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Found Champ Valkyrie- Highland Park (about a month ago)


Sorry this took so long to post (I just found out about this website). I found a Champion Valkyrie on # 3 or 4 at Highland about a month ago. This disc has aced #15 at shorewood on 7-15-09. Cory C (35281) & Jason R (36796) are also written on this disc. Shoot me an email and we can figure out how to get this disc back to it's home.


If you come to league tonight both of these guys will be there. We're at West Park playing the short tees with a 5:30 pm start.

here are both those guys numbers.. im sure they would be greatful to hear about their disc..   

Jason- 1.815.666.8344

Cory- 1.815.347.6776


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