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Concrete Tees for Highland

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As some already know there is buzz about concrete tees for Highland. Some of the obvious hurdles are money & labor.
I'm helping Darrin & Jessie put a game plan together. Some of the tees will be difficult to get to. With  enough people we may do the difficult, not much is impossible, & certaintly not the hard to get tees at Highland,with enough help.
Get a hold of Darrin & give your level of experience in concrete. Depending on the game plan we may need strong backs. We could get a concrete pump truck but that's not cheap.
Lets see if we can get something going.

There is going to be a glow tourney to help raise money for these concrete tee pads.....  Also I think that if someone wants to sponsor a tee I am not sure on the costs of these tee's yet but if you are interested in sponsoring a Tee Pad respond to this post.  I am guessing something like 200 per hole will be the cost depending on deals.  Also I think Gary is going to have some fundraiser plastic for sale to help raise money as well.... These are just ideas and nothing is set in stone but keep your eyes open for all that will be coming..   These tee's would be a great add on before tourney's start coming to the area....

I'd be willing to help out when I have time off work.  :o

i would be willing to lend a hand with the labor and would suggest  a concrete buggy instead of pump truck its much cheaper  and just as fast

Aces and Chains:
My back is weak, and my expertise is small when it comes to concrete. I can, however, play gopher or whatever else needs to be done. I just can't safely lift more than 30lbs, and definitely not repeatedly.

I am, however, more than willing to pony up some cash to help get this done. I think Darrin already has me on his short list for this, but I wanted to respond to this post anyway to show support, and make sure my name is still on the list.

My personal wish is a concrete tee for hole 15, with a slight slope to the back to help the water flow off of it without creating a safety issue. (ie: slope to the front could be a safety issue, especially in the winter.) But, of course, this is probably the most difficult hole to put a concrete tee pad on.

With the recent news about Shorewood, I think it will be great to show the city of Joliet that we are committed to this sport and willing to improve the parks we play in thru our own time, effort, and money.



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