Hes always encouraging new players to join in leagues and tournaments.  Any problems that arise, he manages to handle in a way that makes everyone feel theyve won.  Its always a pleasure to help him out in any way I can.

Next, Id like to thank Frank Grimes.  I know everyone is always talking about how much time he puts into the courses but until I really got involved, I never really know how much time that actually was.  Just look at the number of points he has for the J-Town Disc Golf Clubs Member Reward Program and that doesnt even include a lot of the work he does out at Channahon and doesnt want credit for.  Even with all the work he puts in, he is still the first guy to give others a big thank you and props for a job well done.  It seems like, especially this year, that hes inspiring a whole new generation of players to help out on the course.

Next, Id like to thank Ray Hill.  Hes another behind the scenes guy who is the inspiration for a lot of what I do.  Its his ideas that often spark some of the more innovative things we do.  He was the one that asked the state coordinator for the rights to award the IL USDGC spot which lead us to create the Ropes at the Oaks tournament.

Lastly, I'd like to thank all of the J-Town players who come out to these events and show those running it, your appreciation.  A lot of you are willing to step up and help out when its needed and it goes a long way towards keeping all these volunteers inspired to keep going.  Thank you.

J-Town Disc Golf Club / Re: Meeting Minutes
« on: September 10, 2013, 07:49:52 AM »
J-Town Disc Golf Club Meeting 25
9/9/13 5:00 PM
Community Park, Channahon, IL

Meeting called to order: 5:00 PM

Members Present:
   Rob Gibson
   Frank Grimes
   Patrick Johnson
   Kristi McCarthy
   Shawn McCarthy
   Tim Murray
   Jason Poole
   Aaron Studer
   Dana Vicich

1) Financials (see attached)
    638.34 Available for projects
    14 Members qualify for merchandise discount prices. (>1000 Points)

2) Handicap Singles League
   a) Awards
      o Currently have $470.80 in Prize/Party fund.
      o Estimate $515 at the end of the season.
      o 2012 (Party $99, Prizes $300, Trophies $50.45, Perpetual $9)
          5 Spots
          4 Trophies
      o 2013 (Prizes $300, Perpetual $9, Trophies $55, Party $150+)
          5 Spots
          4 Trophies
          Motion for budget approval passes 7-0

3) Saturday Bag Tags
    Avg 15 per week
    CTP has raised over $300 for the 2014 Ice Bowl

   a) Sanctioning
      o 11/2-12/28 (9 Weeks)
      o Motion to sanction bag tags passes 7-0.
      o Aaron Studer will be the director; Jason Poole will handle the PDGA setup and reporting.

4) Course Projects
    No new projects presented.

5) Ice Bowl
   a) Last Years Prize
      o Penguin commemorative artwork.  Design approval passes 7-0
      o Jason to inquire about a larger stamp on the disc.
      o Jason will handle conversion of artwork and submittal.

   b) 2014
      o Location: Channahon Community Park
      o Date: 2/8/14 pending park and state coordinator approval.
      o Aaron Studer will be the Tournament Director; Jason Poole will be the assistant.
      o Fundraising:  Patrick offered to help after Frank requested assistance for fundraising for the 2014 Ice Bowl.  Patrick will put out a jar to collect funds. Rob requested that Frank supply the members with a flyer that outlines more information for those who are interested in helping.

6) 2014 Bag Tags
   a) Order
      o Jason will modify existing artwork for 2014 and order tags numbered 1-199 and a replacement number 1.
      o Jason will check with the distributor about the continued availability of our current tag design and will research alternatives if necessary.

   b) Distribution
      o Tags 31-199 will be available for purchase at J-Town Fest on 10/19.
      o Tags 1-30 will be played for on Saturday 1/4 at bag tags.  Higher numbered 2014 tags can be exchanged at this event.  Please have your 2013 tags with you, as they will be used to break any ties.

7) Member Reward Program
    Change wording of Course Cleanup to include TD or Board approved activities without prior advertising.

8) Open Q&A
    List of course contacts (compiled by Ray Hill)
    Patrick Johnson to start a Friday night Glow League.  He would like J-Town affiliation and J-Town assistance if people show interest in playing for tags.  Rob will assist with PR when Patrick post on the board that he is officially starting the league to include schedule and course info.

J-Town Disc Golf Club / Re: Meeting Minutes
« on: August 01, 2013, 11:15:40 AM »
J-Town Disc Golf Club Meeting 24
07/08/13 5:00 PM
Community Park, Channahon, IL

Meeting Called to order: 5:00

Members Present:
Aaron Studer
Ray Hill
Jason Poole
Rob Gibson
Kevin Schramm
Frank Grimes
J.D. Bly
Todd Bly
Shawn McCarthy

1) Financials (see attached)
   * $482.34 available for projects
   * $36 Added to Club Supply fund from the ROPES at the Oaks rental.  Balance $121.69
   * Members qualifying for Merchandise Discount (> 1000pts):
      Frank Grimes      12980.84
      Jason Poole              3807.12
      Aaron Studer      2469.20
      Ray Hill         1840.70
      Rob Gibson              1522.00
      Kevin Schramm      1453.20
      Jesse Saenz      1399.60
      Dean Bingham      1104.00
      Thor Batchelor      1075.00
      Patrick Johnson      1064.00

2) J-Town Invitational (Recap)
   * Thank to Kelly Murray for providing trophy paintings at no charge.
   * 24 participants
   * Report has been turned in and $48 paid to PDGA for player fees.
   * 6 Memberships Sold (4 New, 2 Renewal)
   * Rob Gibson and Aaron Studer will look into changing to a more traditional date of a weekend to hopefully attract more members to take advantage of this club perk.  They will choose 3 dates and then the board will help decide which works best for all parties.

3) Handicap Singles League
   * 1st Session Ave 27/wk (22 Sanctioned) (39 Max-Channahon Short, 19 min-Highland White)
   * 2nd Session Avg 20/wk (18 Sanctioned) (24 Max-Channahon Short, 17 min-Channahon Long)
   * Overall Avg 24.5/wk (19.5 Sanctioned)
   * Third Session has been sanctioned to run from 8/6-9/24 (8 weeks)

   a)   Sign-in time
      * Getting started on time now, haven't turned anyone away.
      * Players money must be in and signed up at least 15 minutes prior to tee off
      * Will not hold up start time for anyone and if the player is then late its either par plus 4 PDGA ruling or they can take 999 for not playing but being registered.

   b)   Courses
      * Motion called to revert back to mirroring the JTown Doubles Wednesday night schedule for the third session of PDGA sanctioning starting 8/6/13
Motion passes 7-1-1
      * New schedule will be drafted and implemented.
      * Facebook post to notify those who follow of the change.

4) Bag Tags
   * Avg 16/wk (22 max-Shorewood Short, 5 min-Channahon Long)

5) Course Projects
   * Highland 15 retention wall completed using materials donated to Trinity Links.
   * Frank Grimes requested $12 for rebar to repair stairs and bridges at Community Park.  Request granted pending receipts. 9-0-0

6) Tournament Pre-Registration
   * Tournament registration is now available through JTownDiscGolf.com.
   * Club collects $1.50 per registration towards the club supply fund.  These funds can be used by TDs to offset club supply rental fees.
   * TDs interested in using this service please contact Jason Poole for details

7) Ice Bowl Prize
      50  SuperColor Discs from Discraft
      1   Set of 50 Custom Little Flyer Bag Tags from Little Flyers   
      25   Custom Stamped Discs and 100 minis (3 inch stamp) from Gateway Disc Sports
      20   Custom Stamped Discs and 75 minis (3 inch stamp) from Gateway Disc Sports
      25   Stock stamped Discs (you choose them) and 50 stock-stamped minis from Gateway Disc Sports
      1   Gateway Back Pack Bag and 50 stock-stamped minis from Gateway Disc Sports

   * It was decided by the 9 members present to choose the option for 25 Custom Stamped Discs and 100 minis from Gateway.
   * Rob Gibson and Jason Poole will work on designs and ideas for the art work.

8 )Open Q&A
   * Ray Hill will put together a list of all courses in the area of who the course contact would be in the event members would like to inquire about running tournaments or events. 
   * Aaron Studer brought forward a membership concern about the number of points being awarded for course work.  Aaron Studer and Jason Poole will work out a more fair point factor for course work and look at other point factors to make sure points awarded are equal to the benefit added for our membership.

Meeting Adjourned 7:05

Leagues & Tourneys / Re: 31st Illinois State Disc Golf Championships
« on: July 25, 2013, 01:44:29 PM »
Registration for Sunday is full.  Spots are still available for Saturday.

Click here for the waitlist.

Post below to be put on the wait list for 31st Illinois State Disc Golf Championships (PDGA#, Name, Division).  Since we won't know if any spots are going to open up until registration closes, you must be present at the close of registration with cash in hand.  I will update this post with the current list.

Spot     PDGA     Name     Division     
1     49491     Leo Halverson     MA2     
2     58050     Gabrielle Metzger     FA2     
3          Lee Strait     MA4     
4          Dan Vidmar     MA3     
5     59357     Matthew Walker     MA4     
6     47064     Dan Wisemantle     MA2     

Leagues & Tourneys / Re: 31st Illinois State Disc Golf Championships
« on: July 25, 2013, 08:05:21 AM »
Registration for Sunday is full.  Spots are still available for Saturday.

Thanks for clearing that up even though I have no idea what most of that means. Will there be something posted with all the players scores or highlights?

Complete results can be found here.

          Rnd 1               Rnd 2               Total     
Name     Proj 1     Score     Diff 1     Proj 2     Score     Diff 2     Proj T     Score     Diff T
Tommy Arianoutsos7466-87672-4150138-12
Kyle Greenfield7568-77873-5153141-12
Zane Levin7771-67975-4156146-10
Chris Brenholtz6764-36864-4135128-7
Cody Schmook777817972-7156150-6
Chris Meyer707667262-10142138-4
Gavin Flure7470-476760150146-4
Robert Walsh7668-878835154151-3
Roman Korol6864-470722138136-2
Aaron Alinowski697457164-7140138-2
Kenny Glassman6861-770766138137-1
Andrew Nilsen7473-176760150149-1
Tim Steward808448379-41631630
Justin Taylor8076-4838851631641
Allen Hermosillo66660687021341362
Steven Jacobs65672676921321364
Mike Sale657166765-21321364
Rob Whitt737857574-11481524
Matthew Buttliere-Zuehlke76804787801541584
Matt Travis68702697671371469
Sang Park7269-374881414615711
David Pettigrew7674-278911315416511
Kevin Yockman7485117681515016616
Dave Marchant7393207474014716720

Preregistration closes today (6/28) at 4 pm.

We will be doing the course cleanup and ropes layout this Friday (6/28) starting at 3pm.  Anyone who can help out will be greatly appreciated.

J-Town Disc Golf Club / Re: Meeting Minutes
« on: June 16, 2013, 12:35:15 PM »
J-Town Disc Golf Club Meeting 23
05/13/13 5:00 PM
Community Park, Channahon, IL

Meeting called to order at 5:00

Members in attendance:
Rob Gibson
Frank Grimes
Ray Hill
Jason Poole
Aaron Studer

1) Financials (see attached)

2) Discontinuum Club Challenge (Recap)
Club Pro Am Total
J-Town 17 22 39
Union 14 8 22
FVM 7 24 31
GRABM 11 11 22
Discontinuum 2 6 8
Total 51 71 122
Club covered $2 per J-Town Player $78 from Club Challenge fund.

3) Handicap Singles League
Avg 26 per week (21 Sanctioned) (39 max, 19 min)
Ace is at $138
Second session has been sanctioned to run from 6/4-7/30 (9 weeks)
Motion to add a rule closing registration 15 min before start time. Vote passes 5-0
Motion to restrict courses to Highland, Lockport, and Channahon. Vote passes 4-1

4) Bag Tags
Avg 16 per week since 1/5/13 (20 max, 11 min)

5) J-Town Invitational
5/27/13 Lockport
Sanctioning paid, course reserved, flyer and spreadsheet created.
Ray working on paintings for trophies.

6) Course Projects
Frank Grimes is working on a proposal for Highland #15

7) Member Reward Program
To maximize the opportunity for members to earn points in the program, the
following changes were made:
o Now its only necessary to post a request for help for course cleanup 24 hours
in advance; changed from 1 week.
o An increase in points has been made for helping with running leagues.
o A decrease in points has been made for tracking of points in the Reward

8 ) Election Results
President-Ray Hill
Vice-President-Frank Grimes
Secretary- Dean Bingham
Treasurer- Jason Poole
Member Advocate- Aaron Studer
One member is leaving the board after 3 years of service to J-Town. Thank you to Dave Kociuba for lending his expertise and talents to the J-Town board!

9) Open Q&A

This spot reserved for questions.

What is "S" and "C" on the hole distances?
S is the straight line distance
C is the curve distance (if you were to follow the white line).

Have you ever wanted to play the USDGC but couldn’t get an invite?  Have you ever wanted to play Winthrop Gold or at least a similarly set up course but don’t want to travel all the way to SC?  Here’s your chance.  We’ve re-designed Mokena’s 27 hole course into 18 holes, added 2 temporary holes and laid out over 6800 feet of rope.  The result, a 20 hole, 8792 foot, par 69 challenge.  In addition, we are going to determine who will represent IL in this year’s USDGC Performance Flight.

What:  Ropes at the Oaks (PDGA C-Tier)
Where:  The Oaks, Mokena, IL
When:  Saturday, June 29th, 2013

Division     Entry     PDGA Member
Discount Fee
     # Trophies     
Open (MPO)     $60.00     $50.00     3     
Pro Women (FPO)     $60.00     $50.00     1     
Pro Master (MPM)     $60.00     $50.00     1     
Advanced (MA1)     $50.00     $40.00     3     
Advanced Women (FA1)     $50.00     $40.00     1     
Advanced Master (MM1)     $50.00     $40.00     1     
Intermediate (MA2)     $50.00     $40.00     3     
Recreational (MA3)     $50.00     $40.00     3     

Eagle/Ace Fund: $5 (Optional) *Ace Fund pays out for all aces plus any 2s on 1,3,4,8,12,16,or 18
50/50 CTP: $5  (Optional) * 50% of the CTP fund will go towards the USDGC spot winner’s entry and travel expenses.

All AM players will receive an Innova disc as a players pack.

Registration: 7:30 - 8:30   
Players Meeting: 8:45
First Round Tee Time:  9:00

2 Rounds, 20 Hole USDGC Style Rope Course (Course Booklet)

Field limited to 100 players.
Pre-registration options include online registration, in person at J-Town Handicap Singles League, or mail to:
J-Town Disc Golf Club
P.O. Box 311
Elwood, IL  60421

Rules for USDGC Qualifying:
1)   Must meet all USDGC Performance Flight requirements.
a.   Current PDGA member.
b.   Pass PDGA Official’s Exam.
c.   PDGA player ratings must be at least 875 and comprised by a minimum of 12 PDGA rated rounds between January 1st 2013 and Oct. 1st 2013.
2)   1 spot is available and will be given to the eligible competitor who shoots the best vs their individual projected score.
a.   Projected scores will be generated after the round based on the course SSA using an improvement factor of 7.5%.
b.   We will use player rating as a tie breaker with the preference going to the higher rated player.  A sudden death playoff will be used as a final tie breaker.
3)   In the event no competitors meet the eligibility requirements or sign-up deadline, the spot will go to the TD.

For more information e-mail jtowndiscgolf@gmail.com.

Click here for the flyer.

Leagues & Tourneys / 2013 J-Town Club Invitational
« on: May 02, 2013, 08:57:52 AM »
What:  2013 J-Town Disc Golf Club Invitational (PDGA C-Tier)
Where:  Trinity Links, Lockport, IL
When:  Monday, May 27th, 2013

Registration: 7:30 - 8:30   
Players Meeting: 8:45
First Round Tee Time:  9:00

2nd rounds white tees

Open Divisions: $10
Advanced Divisions: FREE
*$10 PDGA Non-Member Fee

Ace Fund: $2 (Optional)
50/50 CTP: $3  (Optional) 50% goes to the Club Enhancement Fund

Field limited to 90 players.  So preregister by posting below or contact any officer.

This tournament is just a perk of the club, as well as a huge thank you for being a member!!
We are playing for ratings and PDGA points. The club will cover the PDGAs tournament fees.
100% cash payout to Open division.
There will be no prizes, just FUN, points, and ratings.
There will be trophies for 1st place in each division.
For more information e-mail jtowndiscgolf@gmail.com.

Click here for the flyer.

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