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Leagues & Tourneys / 26th Channahon Classic
« on: March 21, 2013, 06:53:28 AM »
Community Park, Channahon, IL

PDGA B-TIER – Saturday September 28, 2013

PDGA B-TIER – Sunday September 29, 2013

More info to come soon...

Leagues & Tourneys / Red Roc Disc Golf Club - 2013 Lemon Lake Schedule
« on: February 12, 2013, 08:29:40 AM »
Here's a link to their schedule. 

PDGA / "Steady" Ed Headrick -- Father of Disc Golf Interview from 1993
« on: February 05, 2013, 08:39:21 AM »
Taken from the PDGA website.

Shoot The Breeze / Disc Golf in Elementary School?
« on: January 08, 2013, 07:32:22 AM »
So my granddaughter (Kindergartner) had a school Christmas party a few weeks ago and I ended up going to help out with a game. I brought in my Innova Skillshot Portable with about 30 minis. I got to set it up in a new huge hallway in the new kindergarten wing. There were a few different games so her teacher had groups of seven alternating from game to game. So I lined them up and let them putt from different areas. The kids had a blast. They went nuts when one of them made a putt. One of the cool things was that I could see a couple of them had that awesome natural throwing motion. I even had one kid tomahawking. So yes the introduction to disc golf was the hit of the party. I got the okay to come back in the spring and bring in the real discs for their recess. I think I’ll set up a couple of holes and see what happens. I might need help.

Leagues & Tourneys / New 2013 Schedule
« on: January 08, 2013, 07:26:58 AM »

Make sure to check the PDGA Tour page before attending any event listed here.

Date   Tier   Event   Location   City   TD
2/9/13   C   Jtown Ice Bowl   Community Park   Channahon, IL   Jason Poole
2/16/13   C   Champaign Ice Bowl   Dodds Park   Champaign, iL   Wilbur Wallis
2/23/13   C   Trinity   Trinity Links   Lockport, IL   Thor Batchelor
3/9/13   C   Pine Hills   Pine Hills Golf Club   Ottawa, IL   Dana Vicich
4/6/13   B   First Flight   Highland Park   Joliet, IL   Patrick Johnson
4/7/13   B   First Flight   Highland Park   Joliet, IL   Patrick Johnson
4/13/13   C   Pontiac   Pontiac   Pontiac, IL   Dana Vicich
4/20/13   C   Fields of Green   Kress Creek Farms   West Chicago, IL   Patrick Johnson
4/27/13   A   River City Rumble   Camden Park   Milan, IL   Chase Roberts
4/28/13   A   River City Rumble   Camden Park   Milan, IL   Chase Roberts
4/28/13   C   Rock Spring Memorial   Rock Spring Park   Alton, IL   Jeff Ligon
4/28/13   C   Trinity   Trinity Links   Lockport, IL   Thor Batchelor
5/4/13   C/B   IOS #54 - Dave Pitner Memorial   Community Park   Channahon, IL   Scott Pitner
5/5/13   C/B   IOS #54 - Dave Pitner Memorial   Community Park   Channahon, IL   Scott Pitner
5/5/13   C   Camden Singles   Camen Park   Milan, IL   Chase Roberts
5/18/13   C   The Flying Biscuits Open   Wheeler Park   Geneva, IL   Patrick Johnson
5/27/13   C   Jtown Invitational   Community Park   Channahon, IL   Jason Poole
6/1/13   C/B   IOS #55 - Oswego Open   Eagle Ridge Park   Oswego, IL   Mike Krupicka
6/2/13   C/B   IOS #55 - Oswego Open   Eagle Ridge Park   Oswego, IL   Mike Krupicka
6/2/13   B   Iron Lion Safari   Richmond Park   Geneseo, IL   Chase Roberts
6/15/13   C   Chain Reaction   West Park   Joliet, IL   Patrick Johnson
6/16/13   C   Kiwanis Park Open   Kiwanis Park   Galesburg, IL   Chase Roberts
6/22/13   B   IOS #56 - Sinnissippi Open   Sinnissippi Park   Sterling, IL   Mike Krupicka
6/23/13   B   IOS #56 - Sinnissippi Open   Sinnissippi Park   Sterling, IL   Mike Krupicka
6/27/13   B - 4 days   Deaf National Championship   Lincoln   Springfield, IL   Kent Schafer
6/29/13   C   Ropes   Community Park   Channahon, IL   Jason Poole
7/13/13   C/B   IOS #57 - Rockford   Anna Page Park   Rockford, IL   Scott Pitner
7/14/13   C   Middle Singles   Middle Park   Bettendorf, IA   Chase Roberts
7/14/13   C   Trinity   Trinity Links   Lockport, IL   Thor Batchelor
7/20/12   C   The Shady Oaks Shootout   Shady Oaks   Streamwood, IL   Patrick Johnson
7/27/13   B   IL States   Highland Park   Joliet, IL   Jesse Saenz
7/28/13   B   IL States   Highland Park   Joliet, IL   Jesse Saenz
8/11/13   C/B   IOS #58 - Marengo   Indian Oaks   Marengo, IL   Scott Pitner
8/18/13   C   Iron Lion Open   Camden Park   Milan, IL   Chase Roberts
8/18/13   C   Trinity   Trinity Links   Lockport, IL   Thor Batchelor
8/24/13   B   Wild West   West Park   Joliet, IL   Patrick Johnson
8/25/13   B   Wild West   West Park   Joliet, IL   Patrick Johnson
9/6/13   A   LIS Open      Peoria, IL   Nate Heinold
9/7/13   A   LIS Open      Peoria, IL   Nate Heinold
9/8/13   B   Wildcat Springs Open   Hamilton   Hamilton, IL   Chase Roberts
9/14/13   C/B   IOS#59 Manhattan Project   Round Barn   Manhattan, IL   Scott Pitner
9/21/13   C   Trinity   Trinity Links   Lockport, IL   Thor Batchelor
9/22/13   C   Eagle Point Challenge   Millcreek Park   Fulton, IL   Chase Roberts
9/28/13   B   Channahon Classic   Community Park   Channahon, IL   Jesse Saenz
9/29/13   B   Channahon Classic   Community Park   Channahon, IL   Jesse Saenz
10/19/13   C/B   IOS #60 - Waukegan   Bevier Park   Waukegan, IL   Scott Pitner

PDGA / 888
« on: January 08, 2013, 07:23:06 AM »
Ratings Manipulation Addressed
The PDGA Board has asked the Statistics Committee to develop procedures with the goal to improve player compliance with Section 3.3 B (13) of the Competition Manual, which is "deliberately seeking to manipulate ones player rating through intentional misplay or withdrawal".

Click below for the whole story.

Leagues & Tourneys / J-Town Fest 2013!
« on: October 31, 2012, 12:01:24 PM »
Mark your calendars because the J-Town Fest 2013 is Saturday October 19, 2013!

Leagues & Tourneys / Players Cup
« on: October 17, 2012, 12:13:44 PM »
Players Cup Pick’em Bracket

Good luck to Dana with a 5 seed and Steve Slater as a 16 seed.


Leagues & Tourneys / J-Town Winter Doubles League
« on: October 02, 2012, 07:20:46 AM »
The J-Town Winter Doubles League starts on Sunday November 4.
Hosted by: Mick McGowan & Mike Holmquist

Click on link for schedule:

History / COMMENTS
« on: September 25, 2012, 01:30:21 PM »
The History part is locked and if you would like to comment do it here.

History / The Early Years Part 1 - 1976 - 1980
« on: September 25, 2012, 01:23:03 PM »
The Early Years: Part 1 - 1976- 1980
Joliet Frisbee Guild – West Park Flyers

Written by: Paul McCallister
PDGA #1124

  Joliet Frisbee Guild was the name used to add legitimacy to Paul McCallister’s effort to establish Disc Golf in Joliet, Illinois. The name was used to describe a group of people in information sent to the Joliet Park Board and in subsequent verbal presentations about Disc Golf to the Park Board. It was also used one time on hot-stamped discs and one time on tee-shirts.
 Paul McCallister learned to throw a disc by playing catch with Randy Osborne and Larry Cashen.  Randy and Larry were N.I.U students living in an old house on a cobblestone street in DeKalb in 1972. Randy went on to perform Frisbee demos with John Connelly and The Aces. Larry was never heard from again after the summer of 1980.

 Paul continued to throw Masters and 165 Frisbees at JuCo and on the Quad during his years at U. of I. in Champaign-Urbana. It was all about long and accurate throws to the other guy who didn’t have to move much to make the catch. During the summer of 1976, McCallister and his friend Gary Stubler were playing catch with a 165 in the valley at West Park.  Bored with catch, they ventured uphill to the south side of the park one evening and picked out a tree as a target about 150 feet away. After throwing and walking back five or six times, they both had finally hit the tree. They continued through the park picking out the next target as they went along.  A few weeks later McCallister brought a roll of masking tape and marked a few trees before Gary arrived. It became a three-target course with three throwing positions for each. The first course at West Park! It is now known that object golf cropped up independently in many places before Ed Headrick introduced the Pole Hole in 1976 at the Rose Bowl.

 McCallister’s friend from JuCo, Paul Riley went to N.I.U. Both graduated in 1977 and would meet a few evenings each week at Pilcher Park where the entrance off Gouger Road meets Hickory Creek. They threw disc there into spring 1978 when George Meyer stopped and introduced himself one day. He was a freestyle guy but enjoyed throwing, too. George joined us on Thursdays at Pilcher. He had freestyle discs for sale. George was aware of organized Frisbee stuff. Paul Riley got a sports writing job in Hoopeston, IL and left town. McCallister’s friend Gary Stubler replaced Riley playing catch in Pilcher Park.  There were times when no one else showed up to throw and McCallister started throwing at objects like trash barrels or trees. Soon he brought back the masking tape idea and marked a target on trees so his walk in the park became a game. This time two rings of tape circled each of three trees, one ring about 2 feet off the ground and the other ring two feet above the lower ring. Now the game was to hit the tree between the rings. Larry Cashen, Gary Stubler and Paul McCallister picked out spots to throw from and played threw at each target from three different spots. By now it was a competition and we were keeping track of the number of throws. It was good fun.

 In late spring of 1978, George Meyer brought us the news of a tournament in Chicago. The event was the North American Flying Disc Series (N.A.F.D.S.) Chicago to be held at Gilson Park in Wilmette. Disc golf was one of the events. Intrigued, we sent in our pre-registrations and went to play.  The Disc Golf tee and basket concept was new to us.  One of the other events was Guts Frisbee. We were not about to try that! But we got hooked on Golf, especially McCallister. He asked Tournament Director, John Connelly, if there was any printed material on Disc Golf. Connelly sent a DGA brochure where he learned about Ed Headrick and Miracle Playground Equipment in Grinnell, IA, distributor of the course equipment.

 McCallister was hooked on the Disc Golf concept and talked about trying to see about what it would take to get a course in Joliet. The small group, McCallister, Meyer, Cashen and Stubler decided to formalize themselves into a club to add a bit of legitimacy to any effort to approach the Park District. There was already a “guild” in Joliet, the Joliet Drama Guild. So we decided on the Joliet Frisbee Guild. Not so much because we thought it was a cool name, more because we thought older people like park board members and news people would more easily accept that there was a group of flying disc sports enthusiasts. We didn’t have regular meetings or any official membership registration. But when we first approached the Joliet Park District to get on a meeting agenda to introduce the Disc Golf Concept, we were doing so as a group.  We got on the agenda. Meyer and McCallister appeared at the meeting. McCallister spoke, passed out copies of the DGA brochure and spoke about a low-cost recreational concept usable by people of all ages. AL Lorenc, one of the park board members, mentioned that he was familiar with the sport having seen a pole hole at a park equipment trade show.

 Mr. Lorenc asked McCallister to look at some of the Joliet parks and come back with a suggestion for a site he thought would be good for a course.

 Meyer and McCallister went to Highland Park, Noel Park, Pilcher Park and West Park. McCallister took a lot of time making masking tape courses at each. He thought West Park was the best site since it was centrally located and the south side of the park had no facilities except a rest room with running water and swing set.  No matter what time of day he went to the park, very few people were ever there. Our next spot on a Park Board Agenda was three weeks away.  Meyer obtained an 18” x 24” print of an old aerial view of West Park. The picture was at a time of year with no leaves on the trees. Using tissue overlays, McCallister drew three possible course designs.

 While spending several days at the park, McCallister noticed a litter problem and no trash receptacles. He also noticed that, after dark, there were always several cars parked in the valley lot. Kids were partying and drinking.  The next morning he could see how skilled the drinking bunch had become at breaking beer bottles on the curbs and pavement. He never saw a police squad car approach the lower lot.

 Armed with an aerial photo and course overlays showing 18-hole feasibility, equipment cost, volunteer labor, non-interference with park use patterns, and a story about how the presence of recreational disc players would likely be a deterrent to littering and tend to keep bad elements away, McCallister gave his presentation and also mentioned that professional design and tournament certification were part of the purchase price. At the next regular meeting in February, 1979, the board voted to purchase equipment for an 18-Hole Disc Golf Course to be installed at West Park in the area used by McCallister’s designs with the exception that all fairways, tees and pole holes had to be located to the south side of the creek running through the park. This was because there was a possible plan to use the low area in the future as a storm water retention area.  We agreed to prepare a re-design using the park area approved by the Board. The equipment was purchased in April and delivered in May. Ed Headrick contacted McCallister when the order was being processed to arrange being picked up at O’Hare and taken to the park. Ed tweaked McCallister’s design primarily by using the rocky dry rainwater runoff that became original fairway # 6. Ed sent the tournament certification letter to the Board. The Park District’s Director of Recreation set a target date of September for completion of installation.

 McCallister, Meyer and Cashen scheduled the first tournament for the last weekend in September. McCallister ordered 200 Wham-O #42 mold Joliet Frisbee Guild hot stamped discs and tee shirts with “Joliet Frisbee Guild” on the front and “Frisbee for the People” imprinted on the back for the tourney staff. They had posters printed and distributed to willing places of business throughout the community.

 McCallister sent press releases to local and Chicago media.  It was a one-round event with fivesomes and a shotgun start. Each player received a disc with a $5.00 entry. The Joliet Frisbee Guild ceased to exist thereafter.

 By the next season McCallister began using West Park Flyers as a promotional name. The first PDGA tournament at West Park was on June 30 & July 1, 1980. It was held on a Monday and Tuesday immediately following the 1980 Chicago N.A.F.D.S. because so many traveling players would be in the area. 100 Pros played in the two day tourney which culminated in a 9-hole finale featuring the top 4 players in both men’s and women’s divisions. There was a total of $5,000 in prize money with 100 entrants at $50 each and matching funds from Wham-O through Ed Headrick.  Chicago ABC TV sent a crew out to provide some coverage on Monday afternoon.

 In the following eight years McCallister played and promoted the sport of Disc Golf.  He was involved in establishment and designs of New Lenox, Channahon and Shorewood. He directed more then 45 area tournaments including the first Illinois State Disc Golf Championships and traveled to help players in other cities establish more courses.

 Paul also played in the first two World Championships at La Mirada, CA and Huntsville, AL.

People Involved in the Joliet Frisbee Guild:
   Paul McCallister
   Gary Stubler
   George and Cindy Meyer
   Larry Cashen

To be continued...

To comment go here

PDGA / USDGC Qualifying: Vibram Open- Dana Vicich
« on: September 21, 2012, 09:29:34 AM »
Whether it’s heading to Rock Hill after a last minute invite or making the long trip just for the Monday Qualifier, Illinois resident Dana Vicich will take any chance he can get to play the USDGC.

Check the rest out here:

PDGA / 2013 Worlds Logo Design
« on: September 21, 2012, 09:26:54 AM »
Jay and Deb Svitko, hosts for next year's professional world championships, are soliciting artwork for the 2013 PDGA Pro Worlds Logo for when the championship is to be held at Lemon Lake County Park in Crown Point, Indiana August 3-10th.

We have a ton of great artist in our area that can summit something.

check out the rest here:

Leagues & Tourneys / Mokena’s Second Annual Disc Golf Ace Race
« on: September 10, 2012, 12:39:39 PM »
Mokena’s Second Annual
Disc Golf Ace Race
Sunday, September 30, 2012
Check-In 1:00 p.m.
All players MUST be pre-registered by
September 12, 2012

Gather at the Oaks for one purpose: to throw aces! No putting, no approaching... just runnin' at the chains. To add to the challenge and excitement, players all throw the same model disc: in past years this has been a brand new, never-seen-before Discraft prototype disc that is introduced each year especially for Ace Race. All participants receive a player's pack that includes two discs and other goodies. Your entry fee is only $25, and your player package is guaranteed to be twice that value! Two rounds of at least 18 holes, one throw per hole per player. Holes are generally between 150 and 250 feet. Player with the most overall aces wins a valuable prize package as well! Players of all ages and abilities welcome! Three divisions: Men (18 and over), Women (18 and over) and Junior (under 18).Pre-registration is a must for this tournament, and deadlines will be adhered to in order to have enough player packages for all. See www.mokenapark.com under “Programs” or stop in at Main Park to register!

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