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Keeping it Clean


I didn't play Channahon for a week or so and was expecting a mess of litter. I only picked a couple of cans.
Johnnie B. said he was doing his share of picking up & I'm sure others have also.
It's nice to see that! Way to go J-Town!!!

Aces and Chains:
Absolutely couldn't agree more Frank!

I think that is one of the great things about disc golfers. We actually care enough to pick up someone else's trash. There will always be people who are too lazy to cart their own trash out, but as long as there are players willing to pick up a little here and there, we can all play in a beautiful setting.

Jonny B:
Hey guys you never have to thank me for cleaning anything up at our courses...! I want them as nice as next...! thinking about arranging a Clean West Park day... Let me know if anyone is interested and i will try to arrange a date... cleaning leaves and dead sticks and twigs, misc... wold really like or us to have at least 20 ppl... we have a club of over 125 i shold be able to get 20 out there... please et me knw if ur interested... Thank you Guys!

Aces and Chains:
Count me in Jon. West Park was pretty disgusting when we were there for tags. You know my schedule and you have my number. Call me and I'll be there.



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