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Leagues & Tourneys / Re: November 6th Glo Tourney at Trinity Links
« on: October 25, 2010, 07:27:44 PM »
It's extremely unlikely I'll play in this tournament, but I'd like to help out. If there is something I can do I'd be happy to help out.  It may give someone else the opportunity to play. Let me know.

Courses / Channahon #2
« on: October 22, 2010, 09:52:43 PM »
After nearly two years we're moving ahead to get the timbers back in place on #2. I had help today shooting the grade & mixing 14 80lb. bags of sakrite. The Park bought the concrete & that saved me some money. My help to today wants to remain anonymous. he was a big deal, I couldn't shoot the grade by myself. What was done is three piers were dug 42" deep with anchors special anchors, fabricated by Amos (Park) to secure the bottom timbers. Re-bar was also put in. If this doesn't work we'll have a big mess. There was 14" of water in the bottom of the holes. There is good & bad in most things, the drought made this possible, but no help for the grass seed on #11. Sooooo..... now that has to be done is dismantle the timbers with 12" spikes & re- bar. By the way I asked Tom McManus for suggestions & he suggested I do this. It brings me back to what a network of people we have.  Of course J-Town is the best!!!

Leagues & Tourneys / Re: 2010 J-Town Doubles League Party
« on: October 19, 2010, 08:34:49 PM »
There are many pieces to our J-Town puzzle that fit perfectly. What ever the occasion people step up, what a great bunch of people!!! Thanks Jesse & all that you mentioned to make it a special day. It's a work of art.
By the way, not much gets by Jason Poole.

Shoot The Breeze / Re: Gary Lewis - Joliet's own Hall of Famer!!!
« on: October 18, 2010, 06:23:43 PM »
I want to bring attention the kind of man Gary is. He mentioned at the picnic at the  discs I was looking for were gone. He then found what I wanted & gave them to me at the awards presentation. There is a ton of stuff going on at these affairs & he had the presence of mind to give me what I was looking for. Not only did he do that for me, he's done that for many over the years. Would you post something he's done for you or someone you know. I want to mention Gary is an icon relative to disc golf. He is in the Disc Golf Hall of Fame! He is very special & many what he's made of.

Thank You's / Gary Lewis Achievement Award
« on: October 16, 2010, 08:23:00 PM »
Today was a big deal for me, thankyou. The plaque is beautiful. The wood is like furniture.
The first thing I did when I got home is showed Jeanie. She was moved & wanted to know who wrote the words. I assumed Jesse. Anyway, she said that's not going in your room, & made space on the mantle.
I've said this before about you all being extended family. Everyone means much to me. I know I'm loved & the love goes back. What a Great bunch of people!!!
Thanks again with all my heart!!!


Leagues & Tourneys / Joliet Championships
« on: October 16, 2010, 01:10:40 AM »
I see Matt is TD of this tournament. I'm sure it will be OK, but Matt needs to go through the Channahon Park District. Ellen Macuba is the person to contact, 815 521-3005. if you need my help, let me know.

Thank You's / Winter & Summer League
« on: October 14, 2010, 09:49:36 PM »
I want to thank those who have contributed to help me with funds for Channahon. Mike, Mick, and Carbo first recognized the financial need in beautifying Channahon and were first to help with league money, which they've done for the past three years. Most recently and although it's not summer league, Jesse and Darrin donated the fundraiser money to me at the Channahon tournament.   Other years Randy Moore and Al Hermosillo have kicked in, as well as nameless others. Gary Lewis has contributed money in the past, and he, with the help of others, have devoted their time and labor in getting all of the area courses ready for tournaments. To all of these people, including those whom I have not named, I thank you for the effort you contribute to making J-Town Disc Golf a great club.

Leagues & Tourneys / Re: November 6th Glo Tourney at Trinity Links
« on: October 14, 2010, 06:57:38 AM »
I need to do something like that. I'm not much on glo but I'll sign up just to help with the tees. The cost for a load of water is $250.00. I may do it with a sprinkling can. It's a shame to waste this warm weather.

Shoot The Breeze / Re: Illinois Valley Industries
« on: October 13, 2010, 10:40:03 PM »
What's the time frame Kev? My heart is else where but I may be able to help.

Shoot The Breeze / Re: Clinic instructors wanted!
« on: October 13, 2010, 06:19:57 PM »
Extremely kind words, Patrick. Thank you. I'm glad you chased me down. Knowing where you're coming & what you're doing has moved my respect for you up also. It's easy to discuss things when someone's heart in the right place. It seems when someone is involved with disc golf for personal gain the bar moves up, & it makes things more difficult.
 What I've noticed different from past years is we've had cliques. It appears to me we're becoming of one body, the club may be a part of that.  I believe that although it seems I do a lot on my own, I do get help. It's hard for me to remember everyone, but my focus lately has been #11, & Shawn Harmon comes to mind. He picked up & delivered scrap block for the bottom course on that hole. Many have helped me; I just get the credit.
Kudos to you, Patrick Johnson. Keep moving forward with a good heart.


Shoot The Breeze / Re: Clinic instructors wanted!
« on: October 11, 2010, 09:32:56 PM »

Yes, I understand that Frank. You have posted that elsewhere and we have all read it. I'm certainly not condoning that, and I don't like that it happened.

That does not mean, however, that I can't, or won't tell everyone if/when Jon does something good for the disc golf community. And I think it is a bad strategy to chime in here to make sure that you ruin any credit that he gets for helping me out with this clinic. For the record, I was in a bind after one instructor cancelled. If Jon had not been willing to volunteer with less than 24 hours notice, I would have had to run the clinic myself, with no experience doing so. Are you of the opinion that he should never be allowed to do any good for the community since that happened? Or is it just that you won't allow him to take credit for anything until he makes that right?

In either case, I would appreciate it if you would keep your negativity out of my positive posts. There is no reason for you to be pissing in my cornflakes here. Further, the tone of your post makes it sound as if I have, by extension, insulted you in some way by posting that. I take exception to that, and will defend my right to post here about the positive things that happen in the disc golf community.

I thought that you of all people would have respect for that.

Let's put this in a little perspective shall we?

I ran a disc golf clinic to help teach some young kids how to play disc golf and introduce them to the sport. This is supposed to be a good thing. I post about it here in a positive manner. And, as you taught me so well, I gave credit to the person who helped me out. The response I get from you is right there for everyone to read.

Now I ask you, was my post the proper forum for you to say that? How am I supposed to feel after reading that?

Or should you have respected the good I am trying to do in the community and left your negative comments for another day and another place where it would be more appropriate?

I know that a lot of people are going to side with you because of the great body of work you have done helping out with course prep and just a boat load of other great things for the community. Channahon is a beautiful course and much of that is a direct result of all your hard work. I also know that you are always there when J-town needs help with putting in concrete, or getting Highland ready for the tournament. I too am thankful for all the work that you have done. I am just asking that you respect my work in the community as well. And I don't think your post does that.....

Thanks, Patrick, for the respect you've shown to me.  I sincerely appreciate your sentiment.  My intent, however, is not to start a discussion board war with you or anyone else.  With that said, you should know that I hold certain moral standards very high, particularly stealing, especially stealing from your friends -- by the way, there has been no effort to correct the wrong that was committed despite the fact that I gave him that opportunity -- and I feel that I, and others (see the post Jonie B. Good) have been wronged by Jon.  I'm not here to slander Jon, and I'm glad you had a positive experience with Jon, but my experience with him was vastly different than yours.  I feel that those who read these posts are intelligent enough to form their own opinions, both good opinions and bad ones.  To only say good things about Jon when I've had (and others have had) such negative experiences based on his lack of moral integrity, I feel, would be a great disservice to the disc golf community.
Jon had my trust & let me down. It would be disappointing to our community, that the people he's teaching, learn about his charactor as me & others have. We have enough hurdles to jump.

Shoot The Breeze / Re: Clinic instructors wanted!
« on: October 10, 2010, 02:27:57 AM »
I just wanted to officially thank Jon Boster for agreeing to help teach this clinic on short notice. I know he is unlikely to see this post, but others will. And I owe him thanks for being there to help me when I needed it.

The clinic went very well. The kids loved it, and by the end, all of the adults present wanted a go at it as well. Hey Patrick, thanks for the official notice.

Hey Patrick, thanks for the official notice. Jon Boster is a thief, he steals, & he lies. Give me something official when he pays Mick the $50.00 he stole from him. I hope you're not giving any history lesson about Jon Boster, officially. He needs to make things fight in our Disc Golf Community, Officially!!! &  Period!!!

Thank You's / Thanks for the Help!
« on: October 06, 2010, 08:16:29 PM »
Hole #11 at Channahon has turned out to be a big pain for one reason & another. Different reasons, wet weather, equipment breakdown, lack of cooperation from the Park (to be fair disc golf is low priority, no revenue) timing to be there.
That changed today. Shawn Harmon, & Roy Bazan along with Brian McCarthy from the Park, including myself removed the rock. That paved the way to get the pulverized dirt.
 It seems when I get in a spot those two are there. Thanks Shawn & Roy we moved a lot of rocks.

Shoot The Breeze / Re: My Friend FRANK
« on: October 05, 2010, 08:56:38 PM »
Today is a day that I haven't felt better in a long time. The thought of dying of cancer has been a big deal to me. The Gleason score of 8 has been my concern.
I slept through the night last night, I think a little Jack helped. I realize having cancer is old news, but for me it's a daily reality. It has made my struggle much easier because of so many that care. Believe me, it's easy to say I quit. I can't quit with the love & suppot I'm getting.
I might add to keep you thoughts & prayres for Randy Moore Sr. He has been a 4 year struggle.

J-Town Ice Bowl / Ice Bowl 2011 Sponsors
« on: October 02, 2010, 06:42:07 PM »
#Source     Item     Value
1Art Grimescheck$25.00
2Al Grimescheck$25.00
3Geppoto Grimes check$25.00
4Darrin Johnson & Tracey Keener   check$50.00
5Shawn Harmon   check$50.00
6Don Bergman     check$25.00
7Blaine Schepp   check    FOX VALLEY$100.00
8Ed Kreis     check$50.00
9Aces & Chains two Champion Katana's est 40
10Tafe 2003 IL States ghost stamped black X Wasp est 40
11Buffalo Wild Wings two baskets (30 free wings each basket) est 90
12Standard Bank   check$50.00
13Lee Rakoski   check$50.00
14Gerry Knudson   check$50.00
15Eric Doty check$50.00
16Dean Cass check$25.00
17Chicago White Sox autographed picture of Gavin Floyd   est 15 ?
18Chicago Cubs autographed photo of Mr. Cub   est 25
19Dan & Holly Grimes check$50.00
20Nina Lennon check$25.00
21I55 Salvagecheck$50.00
22Bozo's Hot Dogs3 - $25.00 gift certificatesest 75
23Ivo's Restaurant $15.00 gift ceretificateest 15
24Channahon Rentalcheck$50.00
25Chicago BearsLaser autographed footballest 50 ?
26Sharp Homescash$100.00
27 Jewl- Larkin, Joliet$20.00 gift certificateest 20
28Starbucks - Jefferson, Joliet2- 1lb bags of coffee & 4 mugsest 40
29Martha Schoffstollcheck$25.00
30N.I. Steelcheck$100.00
31Mike Lennon check$50.00
32Betty Capistacheck$100.00
33Ultra Foods, Joliet$25.00 gift certificateest 25
34Dan & Patty Charlescheck$75.00
35Al Babbecheck$25.00
36Michelane's Liquor Store check$10.00
37Phoenix Developerscheck$100.00
38Lone Star Restauranttwo $10.00 chicken dinnersest 20
39Commercial Systemscheck$50.00
40J. D. Brown & Co.check$50.00
41Shorewood Lube & Serviceoil changeest 28.98
42Louies Pizzatwo $10.00 Pizzas est 20.00
43Cemeno's Pizza5 - $10.00 gift ceretificates est 50
44Hereos West 2- $25.00 gift certificatesest 50
45Katie Peterscheck$40.00
467-Eleven$25.00 gift ceretificateest 25
47Joe Fleischauer (Flash)check $25.00
48Deerfield Const Grp.cash$150.00
49PF Tanzi & Associatescheck$50.00
50Mark's on 593 - $10.00 gift certificatesest 30
51Dave Kociubacheck$50.00
52Carnagio Ent. (McDonalds) Channahoncheck$50.00
53Success Solutions Inc.check$100.00
54Jerry Harmoncheck$100.00
55Chuck & Martha Renfroecheck$25.00
56Keith Hallcheck$100.00
57Steve Grimescheck$50.00
58Matt Coynecash $50.00
59Diva's manicure & pedicureest 70
60Scott Coynecheck$50.00
61Kevin & Marjorie Valadecheck$50.00
62Dennis Holtcheck$100.00
63Gary Lewisdiscs est 100
64Play it Again Sports  Shorewoodcheck$50.00
65Cracker Barrelcomplete dinner for two, your choiceest 50+
66Byron Graham cash $50.00
67Mitchell's Food Mart10 lbs. ground beefest 30
68McDonalds (I55 & Jefferson)10 value mealsest 60
69Drop Zoneportable toiletest 125
70Lucenta TireOil Change or $25.00 Credit on merchandiseest 25
71Thor Batchlorcheck $100.00
72Innova Travler BasketEric Dotyest 129
73Pazanin Familycash $20.00
74Frank Grimes                   RAFFLEest 100
75Mike Bakercheck$50.00
76 WalMart   Jolietgift certificate$20.00
77Sams Clubgift certificateest 25
78Highland Liquors check$100.00
79Babe's Hot Dogs5  $5.00 gift certificatesest 25
80Peoples First Bankcheck$50.00
81Casey's General Storescheck$50.00
82Larry  Lesliecheck$25.00
83Dana VicichVibram driver  (disc)est 16
84American Legion- Harwood Postcash$100.00
85Jesse Saenzcheck$25.00
86Play it Again Sports    Lockportcheck$50.00
87Tafe Hemlercash     from Fox Valley Club$63.00
88discgolf emporium.comdiscs est
89Jim Mendozacheck  FOX VALLEY$20.00
90WalMart   Morris gift certificate       (huge)est 50
91Janice M. Burkecheck$50.00
92Scott Harmoncheck$50.00
93Dean Vitalecheck$50.00
94Ray Hillcash$50.00
95Gary Lewiscash$50.00
96Unkowncash I'm clueless, it was in the envelope$3.00
97Jason McKinneycash$20.00
98Frank GrimesCalcium Chlorideest 18
100Terri Micetichcheck$10.64
101Frank Grimespictures, postage, office supplies,est 53
102Frank Grimescheck$47.00
103Danny Grimescheck$25.00
Total Cash$3674.64

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