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A lot of thank yous for this one.....

Thanks to Mike Kursell for the great artwork for the tournament stamp, and for making scorecards for the tournament.....both of which received a very favorable response from the players. This guy is an amazing artist!

A big thanks to Cory Clements for helping with registration, scoring, and all the things he usually does on tournament day. He also stayed late on Friday getting all the leaderboard cards ready. As if that wasn't enough, he took the lead on Sunday, and let me go play in Rec. Had a blast getting my butt kicked by all the Rec players.......so thanks for that Cory! Lol.

Jason Riley was there to help with the leaderboard as always. What can I say.....consistency is priceless. Thanks Jay!

Thanks to Larry Pennuto for helping with the scoring, and running the video camera. Can't wait to see what the footage looks like...

A big thanks to Dan Pastore for coming out and bringing some CTPs for the players. He also let players try out his (soon to be released?) Screamer disc during lunch. Dan runs ABC discs, a local disc company from Sycamore, IL. If you haven't checked out his discs yet, try one out. We have the money putters in, and I'll be putting drivers on the shelf this week.

Thanks to Frank Grimes for stopping by to say hi. It was good to see you, and I appreciated the special trip you made to see how the tournament was going.

Thanks to Tim for bringing out the hot dog stand again. Tims a great guy. If you see his stand at a disc golf course near you, stop by to say hi and get a great burger or dog.

There were other volunteers who helped as well, like Jacob Burton, Jon Boster, Kaylee Barbosa, Ken Loeffler, and I'm sure I missed a few. My thanks to everyone who helped make the tournament run smoothly.

Fixed. Thanks for the heads up!

Yes, you are correct. Players are to meet by hole 1 at Westpark.

Questions? / Re: 29th illinois state championship?
« on: June 16, 2011, 07:47:40 AM »
How about Channahon - who designed Community Park?

Courses / Re: Channahon #11
« on: June 16, 2011, 07:45:00 AM »
One tournament a month, while doing all that prep, marketing, etc. while holding down a full time job is amazing. Totally crazy. How can you not respect a guy like that?

Then again, you amaze me as well. My back hurts just thinking about all the lifting, stooping, carrying, and what-not you must do each day you work out there at Channahon. I couldn't do it. I'd be laid up for months.

Keep up the good work Frank, and thanks for the story. Someday I'd like to sit down with you and just listen to you tell story after story about the old days.

Ordered 7 trophies yesterday. 5 will be used for the main five divisions. First two divisions with 2 or more pre-reg'd players will also get a trophy. If we get more than 7 divisions pre-reg'd in time, I'll order more trophies.

So get those registrations in:


Questions? / Re: 29th illinois state championship?
« on: June 15, 2011, 07:06:25 AM »
Paul Mac stopped in the shop about a month ago. Said he was driving by, saw the sign, and had to stop. He signed a 44 mold for us too! That was pretty cool.

Until he stopped in, I didn't know there was anyone besides Gary. Care to tell us a story about the old days Frank? I'd love to hear more about Paul and Gary...

Questions? / Re: 29th illinois state championship?
« on: June 15, 2011, 07:02:53 AM »
I thought there were 6 temp holes last year....so, 24 holes in all.

However, I think the Pro/Adv day had different temp holes than the "Ams" day did.

Courses / Re: Channahon #11
« on: June 15, 2011, 06:59:38 AM »
So I AM seeing old things as new. Only took me three years to notice that tree......

Questions? / Re: 29th illinois state championship?
« on: June 14, 2011, 12:04:41 PM »
Highland is a tough course Steve, but Jesse and the J-town boys run a quality tournament. Probably the best in the area. See you there.

Courses / Channahon #11
« on: June 14, 2011, 11:43:22 AM »
That new green on #11 at Channahon is starting to look mighty nice!

And was that a new tree behind tee box #3, or was that there all along? You've done so much work this year Frank, that I'm beginning to think I'm seeing old things as new.........

Wish that worked for you and I.  Lol.

Leagues & Tourneys / Re: Trinity Lake Open
« on: June 11, 2011, 09:30:58 AM »
Hope the tourney is going well Thor!

They posted Saturday OT yesterday at lunch, so (once again) I am unable to make it out. So, let's see.....that's The Pitner Memorial, Oswego Open, and Trinity Links Open I've planned on attending, but had to miss this year. I'm beginning to think I'm not meant to play any more tourneys this year.....

Wish I could be there!

Leagues & Tourneys / Re: AC Finals Match Play 2011
« on: June 10, 2011, 12:25:20 PM »
If you are looking to pad your totals, or move up the list, we have 3 more tournaments scheduled this year:

Chain Reaction - June 25th &26th
Deuces Wild - July 9th & 10th
The Wild West - August 27th & 28th

More info can be found at www.acesandchains.com

Colleen Thompson   Wadv      9            9
Ashleigh Bushman   Wadv      6            6
Lindsay Truesdale   Wadv      3            3

Ashleigh Bushman   Wint   8               8
Stacy Tackett   Wint   6               6
Kristen Mcgonigal   Wint   4               4
Judy Reiter   Wint   2               2

Christy Fraticola   Wrec      3            3
Kayla Bradley   Wrec      2            2

Leagues & Tourneys / AC Finals - Current Points Totals for Novice
« on: June 10, 2011, 12:21:22 PM »
Kenny Loeffler   Nov   26   24            50
Jake Guajardo   Nov   30   20            50
Phil Ash   Nov   34               34
Eric Smith   Nov   32               32
Tim Guajardo   Nov   28               28
Mark Onstad   Nov   18   10            28
D.J. Eskra   Nov      28            28
Jacob Burton   Nov   26               26
Alex Africa   Nov      26            26
Sean Callahan   Nov   22               22
Dan Miller   Nov      22            22
Brandon Gutierrez   Nov      20            20
Alex Nelson   Nov   20               20
David Pung   Nov   16               16
Aris Pashos   Nov      16            16
Tom Reiter   Nov   14               14
Brian Paul   Nov      14            14
Larry Pennuto   Nov   12               12
Keith Minor II   Nov      12            12
Danny Cardwell   Nov      10            10
Corey Mattson   Nov   10               10
Brian Quezada   Nov      10            10
Kevin Mcgonigal   Nov   8               8
Jack Heinz   Nov   8               8
Joseph Roppo   Nov   4               4
Adam Grencher   Nov      4            4
Tim Cerven   Nov   2               2
George Mantis   Nov      2            2

Leagues & Tourneys / AC Finals - Current Totals for Recreational
« on: June 10, 2011, 12:20:21 PM »
Nick Dilley   Rec   60   57            117
Eric Willhite   Rec   51   66            117
Mike Stahulak   Rec   48   60            108
Michael Rott   Rec   45   51            96
Alan Truesdale   Rec   45   45            90
Jason Rocks   Rec   24   54            78
Dan Wisemantle   Rec      69            69
Bryan Jenkins   Rec   66               66
Kyle Leos   Rec      63            63
John Marren   Rec   63               63
Matt Jakusz   Rec   60               60
Peter Sakoulos   Rec   54               54
Danny Tejero   Rec      51            51
Ryan Barcas   Rec   45               45
Ron Huebner   Rec   45               45
James Stegmann   Rec   45               45
Billy Stubbs   Rec      45            45
Adam Brkovic   Rec   45               45
Robert Wright   Rec   9   33            42
Tim Guajardo   Rec      39            39
Donald Geel   Rec      39            39
Joe Heinen   Rec      33            33
Dan Wawerski   Rec      33            33
Kyle Hiller   Rec   27               27
Phil Ash   Rec      24            24
Jacob Burton   Rec      24            24
Aaron Crombie   Rec      24            24
Adam Peterson   Rec   21               21
Matt Kentner   Rec   18               18
Alan Serafiniak   Rec   18               18
Brad McCarthy   Rec      15            15
Michael Cellini   Rec   12               12
Kevin Rosenkranz   Rec      12            12
Dan Meyer   Rec      9            9
Tim Clabby   Rec   6               6
Michael Dugan   Rec   6               6
Ken Sherlock   Rec      6            6
Shawn McCarthy   Rec      3            3

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