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This is reference to our winter league party.

Putting the album together is a huge warming to my heart. Thanks so much for all that signed it & Laureen for putting it together. I went through it several times this evening.
Just a little story. I saw that old man & mom signed it. That's Wilbur Wallis's Mom & Dad. The first time I met the old man, he was introduced as old man. I assumed his wife was the old lady & said hi old lady............ I never did that again, they politely chewed me out. She's Mom!
Thanks everyone, it means very much to me!
Another hug to you Laureen!


That is one nice album laureen put together for you, she deserves all the credit. That was vey nice of her to do that, Kind of nice for you to have a album of your course that you put so much time, heart and effort into. Keep up the good work on the course,  cant wait till hole 11 is done its looking nice. see you out there this week.


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