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Channahon Upgrade


I was with the park superintendent, Pat Fox, Thursday & was asking about some things to upgrade relative to the course.
What I've wanted to do for some time is get #6  like #11, out of the water during wet times of the year. Being #4 & #11 are up it's creating more of a flooding problem. What I'd like to do is dig out a water hazard ( like on #2) in front of the basket. We need a machine to do that & he agreed.
I need to complete #11, hopefully we'll get dirt the week starting the week of 07/11/10. I'd like to start #6 after the Channahon Classic.

you just need about 20 shovels  and a few good hands to dig a trench in front of the hole let me know if you need a hand, got shovel will dig

The park has a machine we'll do that with. I with keep you in mind for that kind of work.


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