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I  deleted the post looking for Jon's #, I have it now. I want to point out people in desperate situations do desperate things.  He wants to make right his mistakes & I think he will. I have some work his willing to do, with that he wants to make right with the disc golf comunity.
I bought some of the other things that he was accused of that may be false. I'm hearing people want to hang him without a trial.
Let's try to help him not hang him. If you don't agree let me know of the address of the glass house you live in.

The point is that he is publicly spending money in the disc golf communities face (tournaments, even if he has a "sponsor", I'm sure all expenses were paid...not:-\, extra-curriculars) when he should be a little more conservative with his money seeing that he knows and has said countless times in many different ways that he wants to make it right.  Within that first week or two, he has told people that he had the money, but would make the excuse that he didn't have it on him.  I have known people like him in my life and have been burned by people like him.  He puts on a face when needed to avoid confrontation.  I do not have sympathy for people that bring it on themselves.

And he is trying to sell his J-Town Bag Tag.  You know where that money would go.  I'm sure he has said that he was doing it for the convenience of getting a new member and would get another one from Cory.  The point is that he is not authorized to be selling memberships.

You may be right. I've known people in both situations. I'm giving him a chance to make things right with Mick. I'll see what he's made of & we'll see. I have no idea where he is financial, or what his expenses are. I need the help & he said he need the work.


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