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Thanks for the hug Frank.  Cant wait to give it back.


I'm looking forward to it. He's a good man & I sympathize with him.

Frank got some disturbing news today regarding his health. I am asking for him if you could all offer up prayer.  Frank is a believer in the power of prayer and would appreciate your prayers and good thoughts. Thank You.

Paco what the heck is going on! Of course our prayers are with you. JoAnne told me to tell you if there is anything you need to let us know.

The note was posted to my family that I'm passing on. It came from my brother Steve, a doctor who lives in San Antonio. I received the news yesterday 04/19/10 shortly before playing golf with Randy Moore, (Sr.) I wasn't sure how private I wanted to be, or if it would be proper to post this on a message board.
I think of the disc golf community as my second family. There are many I have high regard for.

Talked to VA General Medicine doc this afternoon…Uncle Frank had gleason score of 8 on prostate biopsy.  That carries a higher rate of suspicion for aggressiveness of cancer.  There is a protocol they follow depending on gleason number.  This one has one where patient is sent to GU (genito-urinary subspecialty) clinic for workup (I think it includes colonoscopy). He has 30 Apr appt already for that clinic.  He also gets one with radiation oncology (that consult likewise was ordered today..he hasn’t gotten response yet for that one).  I suspect it should be in next several days.  After workup results for each of those clinics, they will have a better idea if there has been any spread of cancer and what final “stage” they will give it. Then recommendations can be made on what options for best course of treatment based on the stage.  I assume it will be a few weeks before that is established.


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