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Leagues & Tourneys / Re: Roster for J Town Vs. Fox Valley club challenge
« on: February 25, 2011, 07:37:24 AM »
here is the roster so far... if you want to play and your name isn't on the roster yet let me know.

1) Jason Riley
2) Eric Fite
3) Matt Preston
4) Randy Moore Sr.
5) Jason Poole
6) Thor Batchelor
7) Ben Carrescia
8 )

These spots are still open.. I have had several people say that they want to play but with out a current membership I can't let you play.  So if you want to play make sure you sign up for J Town Disc Golf Club and then let me know you are a current member.  If you are current and you want to play let me know.  

Any update on the roster?  Do we have a complete team yet?  Is Sr really going to play for both clubs?  Why aren't there any J-Town pros on this list?  We really are going to need a strong team if we think we are going to to have any chance of J-Town victory on Fox Valley's home course.

Contact Thor to sign up for this and represent the club.  Anyone who is not current yet, can sign up as late as the day of the event.
I'm playing for Fox Valley Jason. Thor knows.

Lost & Found / Re: Lost at channy
« on: February 16, 2011, 05:47:59 PM »
Lost a orange Destroyer with a Channy stamp on hole 1 in the Ice Bowl. Has a Gary Lewis autograph on it. Need it bad. Return for reward. Thanks!
I just got a call from a guy named Mike who found this disc. Funny thing is he found it at Castaldo Park and not Channy. Mike will be rewarded with 2 discs of choice for it's return. Honest people rock!


J-Town Ice Bowl / Re: J-Town 2011 Ice Bowl Video
« on: February 16, 2011, 05:43:13 AM »
Thank You Rick Rysso for making that video. High quality stuff. You have a big heart!

Lost & Found / Re: Lost at channy
« on: February 15, 2011, 10:01:58 PM »
It doesn't look good for you Jr. I dug up where the ridge of snow from the plow & no luck. I think your only hope is if someone returns it. I went to #14 looking for the G-man's disc. I didn't spend a lot of time there. I walked around a bit but there's still a lot of snow. Not knowing where to look, it was like looking for a needle in a haystack.
Thanks for looking Frank! Flash is right, your work ethic is unreal!


Lost & Found / Re: Lost at channy
« on: February 14, 2011, 07:40:01 PM »
Lost a orange Destroyer with a Channy stamp on hole 1 in the Ice Bowl. Has a Gary Lewis autograph on it. Need it bad. Return for reward. Thanks!
Still looking! The snow is melting. Big reward!

J-Town Ice Bowl / Re: Pounds of Food
« on: February 10, 2011, 09:50:14 PM »
The Mission said we had 231 lbs. of food. If the salt is added, as some do, it's 301 lbs. The park gave me 20 lbs. & I gave 50 lbs.
Rules say that salt counts!

J-Town Ice Bowl / Re: Morning Star Mission Blog
« on: February 09, 2011, 11:42:11 AM »
 :)       OUTSTANDING!!!      :)


Lost & Found / Re: Lost at channy
« on: February 06, 2011, 06:03:39 AM »
Lost a orange Destroyer with a Channy stamp on hole 1 in the Ice Bowl. Has a Gary Lewis autograph on it. Need it bad. Return for reward. Thanks!

J-Town Ice Bowl / Re: 2011 J-Town Second Annual Ice Bowl
« on: February 06, 2011, 12:09:12 AM »
What a great time! Thank You so much for the smiles and laughs. So awesome to see how disc golfers can come together to help so many in need and have so much fun doing it!         Had a great card playing with Tom and Colleen both rounds.         If $1 is worth $6 in food for the food pantry, that's $30,000 in food! Pretty safe to say the shelves have been restocked. Great job everyone!


J-Town Ice Bowl / Re: Tees for Ice Bowl
« on: February 04, 2011, 12:07:23 AM »
Today was an unbelievable good day. I was to meet Shawn Harmon at noon. He showed up with his brother Scott (donated $50.00 to our fundraiser} along with Brad Beverley.  I came back to the parking lot to exchange my shovel for a blower. I see Al Hermosillo & Chris Brenholtz, they had to travel some distance, & then Mike pulls up.  They started on #18 & worked their way to #15. In the middle of all this Dave Kociuba shows up. We stopped on #12 thinking the other crew would go to #13. Not so & Jacob's car is in the lot. He does #13 & & #14. That lifted my spirits to a level I haven't had in a while. Now it's not over, Dean Bingham came out with a snow blower & he with a small help from me, removed the snow from the pavilion. Just super!!!
You guys are the greatest!!!
Shawn was shoveling so hard he broke his shovel.Brad didn't mind, he used his shovel.
Thanks Fellas, I don't know if I could count on me like I thought. To be sure I'd give the effort.
Everyone does a little part. What a great team! Just like Fox Valley when it comes to helping the less fortunate! Just sit and think for a minute what all of you are doing for free or paying to do. UNREAL! Be proud because the Morning Star Mission loves all of you. Such a good story! Your helping so many.

J-Town Ice Bowl / Re: Allowing ribbons on your discs at J-Town Ice Bowl
« on: February 02, 2011, 04:49:19 AM »
I contacted the PDGA, and they are allowing the players to use ribbons on their discs to make it easier to find them in the snow.  This is just for the J-Town Ice Bowl.
Colored string works best.

are you going to add the entire pre reg list now it is full so we can see who else is playing
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Leagues & Tourneys / Re: 2011 Fox Valley Ice Bowl
« on: January 27, 2011, 07:28:02 PM »
Here's the up to date list:
1. Pro Worlds Players-3 discs autographed by New 2010 Worlds Champion Eric McCabe, Nate Doss, Nikko Locastro, Randy Moore lol, Juliana Korver, and many many more great players!
2. Jel-Sert Company-Assorted Products.
3. Blackhawks Players and Top Brass-Glo Buzz autograghed by nine Stanley Cup Champions!
4. Schepps-1 disc signed by some of the best discers in the World from Worlds.
5. Airgas-30 Pounds of Dry Ice for Montgomery Fest.
6. Montgomery Fest-$240 raised from booth.
7. Village of Montgomery-Free booth.
8. The Moore's-$25 Hole Sponsorship.
9. Buffalo Wild Wings of Oswego-4 $5 coupons and 1 Free Wing Party valued at $39. Thanks Joel!
10. Tap House Grill of Oswego-7 Free Appetizers. Thanks Ryan!
11. YMCA of Plano central branch-Join Fee and 2 Free Months! $130 Value! Thanks Stephanie!
12. Poor Boy's Restaurant & Pub of Montgomery-$20 Gift Certificate
13. The Village Grind of Oswego-$10 Gift Coin
14. Firestone Dealer-4 Free Oil Changes Thanks Rich!
15. Culvers of Oswego-3 Free Value Baskets and 3 2 scoop sundaes. Thanks Ma Conlee!
16. Mr. Beef and Gyros-1 $15 Gift Card and 1 $10 Gift Card.
17. Schepps-$500 You guys rock!!!
18. Giordanos of Oswego-2 $25 Gift Cards.
19. Riley Flynns Bar and Restaurant of Oswego-$25 Hole Sponsorship.
20. Hollywood Casino - Aurora, Inc.- 1 complimentary pass for (2) for dining at the Hollywood Epic Buffet (must be over 21) ($44.00 value)
21. 4 putters & 2 minis - Gateway Disc Sports
22. 2- $10 gift cards to use for services (ex: pool pass) - Thanks to Oswego Park District
23. 7 -$30.00 gift certificates to ComedyComedy at the Roundhouse - must be 21 or over
24. $25.00 hole sponsor "Scarlett Fever" band
25. $50.00 ctp cash from Club challenge on 11/6
26.  6 - $5.00 off coupons & 4 free appertizers or desserts from TGI Fridays
27.  $10 gift card from Jewel (Orchard road in Oswego)
28.  Sports Zone family fun center - 2 large buckets of balls
29.  37 coupons for free slurpees - 7-Eleven Boulder Hill store
30.  Glow Golf (Fox Valley Mall) - 25 free games
31.  $100.00 Leonardi & Company
32.  $25.00 Hetts Auto Sales (69 W.Washington st, Oswego)
33.  AmericInn Lodge & Suites - lodging certificate for a Spa Suite ($140.00 value)
34.  Parkside Lanes - gift certificate for Glow Bowl Party for 10 pizza, drinks, shoes, & 1.5 hr bowling ($200.00 value)
35.  Aces & Chains - 2 Champion Katana's
36.  $25.00 hole sponsor Aaron Scott Family (Chili too)
37.  Walmart $25.00 food donation (Kirk road)
38.  $50.00  hole sponsor Billy Goat Tavern
39.  $54.00 FVMDGC 50/50 ctp donations (ongoing)
40.  $11.00 donation from Adam Luxich (ctp winnings)
41.  Panera Bread - free loaf of bread each month for a year ($70.00 value)
42.  Blains Farm & Fleet ($5.00 off merchandise for players pack)
43.  www.servicesanitation.com - donated porta potty ($99.00 value)
44.  Fanatix Sports Bar & Grill - 2 $25 gift cards & $50.00 cash donation to the Hesed House
45.  Red Lobster - $40.00 in gift certificates
46.  George's Resturant - $10.00 gift certificate
47.  Frank Grimes - $25.00 hole sponsor
48.  Montgomery Popcorn - 5 $5.00 gift certificates
49.  $41.45 ($30.00 Walmart & $11.45 Sr. shopping spree for Hesed, done-total to be added to cash donations).
50.  25 FREE meals from Arby's.  Indian Trail Aurora.  Thanks  $125  value.
51.  2- $25 dollar donations of spirits.
52.  Mr. Ron Miller $25 hole sponsership.  Thanks
53.  George M. - $100.00 hole sponsorship
54.  2 ea - ctp for FVMDGC members only from John Cleavland - portable speaker case w/batteries for Ipd,Iphone,Mp3 player & water bottle
55.  Minis - Aaron Scott
56.  CE Roc - FVMDGC members only - donated by Aaron Scott
57.  Suncast - 50 gallon rain barrel & garden scooter
58.  Chicago White Sox - autographed photo of Ozzie Guillen & Harold Baines
59.  $100.00 hole sponsorship - Dan Schleiter
60.  $50.00 - Dave Rygh/sponsoring 2 holes
61.  2 - $25.00 gift cards from Wal-Mart of Naperville
62.  Glenn Gruenke - firewood
63.  EJ - bowls, water
64.  Aces and Chains -$2.00 coupon towards purchase at 1706 W.Jefferson, Joliet (players pack)
65.  $100.00 - Wes Lindquist hole sponsor
66.  $60.00 FVMDGC ctp leagues (ongoing)
67.  Jel-Sert - 60 boxes each of popsicles & Wylers light singles
68.  Jimmy Johns - 30 pc platter
69.  Elmers Doghouse - 2 ea $20.00 gift card
70.  Howeys on 71 - 2ea $20.00 gift card
71.  Kendall 10 Theatre, Oswego 4 concessions coupons 20ozdrink & lg popcorn
72.  VVF - 3 cases of soap
73.  Aurora University - sweat shirt ($20.00 value)
74.  Outback Steakhouse, Naperville - 2ea $25 gift card
75.  Dominicks, Oswego $20.00 gift card
76.  Famous Daves BBQ - 2ea $25.00 gift card
77.  John Tiffany - $100.00 hole sponsor
78.  Cubs - autographed photo of catcher Koyie Hill ($25. value)
79.  Starbucks (Orchard) - coffee & mugs
80.  $25.00 hole sponsor Mayor of Oswego Brian LeClercq Allied First Bank of Oswego
81. Marathon Gas of Boulder Hill - $25 Gift card

Lost & Found / Re: I'm looking for Dan from Deerfield Const.
« on: January 22, 2011, 02:36:02 AM »
I doubt that anyone how to get in touch with Dan. My hope is he reads our message board.
His company made a generous donation for our fundraiser. The check was made out to J-Town disc golf & not to Morning Star Mission.
He's lost to me & I hope he can be found. If I'm in the wrong spot Jason Poole will make it right.
Let me know how I can meet up with you Dan.
If you can't find him why not just cash the check and give the cash to the Mission Frank?

There are two reasons why not. I don't have the check & it was made out to J-Town. Thanks Jr.
Your welcome Sr.!   ;D

Lost & Found / Re: I'm looking for Dan from Deerfield Const.
« on: January 21, 2011, 12:18:43 AM »
I doubt that anyone how to get in touch with Dan. My hope is he reads our message board.
His company made a generous donation for our fundraiser. The check was made out to J-Town disc golf & not to Morning Star Mission.
He's lost to me & I hope he can be found. If I'm in the wrong spot Jason Poole will make it right.
Let me know how I can meet up with you Dan.
If you can't find him why not just cash the check and give the cash to the Mission Frank?

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