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Leagues & Tourneys / 6th J-Town One Disc Challenge Friday June 14
« on: May 10, 2013, 07:56:54 AM »
6th J-Town One Disc Challenge
West Park • Short Tees
1 Round 24 Holes
Friday June 14, 2013
Registration Closes at 5:45 P.M. Start about 6:00 P.M.
Meet by Hole 24 area

$5 from each entry will go towards the
31st Illinois State Disc Golf Championships on July 27 & 28, 2013.
Money will go towards Pro & Ams purse

• Choose & declare (with group) ONE disc for the round.
• If you lose your disc you can declare another disc with a
  2 stroke penalty.
• If you throw the wrong disc it’s a 2 stroke penalty
  for each throw.

Open       $20.00   1 Trophy
Advanced      $15.00   1 Trophy
Amateur          $15.00   1 Trophy   

Top 1/3 will receive MONEY!

$2.00  ACE FUND (optional)
$3.00  50/50 CTP (optional)

For More Information Contact:  Jesse Saenz Jr.
(630) 759-6818 or disc71@comcast.net


Darrin Johnson - Aviar Putter

Keith Kowalczyk
Pete Dell'Aquila - Champ Ape
Mike Noe - Soft Judge

Kevin Schramm - Roc3
Jeremiah Bly
Mario Guzman - Featuring Cristina the Firebird
Chris McCabe - Buzzz
Ryan Aquino - Buzzz
Todd Bly - Ascent

Wesley Township’s 1st Annual Worst Disc Tournament
Where: Rivals Lookout Park, Wilmington IL
When: Sunday May 19, 2013
Player's Check-in 7:15-7:55 am
Player's Meeting 8:00 am
$50 Team Package Includes a TON of cool stuff!
Click on link for all the details

« on: April 21, 2013, 10:19:27 AM »
Please post course updates. It looks like leagues are going to have to be moved this week. Any updates would be great. Frank has already declared Channahon a disaster.

Gregg Barsby the 14th ranked player in the World, will be hosting a Disc Golf Clinic tomorrow Wednesday, April 17, at Trinity Links.
This will take place before the J-Town Disc Golf Doubles League gets started at 5:15 pm.

Here’s the Clinic info:
Place – Trinity Links, Lockport
Clinic Time – 3-4 pm
Cost – $10 a person

Gregg will also be offering private half-hour sessions of one-on-one training beforehand for $25. To set up a private lesson call or email Dana Vicich.

Come on out and be part of this very cool unique experience.

See you later,

PDGA / Why So Many 1100s at Memorial?
« on: April 15, 2013, 09:23:59 AM »
The Memorial Championship presented by Discraft has produced half of the highest rated rounds in history.

Nine of the nineteen rounds rated 1100 and higher have been thrown during the Memorial on the Fountain Hills and Vista del Camino courses since 2010. David Feldberg perhaps hinted in 2008 at what was to come with a 1098 on Vista. Josh Anthon was first to break the 1100 barrier at the Memorial with an 1106 in 2010. There were none in 2011. In 2012, Paul McBeth had one and Feldberg had two 1100+ rounds. This year, we saw five 1100+ rounds thrown by Nikko Locastro, Ricky Wysocki, Will Schusterick and Nate Doss along with the new all-time record 1132 by McBeth.
Why now?

The Memorial Championship has been around for a long time playing these two courses. Here are some possibilities why we might be seeing more 1100+ rated rounds:

   1. Better Discs: Is it the newer high speed discs?
   2. New Players: Is it a different group of players?
   3. Playing Better: Or are the same players playing better?
   4. Ratings Inflation: Is there inflation in the ratings system?
   5. Time of Year: Does time of the year play a role?
   6. Course Layouts: Is there something unique about the course layouts?

For those who just want to know the results, here's what we found:

click link for the rest of the story/results:

Courses / A Message From Mary Beth Windberg Supt. of Rec. Mokena PD
« on: April 04, 2013, 12:03:35 PM »
Hi Jesse - I have a favor. Apparently the other night some of our local hooligans had a massive drinking party out on the course. They actually pulled a bunch of stumps into a circle, and left piles of beer cans, booze bottles, and assorted other nice garbage. Could you spread the word around that if anybody in your clubs sees ANYTHING going on out there that shouldn't be, to call me? Here is my cell number (708) 372-1534. Or the Mokena Police. We try to keep the course clean and you guys who play seriously are great at being stewards of the courses, so I thought maybe you all could assist me in keeping an eye on the place. There is a Village Trustee who lives literally right next to the course, who doesn't like it so close to his home to begin with. I don't want to give him any ammunition against us. Between us, unless it is something obviously criminal, I'd prefer the call come to me before the cops. I don't want to give them any more reason to be out there hassling the everyday golfer. And since I live like a block away, I can be there faster than them anyway. Thanks!
Mary Beth Windberg
Supt. of Recreation
Mokena Park District
(708) 372-1534

PDGA / True Amateur!
« on: March 21, 2013, 07:05:02 AM »
The Professional Disc Golf Association is pleased to announce that the organization will be shifting to a “True Amateur” format for the PDGA Amateur Disc Golf World Championships, beginning this year in Emporia, Kansas.

Click link to read the rest of the story.

Leagues & Tourneys / 31st Illinois State Disc Golf Championships
« on: March 21, 2013, 06:59:17 AM »

Highland Park, Joliet, Illinois

PDGA B-TIER – SATURDAY July 27, 2013

PDGA B-TIER – SUNDAY July 28, 2013

More info to come soon...

Leagues & Tourneys / 26th Channahon Classic
« on: March 21, 2013, 06:53:28 AM »
Community Park, Channahon, IL

PDGA B-TIER – Saturday September 28, 2013

PDGA B-TIER – Sunday September 29, 2013

More info to come soon...

Leagues & Tourneys / Red Roc Disc Golf Club - 2013 Lemon Lake Schedule
« on: February 12, 2013, 08:29:40 AM »
Here's a link to their schedule. 

PDGA / "Steady" Ed Headrick -- Father of Disc Golf Interview from 1993
« on: February 05, 2013, 08:39:21 AM »
Taken from the PDGA website.

Shoot The Breeze / Disc Golf in Elementary School?
« on: January 08, 2013, 07:32:22 AM »
So my granddaughter (Kindergartner) had a school Christmas party a few weeks ago and I ended up going to help out with a game. I brought in my Innova Skillshot Portable with about 30 minis. I got to set it up in a new huge hallway in the new kindergarten wing. There were a few different games so her teacher had groups of seven alternating from game to game. So I lined them up and let them putt from different areas. The kids had a blast. They went nuts when one of them made a putt. One of the cool things was that I could see a couple of them had that awesome natural throwing motion. I even had one kid tomahawking. So yes the introduction to disc golf was the hit of the party. I got the okay to come back in the spring and bring in the real discs for their recess. I think I’ll set up a couple of holes and see what happens. I might need help.

Leagues & Tourneys / New 2013 Schedule
« on: January 08, 2013, 07:26:58 AM »

Make sure to check the PDGA Tour page before attending any event listed here.

Date   Tier   Event   Location   City   TD
2/9/13   C   Jtown Ice Bowl   Community Park   Channahon, IL   Jason Poole
2/16/13   C   Champaign Ice Bowl   Dodds Park   Champaign, iL   Wilbur Wallis
2/23/13   C   Trinity   Trinity Links   Lockport, IL   Thor Batchelor
3/9/13   C   Pine Hills   Pine Hills Golf Club   Ottawa, IL   Dana Vicich
4/6/13   B   First Flight   Highland Park   Joliet, IL   Patrick Johnson
4/7/13   B   First Flight   Highland Park   Joliet, IL   Patrick Johnson
4/13/13   C   Pontiac   Pontiac   Pontiac, IL   Dana Vicich
4/20/13   C   Fields of Green   Kress Creek Farms   West Chicago, IL   Patrick Johnson
4/27/13   A   River City Rumble   Camden Park   Milan, IL   Chase Roberts
4/28/13   A   River City Rumble   Camden Park   Milan, IL   Chase Roberts
4/28/13   C   Rock Spring Memorial   Rock Spring Park   Alton, IL   Jeff Ligon
4/28/13   C   Trinity   Trinity Links   Lockport, IL   Thor Batchelor
5/4/13   C/B   IOS #54 - Dave Pitner Memorial   Community Park   Channahon, IL   Scott Pitner
5/5/13   C/B   IOS #54 - Dave Pitner Memorial   Community Park   Channahon, IL   Scott Pitner
5/5/13   C   Camden Singles   Camen Park   Milan, IL   Chase Roberts
5/18/13   C   The Flying Biscuits Open   Wheeler Park   Geneva, IL   Patrick Johnson
5/27/13   C   Jtown Invitational   Community Park   Channahon, IL   Jason Poole
6/1/13   C/B   IOS #55 - Oswego Open   Eagle Ridge Park   Oswego, IL   Mike Krupicka
6/2/13   C/B   IOS #55 - Oswego Open   Eagle Ridge Park   Oswego, IL   Mike Krupicka
6/2/13   B   Iron Lion Safari   Richmond Park   Geneseo, IL   Chase Roberts
6/15/13   C   Chain Reaction   West Park   Joliet, IL   Patrick Johnson
6/16/13   C   Kiwanis Park Open   Kiwanis Park   Galesburg, IL   Chase Roberts
6/22/13   B   IOS #56 - Sinnissippi Open   Sinnissippi Park   Sterling, IL   Mike Krupicka
6/23/13   B   IOS #56 - Sinnissippi Open   Sinnissippi Park   Sterling, IL   Mike Krupicka
6/27/13   B - 4 days   Deaf National Championship   Lincoln   Springfield, IL   Kent Schafer
6/29/13   C   Ropes   Community Park   Channahon, IL   Jason Poole
7/13/13   C/B   IOS #57 - Rockford   Anna Page Park   Rockford, IL   Scott Pitner
7/14/13   C   Middle Singles   Middle Park   Bettendorf, IA   Chase Roberts
7/14/13   C   Trinity   Trinity Links   Lockport, IL   Thor Batchelor
7/20/12   C   The Shady Oaks Shootout   Shady Oaks   Streamwood, IL   Patrick Johnson
7/27/13   B   IL States   Highland Park   Joliet, IL   Jesse Saenz
7/28/13   B   IL States   Highland Park   Joliet, IL   Jesse Saenz
8/11/13   C/B   IOS #58 - Marengo   Indian Oaks   Marengo, IL   Scott Pitner
8/18/13   C   Iron Lion Open   Camden Park   Milan, IL   Chase Roberts
8/18/13   C   Trinity   Trinity Links   Lockport, IL   Thor Batchelor
8/24/13   B   Wild West   West Park   Joliet, IL   Patrick Johnson
8/25/13   B   Wild West   West Park   Joliet, IL   Patrick Johnson
9/6/13   A   LIS Open      Peoria, IL   Nate Heinold
9/7/13   A   LIS Open      Peoria, IL   Nate Heinold
9/8/13   B   Wildcat Springs Open   Hamilton   Hamilton, IL   Chase Roberts
9/14/13   C/B   IOS#59 Manhattan Project   Round Barn   Manhattan, IL   Scott Pitner
9/21/13   C   Trinity   Trinity Links   Lockport, IL   Thor Batchelor
9/22/13   C   Eagle Point Challenge   Millcreek Park   Fulton, IL   Chase Roberts
9/28/13   B   Channahon Classic   Community Park   Channahon, IL   Jesse Saenz
9/29/13   B   Channahon Classic   Community Park   Channahon, IL   Jesse Saenz
10/19/13   C/B   IOS #60 - Waukegan   Bevier Park   Waukegan, IL   Scott Pitner

PDGA / 888
« on: January 08, 2013, 07:23:06 AM »
Ratings Manipulation Addressed
The PDGA Board has asked the Statistics Committee to develop procedures with the goal to improve player compliance with Section 3.3 B (13) of the Competition Manual, which is "deliberately seeking to manipulate ones player rating through intentional misplay or withdrawal".

Click below for the whole story.

Leagues & Tourneys / J-Town Fest 2013!
« on: October 31, 2012, 12:01:24 PM »
Mark your calendars because the J-Town Fest 2013 is Saturday October 19, 2013!

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