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J Town Disc Golf Club Meeting 5/10/10 6pm


J‐Town Disc golf Club Meeting  5
05/10/10 6:00 PM
Channahon Community Park
Channahon, IL

Members in Attendance:

1) Financials
a.   Member Count
b.   Member Funds Saved
c.   Member Funds Spent
d.   Future Purchases
        a.   Pencils for Saturday Tag Challenge
        b.   ??????
2) Club Logo Contest

a.   Contest Rules
        a.   Deadlines
                i.   Submission
                ii.   Voting
                iii.   Winner Announced
b.   Voting
c.   Number of Submissions

3) Club Challenge Review
4) Club Tournment

a.   Review of where we are at
b.   Sanctioning
a.   State Coordinator contacted and approved
b.   PDGA contacted
c.   Insurance
d.   Park Permit
e.   Score port
f.   Merchandise
5) Inner-Club Team Challenges (revisited)

a.   Divisions
b.   Captains
c.   Who’s running it and when

6) Member Comunication

a.   News Letter
b.   Email
c.   Snail Mail

7) Addressing Member Concerns and or Member Feedback

reminder that the meeting is tonight....

see you there!


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