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Re: Meeting Minutes
« Reply #30 on: August 04, 2014, 10:14:04 PM »
J-Town Disc Golf Club Meeting 30
Community Park, Channahon, IL
Meeting called to order:  5:00 PM

Members Present:
Dean Bingham
Jerimiah Bly
Frank Grimes
Dave Kociuba
Jason Poole
Shawn McCarthy

1) Financials (see attached)
   61 Members (56 PDGA Members)
   $837.34 Available for course projects.
   $57 added to Club Supply fund from the Ropes at the Oaks supply rental. Balance $95.63.

2) Handicap Singles League
   Average of 13 players per week in second session (13 sanctioned).
   Third session has been sanctioned to run from 8/5-9/30 (9 weeks).
3) J-Town Invitational
   Date changed to 8/23, Jason Poole-TD, ?-Assistant TD, Dellwood park.
   Kelly Murray has agreed to do paintings as trophies for us again this year.

4) Club Inventory
    See attached

5) Club Baskets
   Basket borrowing rules:
o   Members may borrow baskets free of charge provided they are returned in the same condition they are received.
o   Member must have a signed contract on file before being allowed to borrow a basket.
o   Borrower is responsible for the pick-up and return.
o   Event requests take priority over personal use.
o   Borrower will be allowed a 2 week minimum before the next personal request is fulfilled.
   Rules adopted 5-0.

6) Open Q&A
    Discount J-Town SuperColor Buzzz to $10, adjust split to 100% ice bowl fundraising.

Meeting adjourned, 5:38 PM
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