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Leagues & Tourneys / Re: 31st Illinois State Disc Golf Championships
« on: July 28, 2013, 09:23:45 AM »
Thank You to all involved in making this happen. J-Town get's it done! Had another great time and I'm already looking forward to next year.

if ye shall ask....

I ask Jason if it would be possible to make the results for handicap's sort-able, so if one wanted to know who shot the hot round/ highest rating/ see lowest tag/ etc etc etc.. they were just a click away.

He made it possible  8) 

Please say thank you to Jason when you see him!! THANKS Jason!!!  ;D

(Just click on the headers of results to sort the particular columns)
Keep that in mind for the Gary Lewis award.
Jason Poole is my nominee! Hi Frankie! ;D

Courses / Re: Ill. State clean up
« on: July 08, 2013, 07:15:10 PM »
J-Town has a great TEAM.... Thanks for everything you do J-Town!

That's awesome! I won't be there, but Clayton Drake will. He's my sponsored player. I can have him pick up whatever you bring and take it back to the shop, or we can arrange to meet at a later date. Whatever works best for you.
I'll give them to Clayton Patrick. 2 nice gift packages with many Jel-Sert products!

3 more new sponsors to add.

Tobacco and Cigars: Very nice gentleman running this store. He donated two E-Cigs right on the spot. All your smoking needs at one store. On Jefferson, in the shopping center on the corner of Jefferson and Essington.

Mimi's Cafe: Very generous donation of 3 dozen muffins. I'll be offering these up for $2 each at lunch, or 2 for $3, with ALL proceeds going to the American Brain Tumor Association. If you've ever had their muffins, you'll be in line to get one. They also make a great gourmet breakfast if you are ever in the area...check em out.

Innova Disc Golf: In addition to their usual sponsorship/support, Innova is donating 3 Champion Shark 3's. Innova is always there to lend their support for disc golf tournaments! Don't forget to support the companies that support the sport!
Jel-Sert Company will donate a package for raffle and a ctp Patrick. Will you be at Oswego this weekend? If not I can give it to you some other time before tourney.

Leagues & Tourneys / Re: Vibram Birdie Bash
« on: May 28, 2013, 09:05:48 PM »
Andrew Nilson wins with 52 points to become a team tester.  2nd was Kyle Greenfield with 50 points getting a pair of 5 fingers.  52 players had a great time out there!
Had a blast. I seen some other Birdie Bashes and this one had the most players so far. Hope you run this next year Aaron. Thanks again!

Leagues & Tourneys / Re: J-Town Disc Golf Doubles League
« on: May 16, 2013, 09:21:02 AM »
WEEK 8 - May15, 2013
First Half #8
West Park - Joliet
24 Holes - Short Tees - Par 72

Another Picture Perfect Night! The night started out with the temperature around 82 degrees and calm.  The SUN was out most of the round. The temp dropped to around 70 by the end of the night. The course is dry but the grass is as long as I ever seen it. 

• Please don’t be discouraged if you’re an AM and had a rough night. Shake it off and try again next week. The more you play and learn from the league’s more experienced players the better your game will evolve. We’ve all been through this stage.

• Paul Ulibarri the 8th ranked player in the world puts a good-old fashion ass whoopin’ on the Pro/Adv field. Paul ends up pulling the Cali card and shoots a fantastic round of 50 ( -22).

• Eric Fredricks & Kyle Greenfield win a close playoff battle to take the top honors. They end shooting a great round of 55 (-17).

• Cory Clements claims the only ace of the round on hole 14 and the first in 5-weeks! He takes home $255!

64 Players
29 PRO/ADV   35 AM/NOV


Paul Ulibarri cruises to a first place victory and takes home 122 bucks. We had a tie for second with the teams shooting great rounds of 52 (-20). Shawn Harmon & Jon Vargo win the ctp playoff on hole 1 and take the second place honors. They end up splitting $78. Shawn & Jon both make significant jumps in the points standings.They are now both in striking distance of the top four. Thor Batchelor & Josh DeLucio settle for third and take home  25 bucks each. Thor tacks on a much needed couple of points as he inches his way to the top of the points standings.


With their win Eric Fredricks & Kyle Greenfield end up taking home $33 each. Pete Dell’Aquila & Steve Rachan end up in second they split 37 bucks. Pete now moves into a tie for second place for the first half. Shooting a very nice round of  56 (-16) were Tim Gujardo & Chad Ryan. They end up splitting 26 bucks. Tim cushions his lead a bit for the first half with this third place finish.

Dave Kociuba - CTP Party Fund hole #2 = $50
Jason Gorzow - CTP Basket Fund hole #10 = $50
Thor Batchelor - CTP Tournament Fund hole #16 = $46
Ryan Gremillion - CTP CFR Disc hole #23 

Cory Clements aces hole 14 = $255

A couple of big pay days.
Cory Clements and his hole 14 ace is the big one.. He takes home $255 for the night.
Paul Ulibarri and his Cali  Pro/Adv victory gives him a $122 pay day.


See You Later,

I take it Paul missed #11. Which other hole did he miss Jesse?

Shoot The Breeze / Re: Disc golf @ at ball golf outing
« on: May 03, 2013, 07:47:03 AM »
Hi all -

The Grundy County Chamber of Commerce is hosting a golf outing at Nettle Creek Country Club in Morris on Friday, June 21st.  The chamber reached out to me to incorporate disc golf into one of the holes at the outing.

The only thing I can come up with is to place a basket about 200 yards along the fairway, then once the golfer has passed the basket with the golf ball, have them stop by the basket and sink a 20-25' putt with a disc before they can proceed to finish the ball golf hole.  Whaddya think??

Any other ideas??  Reply with any suggestions.


I did this at a cancer event Kevin. I put a basket between 2 holes at the tee that usually get backed up. I Put the basket about 50 feet and Charged them one dollar a shot. If they made it they won $5. Made about $200 for cancer research. Only two golfers made it. They had a blast and it introduces the game and helps a cause. Good luck and way to go Kevin!

Thank You's / Re: Thank You J Town
« on: May 02, 2013, 01:35:51 AM »
Course looked great last night. After seeing Franks pics I couldn't believe the condition of the course. IOS should be a great tourney!

Equipment / Re: Prodigy Discs
« on: April 24, 2013, 03:52:05 AM »
Have 6 extra discs I'll get rid of for $17 each or 3 for $50. 3 M1's and 3 M3's.
First come first serve. Post or P.M. me.  WILL DELIVER FREE!


Leagues & Tourneys / Fox Valley Metro Disc Golf Summer Leagues
« on: April 22, 2013, 09:19:54 AM »
Eagle Ridge is in great shape. Come play Franks new addition on hole #9!

Summer doubles league is starting tonight, one week early.
Eagle Ridge Park starting at 5:30 sharp.
Random doubles $10 all in.
Weather looks great!

Shoot The Breeze / Re: My Friend FRANK
« on: April 06, 2013, 12:25:02 AM »
Thanks for asking Jesse. I'm feeling no worse than flat. It seems that I have a hormone dysfunction. I'm still getting hot flashes & meet with an endocrinologist Thursday. That's a hormone Dr. I'm not sure what's up with the brain tumor. My guess is the side effects are minimal like slight headaches, so it's not of great concern at this time. Something is going on, I hope we can find it & treat it.
Regardless of the bumps in the road, I'll be moving forward, Randy Moore is watching me  ;)
Jesse, Frank is one of the most positive Human Being I have ever met and I feed off his energy. He will beat this tumor because that's who he is. Frank is such an inspiration we can all learn from....I know I have.... Pray on!

anyone know how the course is? Are carts going to be available? thanks
Yep, carts are in, good food and good host get signed up now. Great weather too.

J-Town Ice Bowl / Re: Ice Bowl Total 2013
« on: March 20, 2013, 08:36:24 AM »
I finally go the last of the donations. First I want to say this is about our club & our community, helping others. Every dollar counted, & thanks to all to put us currently in 2ND place with $9,332.00. When that article was written, I mentioned to Terri along with the board we'd be around $9,000.00. I guess she didn't believe me & said over $8,000.00. That's true. I'm not sure if y'all know the impact, but it's a big deal! The first year, $3,559.00, 2ND $5,700, 3rd $8,600.00, & this year $9,332.00. I'm not sure where will end up. It seems top five.  Thanks for the post from the Herald Ray. Everyone in our club can brag!

PS Along with all this, I think J-Town won it's first club challenge, you go J-Town!!!
Pretty unreal.... You take that amount times 6 and you get over $55,000 in food for the less fortunate! What a amazing Ice Bowl. Great work Frankie and J-Town crew!

Leagues & Tourneys / Re: 2013 DISContinuum Club Challenge
« on: March 17, 2013, 10:43:15 AM »
Thanks for hosting J-Town! Had a blast with a great card. Thanks Tom for another gathering of the faithful. Already looking forward to next year.

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