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Leagues & Tourneys / Re: 2017 DISContinuum Club Challenge
« Last post by pooleje on April 09, 2017, 04:41:38 PM »
J-Town Results
Points have already been multiplied by their point factor (A=5, B=4, C=3, D=3)

Div    PDGA    Name    R1    Rating    Pts    R2    Rating    Pts   
A49631Izak McDonald49102554710325
A35165Lester Buddy Lee Sloan5110061549101110
A6803Steve Forneris539874060900
A31323Jimmy Mac McDonald539874056940
A34882Nick Austin5497859910
A40673Eric Ford569595397165
A39740Thor Batchelor5795058920
A26608David Kociuba5894055950
A37511Kevin Macuiba5993154961
A25183Ray Hill629035298140
B60925Steve Rachan55958125894036
B55134Johnathan Boyd569482459931
B75406Kory Seddon56948245894036
B25362Dean Bingham58928525795024
B36653Eric Fite5991861912
B50388James LoPresti6090861912
B66580David Hopkins6090863893
B46532Adam Brkovic62889549788
B61408Roger Tranowski6288958940
B17192John Dale6486967856
C60403Richard Walsh5496165291248
C34478Brandon Rosch579302159823
C46519Mike Stahulak58920275291248
C71542Brian Espinoza589202753899
C54050David Garb59910489623
C58856Shawn Story6090055874
C19774Jason Poole6189055874
C66149Stephen Vinyard61890499509
C45428Larry Pennuto6683960810
C37270Mike Zivanovic6881958836
D48193Joe Roppo50937665859
D15038Brian Kevish53899216288936
D43451Donnie Longtin548863069820
D70802Robby Barry5488630589289
D88932Marco Gutierrez5488670810
D55576Ryan Fancher5587464869
D88559Brian Johnson558745991812
D76739Tom Gronski56861579383
D75430Tony Dabulskis6081072790
D81071Angela Delsasso68709
J-Town Disc Golf Club / Re: 2017-2018 J-Town Disc Golf Club Board
« Last post by pooleje on March 31, 2017, 09:51:18 AM »
Nominations will be accepted through 4/17/16

Nominations Listed Below (A=accepted, D=declined)

1.   President
Dave Kociuba (A)

2.   Vice-President
Steve Rachan (A)
Jesse Saenz (D)

3.   Secretary
Dean Bingham (A)

4.   Treasurer
Jason Poole (A)

5.   Member Advocate
Shawn McCarthy (A)
Sean Callahan (D)
J-Town Disc Golf Club / 2017-2018 J-Town Disc Golf Club Board
« Last post by pooleje on March 31, 2017, 09:51:02 AM »
Please take this time to nominate a J-Town Disc Golf club member for the following positions. 

Member Advocate

Individual Board position descriptions are listed below:

1.   President
a.   The President shall chair meetings and special sessions of the Board of Directors. The Secretary and Treasurer shall report to the President. The President participates in the nominating of, and approves, all Staff nominations.
b.   The President is responsible for maintaining positive relationships with Club sponsors, local players, and other disc golf organizations.  President checks and confirms all public communications (monthly newsletters, club flyers, press releases, etc.) before release.
c.   The President shall have access to the Club’s bank account(s) and other investments, if any, with the expressed approval of the Treasurer.

2.   Vice-President
a.   The Vice President shall chair the Staff-based Operations Team, acting as team leader.
b.   The Vice President is responsible for maintaining positive relationships with Club sponsors, local players, and other disc golf organizations. The Vice President shall assist the President as needed.
c.   Any teams or committees created by the Board of Directors shall be managed by the Vice President (or by a delegate appointed by the Vice President if approved by the rest of the Board).
d.   In the event of the President’s absence, the Vice President shall chair Club meetings.

3.   Secretary
a.   The Secretary shall be responsible for much of the communication of information within the structure of the Club. 
b.   The Secretary shall record and disseminate the agenda, minutes, and notes from monthly and other Club meetings. It shall be the duty of the Secretary to respond to public inquiries, answer appropriate Club email, or forward such communication to the President.
c.   By nature of the position, the Secretary will need to work closely with the Webmaster or Assistant Webmaster in the combined goal of maintaining clear and consistent communication within the Club and in the eyes of the public.
d.   The Secretary shall chair Club meetings in the President and Vice President’s absence.

4.   Treasurer
a.   The Treasurer shall be responsible for the financial integrity of the Club.  The Treasurer maintains all accounts payable, accounts receivable, sponsorship donations, and other Club investments.
b.   The Treasurer shall give a comprehensive financial status report at the Club meetings.
c.   The Treasurer is responsible for filing all appropriate State of Illinois and Federal taxes and fees.

5.   Member Advocate
a.   The Member Advocate is responsible for maintaining a positive relationship between the Board of Directors and the general membership.
b.   The Member Advocate shall talk with members to come up with member concerns and desired changes in a more informal setting than the general membership meetings.  These topics will then be presented at meetings on the member’s behalf, anonymously if desired.
J-Town Disc Golf Club / Re: Meeting Minutes
« Last post by pooleje on March 31, 2017, 09:47:40 AM »
J-Town Disc Golf Club Meeting 46
The Canyons, Dellwood Park, Lockport, IL
Meeting called to order: 5:01

Members Present:
Dave Kociuba
Kristi McCarthy
Shawn McCarthy
Jason Poole

1. Financials (see attached)
● 102 Members
● $1352.44 available for course projects
● Approved 2-0

2. Greater Joliet Bag Tags (Saturdays)
● Second half report has been turned in to the PDGA and paid
● $648 Ace pot to roll over to next fall

3. 2017 J-Town Ice Bowl Recap
● 70 Players
● Donated $2688 and 400 lbs of food.

4. 2017 Discontinuum Club Challenge
● Ratings from 3/1
● 4/8 Lemon Lake
● 4 Divisions (A=950+, B=925-949, C=890-924, D=889-)
● 10 players per division (8 rating based, 2 picks)
● Club will cover any entry fees/gate fees for J-Town Players
● Donation: 4 J-Town Buzzzs, 5 Bag Tags

5. 2017 J-Town Club Invitational
● Date: 8/26/17
● Location: Highland
● Dave Kociuba TD, Jason Poole ATD

6. Handicap League
● 3 Sessions (April/May, June/July, August/September)
● 1st session starts on 4/4 and has been sanctioned with the PDGA
● Jason Poole TD, Brad McCarthy ATD

7. Elections
a. Timeline
 Nominations: 3/20/17-4/17/17
 Voting: 4/18/17-5/8/17
 Ballets to be counted at the 5/8/17 Club Meeting
 Officers take their positions on 6/1/17

b. Nominations
 President: Dave Kociuba (A)
 Vice President: Steve Rachan, Jesse Saenz
 Treasurer: Jason Poole (A)
 Secretary: Dean Bingham
 Member Advocate: Shawn McCarthy (A), Sean Callahan

8. Open Q&A
● Nothing presented.

Meeting adjourned, 5:25
J-Town Disc Golf Club / J-Town Disc Golf Club Meeting 3/20/17 5PM
« Last post by pooleje on March 08, 2017, 10:22:54 AM »
J-Town Disc Golf Club Meeting 46
3/13/17 3/20/17 5:00 PM (Meeting moved to 3/20)
Dellwood Park, Lockport, IL

1) Financials
2) Bag Tags
3) Ice Bowl Recap
4) Discontinuum Club Challenge
5) J-Town Invitational
6) Handicap League
7) Elections
   a) Timeline
   b) Nominations
8 ) Open Q&A
Leagues & Tourneys / Re: J-Town Disc Golf Doubles League
« Last post by Disc71 on March 03, 2017, 07:48:21 AM »


April 5, 5:15 pm •West Park Joliet 
Short tees
April 12, 5:15 pm Round Barn, Manhattan
Mixed tees

April  19, 5:15 pm Trinity Links, Lockport
Short Tees

April  26,  5:15 pm Community Park, Channahon
Short Tees

May 3, 5:30 pm Highland Park, Joliet
White Tees

May 10, 5:30 pm Trinity Links, Lockport
Short Tees

May  17,  5:30 pm Community Park, Channahon
Short Tees

May 24, 5:30 pm The Canyons, Lockport
White Tees

May 31, 5:30 pm  West Park Joliet 
Short tees

June 7,  5:30 pm Highland Park, Joliet
White Tees

June 14, 5:30 pm The Canyons, Lockport
White Tees

June 21,  5:30 pm Highland Park, Joliet
Blue/White Tees

June 28,  5:30 pm The Canyons, Lockport
TBD/White Tees


Leagues & Tourneys / 2017 DISContinuum Club Challenge
« Last post by pooleje on January 16, 2017, 05:26:27 PM »
Where: Lemon Lake County Park, Crown Point, IN
When: 4/8/17
Check-in will be 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM.  Tee-off will be right around 9:45 AM (Subject to change)
Cost: Free (J-Town Disc Golf Club will cover any fees for J-Town players)
Who: Clubs will include Basket Cases, DISContinuum, Fox Valley, J-Town, and Union. (Subject to additions)

It's time to defend our title from last year! If you are interested in playing for team J Town, please post your PDGA # and rating on this post. I would like to have our team roster ready by the end of March at the latest. The highest rated players for each pool will be selected. However, there will be captain picks for each pool. The board members need to discuss this part. Please read all of the info below. You must be a current 2017 J Town club member. We will have memberships to sell that day, but please try to become a member before the day of the event. We ran out of tags last year. Also, please check your schedules to make sure you can play. Every year several players state that they are coming, and then back out a week or two before. A full team is needed to be successful at this challenge, and scrambling to fill spots is a headache I'd rather not deal with.....again.
Let's do it again, J Town!
Sweaty Hugs!

J-Town Disc Golf Club is looking for club members to commit to this event.  Format will be 2 rounds of singles.  Members will be divided into 4 division (A:950+, B:925-949, C:890-924, and D:<890).  Best 5 finishing positions for each division per round will count towards the club total.  Lowest club total wins.

Field limited to 10 members for each division from each club.  J-Town will decide our roster based on the following: 8 spots will go to the highest rated sign-ups, the other 2 spots in each division will be Captain's choice.  Dave Kociuba will be the Captain for J-Town Disc Golf Club this year.

Please reply to this post (PDGA #, Name, and Rating) if you want to represent the J-Town Disc Golf Club.  I will periodically update this post with our roster.  You will need to be a club member to play (we will have memberships available at the event).

A 950+
PDGA     Name     Rating     
39740 (Pick)     Thor Batchelor     902     
49631     Izak McDonald     999     
34882     Nick Austin     978     
31323     Jimmy Mac McDonald     974     
35165     Lester Buddy Lee Sloan     972     
26608     David Kociuba     964     
40673     Eric Ford     953     
25183     Ray Hill     952     
37511     Kevin Macuiba     950     
     Current _Cut- 1 Pick Remaining     949     

B 925-949
PDGA     Name     Rating     
71542 (Pick)     Brian Espinoza     909     
66149 (Pick)     Stephen Vinyard     904     
60925     Steve Rachan     945     
25362     Dean Bingham     940     
75406     Kory Seddon     940     
55134     Johnathan Boyd     939     
46532     Adam Brkovic     934     
61408     Roger Tranowski     930     
50388     James LoPresti     928     
66580     David Hopkins     911     
     Current _Cut- 0 Pick Remaining     910     

C 890-924
PDGA     Name     Rating     
45428 (Pick)     Larry Pennuto     900     
19774 (Pick)     Jason Poole     898     
19897     Jon Klein     922     
54050     David Garb     918     
46519     Mike Stahulak     918     
60403     Richard Walsh     918     
37270     Mike Zivanovic     918     
34478     Brandon Rosch     917     
23205     Scott Dietz     914     
58856     Shawn Story     913     
     Current _Cut- 0 Pick Remaining     912     

D 889-
PDGA     Name     Rating     
88932 (Pick)     Marco Gutierrez     806     
81071 (Pick)     Angela Delsasso     739     
15038     Brian Kevish     888     
70802     Robby Barry     883     
76739     Tom Gronski     883     
55576     Ryan Fancher     879     
91169     Troy Bateman     876     
48193     Joe Roppo     872     
43451     Donnie Longtin     867     
75430     Tony Dabulskis     837     
     Current _Cut- 0 Pick Remaining     836     
88559     Brian Johnson     0     
86132     Alex Kuchel     0     
     Nick Kuchel     0     
J-Town Disc Golf Club / Re: Meeting Minutes
« Last post by bangham on January 16, 2017, 10:42:44 AM »

McDonalds – 4280 W Jefferson St, Joliet, IL 60431

Meeting called to order: _5:22 pm______


Members Present:

Dean Bingham

Sean Callahan

Jason Poole

Steve Rachan



1. Financials (see attached)

● 25 Members

● $1203.94 available for course projects



2. Greater Joliet Bag Tags (Saturdays)

· Avg 18 per week

· First half report has been turned in to the PDGA and paid

· Second half to run through 3/11/17 (10 weeks)

· Optional sanctioned round at the J-Town Ice Bowl as part of the league



3. 2017 J-Town Ice Bowl

·  2/18/17 TD Steve Rachan

· Flyers will be similar to last year:  $5 for pizza, each person must bring two non-perishable good items/$5 to be donated to the Salvation Army, doubles first round and singles second round

· Salvation Army will be our charity


4. Member Reward Program

·  See attached stats



5. 2017 Club Invitational

·  4/8/17 at Lemon Lake

· Sean was going to contact Ryan Fancher about making club T-shirts




6. Course Projects





7. Open Q&A


J Town Disc Golf Club Meeting 45

Meeting adjourned, _5:50 pm______

J-Town Disc Golf Club / J-Town Disc Golf Club Meeting 1/9/17 5PM
« Last post by pooleje on January 03, 2017, 06:09:14 AM »
J-Town Disc Golf Club Meeting 45
1/9/17 5:00 PM
McDonalds – 4280 W Jefferson St, Joliet, IL 60431

1) Financials
2) Greater Joliet Bag Tags (Saturdays)
3) 2017 J-Town Ice Bowl
4) Member Reward Program
5) 2017 Club Invitational
6) Course Projects
7) Open Q&A
J-Town Disc Golf Club / Re: Meeting Minutes
« Last post by pooleje on December 08, 2016, 06:54:32 AM »
J-Town Disc Golf Club Meeting 44
McDonalds – 4280 W Jefferson St, Joliet, IL 60431
Meeting called to order: 5:06 pm

Members Present:
Shawn McCarthy
Kristi McCarthy
Ismael Ochoa
Jason Poole
Steve Rachan

1.   Financials (see attached)
●   151 Members
●   $1182 available for course projects
●   Chipper rental project canceled and reserved funds have been returned to course project fund

2.   Greater Joliet Bag Tags (Saturdays)
•   Avg 16 per week
•   Awards
o   Greater Joliet Bag Tags
   Points based on Scratch Score
   Funds to come from CTP fund

3.   2017 Ice Bowl
•   February 18, Trinity, non-sanctioned.
•   Bring your own partner, First round singles, Second round best shot
•   Cash payouts for all divisions
•   Fundraiser Raffle
•   Proposed Entry:
o   Men’s Open: $80 per team
o   Men’s Advanced: $60 per team
o   Men’s Recreational: $60 per team
o   Women’s Advanced: $40 per team
•   Tournament Director: Steve Rachan
•   Assistant Tournament Director: Jason Poole

4.   Open Q&A
•   Nothing presented.

Meeting adjourned, 6:06 pm

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