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2010 Club Challenge Roster

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Where: TBA Randall Oaks (West Dundee) and Black Bear (Hoffman Estates)
When: 3/28/09
Cost: Free
Who: Clubs will include DISContinuum, Fox Valley, J-Town, and SDGU.

J-Town Disc Golf Club is looking for club members to commit to this event.  Format will be 2 rounds of singles.  Members will be divided into 2 division with a 935 rating break point.  Best 5 finishing positions for each division per round will count towards the club total.  Lowest club total wins.

Please reply to this post (Name and Rating) if you want to play.  I will periodically update this post with our roster.

Over 935
PDGA     Name     Rating     34882     Nick Austin     955     26199     Eric Bassett     946     35296     Jon Boster     940     36149     Chris Brenholtz     966     39643     Kevin Hoffmann     941     24661     Ryan Hoffmann     935     32108     Bryan Marcotte     942     17714     Jason McKinney     986     22283     Ryan Schuman     952     35165     Lester Sloan     965     29292     Matt Travis     957    

Under 935
PDGA     Name     Rating     39740     Thor Batchelor     919     17861     Brian Bazan     914     17860     Roy Bazan     887     25362     Dean Bingham     933     40884     Jake Forrest     848     25183     Ray Hill     934     27353     Josh Knight     933     37119     Lauren Lakeberg     832     43298     Ken Loeffler     Unrated         Eric Neumann     Unrated     36796     Jason Riley     923     19774     Jason Poole     911     38513     Nate Winterstein     909    

Thor Batchelor   pdga # 39740
player rating 909

2010 DISContinuum Club Challenge

WHEN: March 28, 2010
WHERE: TBA Randall Oaks West Dundee &
 Black Bear Park Hoffman Estates
WHAT’S AT STAKE: Bragging rights and a SWEEET trophy.
Registration is at Randall Oaks in West Dundee. Registration runs from 8:00AM to 9:00AM Players meeting at 9:00AM with tee off to follow. The upper and lower pools will be split. One pool will travel Hoffman Estates for round 1.
Teams must pre-register. Final rosters are not required to pre-register.
Please contact Tom McManus at treasurer@discontinuum.org to register your team.
2 rounds of singles.  In order for your club to play you must have 15 members present at this event.   DISContinuum, Fox Valley Disc Golf Club, Streamwood Disc Golf Union, and J-Town Disc Golf Club are the four clubs that have automatic invites. Other criteria to play as a club:  established club, paid dues, bag tags, and/or an established website. There will be 2 divisions Open/Adv and Int/Rec. Any player with a rating >935 will play Open/Adv. All others will play /Int/Rec. Mike Krupicka will be the final judge on ratings. If a player doesn’t have a rating, he will play in the upper division.
Scoring will be similar to Cross Country scoring.  All players will be welcome as long as they are current members of one of the four clubs.

Special thanks to DISContinuum Disc Golf Club, Fox Valley Metro Disc Golf Club, and Streamwood Disc Golf Union
Contact Info:    www.Discontinuum.org  

Please make sure to post your rosters at www.Discontinuum.org.  A special thanks to Tony, Mike, and Brett for their help.

iM tRaViS:
Matt Travis And Budro Lee are going to play the upper division for j-town.

Just got the message.. Schuman is IN! Rating is 959 and I'll play over..


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