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There is no cutoff date to register. I will probably close pre-registration early the night before, but I am accepting walk ups. Sign ups will be limited based on the number of players packs I order. I won't know how many until we get much closer.
Leagues & Tourneys / Re: The Trilogy Tee Pad Challenge - July 5th
« Last post by Ryan50921 on Today at 02:34:13 PM »
When is the cutoff date for sign ups?
Courses / Re: Dellwood Park Work Hours
« Last post by Disc71 on Today at 12:12:39 PM »
Is there some kind of schedule someone can post up for the non Facebook people?
Courses / Re: Dellwood Park Work Hours
« Last post by Aces and Chains on Today at 11:31:50 AM »
4/19 - 2 hours & 30 min.
Leagues & Tourneys / Re: J-Town Disc Golf Doubles League
« Last post by Disc71 on Today at 07:40:50 AM »
WEEK 3 - April 23, 2014
First Half #3
Trinity Links, Lockport, IL

18 Holes - Par 54-Short Tees
Skipped hole #15 because of flooding.  Instead we played a temp hole teeing from the south side of fence near the east building to the practice basket. 

It was a chilly night with temps only in the low 50s. The wind was down but cold for this time of year. All water area levels were up. The course was pretty dry.

• The Swamps of Trinity ate everything in sight including one player. One dazed player made a bad decision to wade in the cursed freezing swamp of holes 1 & 2. It did not end well with him being swallowed whole. He eventually made it out alive. Not a smart decision! There is a moral to the story but I’ll leave that to the imagination. The Murder Rakes got a workout!

• Thanks guys for letting us use the Trinity Links club house for registration. It was great not having to worry about the weather elements which makes a huge difference when getting things ready. Every course needs one.

• Dean Bingham & Ryan Gremillion destroy the course and take victory in the Pro/Adv Division. They shot an unreal round of 40 (-14)

• Steve Rachan & Joe Kolar easily take down the Am/Nov Division. They shot a nice round of 48 (-6) and jump up quickly in the point standings. 

48 Players
21 PRO/ADV     27AM/NOV

Bingham & Gremillion take the top honors. They end up taking home 54 bucks each and jump on top the early leader board with 4-points. Kris Hutter and Tom Matesevac take the second place spot shooting an extremely nice round of 41 (-13). They end up splitting 60 bucks. We had a three-way tie for third with the teams shooting nice rounds of 42 (-12). Al Hermosillo & Taylor Cimala win the ctp playoff on hole #1 to take third place. They end up splitting $32.


Steve Rachan & Joe Kolar  take the top honors. They end with 4-points and splitting 64 bucks. Kurt Morehouse & Shawn Story end up in second and they split 35 bucks. They  shot a very nice round of 49 (-5). This is Shawn’s first time out since ripping apart his ankle last year at Shorewood. It’s good to see you back. Josh Bringas & Kevin Tang end up in the third spot shooting a nice round of 50 (-4) They take home 11 bucks each! 

Dean Bingham - CTP Party Fund hole1 #1= $35
Josh Bringas - CTP Party Fund hole2 #8 = $35
Greg Fredrick - CTP Tournament Fund hole #14 = $35
Bob Walsh - CTP CFR Disc hole #11

No Aces $139 to start next week
Dean Bingham takes first place in the pro/adv division and wins a ctp. Dean takes home $89 for the night!

See You Later,
Courses / Re: Dellwood Park Work Hours
« Last post by Hose-bee on Yesterday at 12:57:23 PM »
4/16- 5hrs           
4/17- 4hrs 45min 
4/18- 30mins   
4/19- 2hrs 30min       
4/22 (Channahon)- 3 hrs   
4/22 (Dellwood)- 2 hrs 15 mins
Courses / Re: Channahon #1
« Last post by Hose-bee on Yesterday at 12:29:28 PM »
Always a good time improving an awesome course while hanging out with awesome people.   :D
Courses / Re: Channahon #1
« Last post by Goforit on Yesterday at 12:25:15 AM »
Great job guys! Takes special people to donate their time for that. And that mini you gave me Frank was awesome and so kind of you to do that. Thank You  :)
Courses / Re: Channahon #1
« Last post by Mcfrolfer on April 22, 2014, 11:17:41 PM »
Always a good time hanging out.  :)
Courses / Re: Channahon #1
« Last post by Frankie on April 22, 2014, 08:54:23 PM »
Shawn McCarthy, my go to guy, is going to help me dig a circle ring around #1 at Channahon Tues. 04/22/14. If you want to jump in, let me know.
I don't have the energy I used to, but do you want to know something? With the help I had today, it's OK! Hooooray!!!  Shawn McCarthy & Jose Herrera (Hose B) we're awesome!!! We got it done along with something else. To top that Randy Moore came out with Dave's Barbecue. That was GREAT. Hooooray!!! Good time, thanks you guys. 
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