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Last of my Pro Worlds Star Katanas and some awesome looking Star Ontario Rocs


I don't normally like to spam the boards about my eBay store, but since I'm actually running some auctions for some cool discs, I thought I'd inform everyone since I'm expecting these to be gone by this time next week.


It's an ugly link, but it will show you all of my current auctions up there for about 15 or 16 Pro Worlds Star Katana - that's all that I have left.  Once sold, I have no more.

I also have 8 or 9 very uniquely colored Star Ontario Rocs available at auction.  They are from the 2009 Joliet Championships -and if you don't like the stamp just remove it.  They are VERY cool looking, for example:

That's not a dyed disc - that's what colors they put in the disc - really cool looking!

Thanks for checking out the auctions and supporting a local disc vendor,


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