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Franks and Beans - Formerly Gibby and Grimes Handicap League

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--- Quote from: Flynnstone on March 04, 2013, 07:00:14 PM ---Yeah that is what I am referring to. This way I don't have to wait to first 3 weeks of leagues.

--- End quote ---

After getting responses from the officers, it will be sufficient to use the best 3 of your last 5 bag tag scores to get your handicap. That will go for anyone that doesn't have a rating and plays bag tags.

Based off of tournament and bag tag rounds, I have the following ratings available for Handicap Leagues.

Name     J-Town RatingElliot Ambrozich     869Joe Duncan     820Michael Flynn     852Mason Gibson     530Mike Gonzalez     885Tyler Gubser     876Jose Herrera     889Kristi McCarthy     710Garry Murphy     806Ismael Ochoa     872James Reid     829Cody Schmook     863Sy Spencer     838Eric Thortsen     738Derek Vane     795Chris Wright     872

Just a reminder to everyone, next J Town meeting is on July 8th. Come out and voice your opinions. Not to throw mud, but I want to play all of our great courses. I know of several players that refuse to come back to handicap after this change.

thanks JD! Looking forward to seeing you at the meeting next Monday and hopefully we can find a solution.  I am thinking something like a heads up with signs the Monday before or something to that effect.  One thing I wish I had on Saturday (at the ropes) was a printed map to the nearest course to hand out to casuals as an option to a full course with leagues.  We can all put our heads together and figure something out.. thanks for everything!

if ye shall ask....

I ask Jason if it would be possible to make the results for handicap's sort-able, so if one wanted to know who shot the hot round/ highest rating/ see lowest tag/ etc etc etc.. they were just a click away.

He made it possible  8) 

Please say thank you to Jason when you see him!! THANKS Jason!!!  ;D

(Just click on the headers of results to sort the particular columns)


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