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Aces and Chains:
Has anyone ever found a lost disc of yours? What is the accepted etiquette for that situation?

I'm asking because I saw an exchange between two disc golfers in front of my table the other day. One golfer saw that the other one had one of his lost discs. He was polite about pointing out that it was his, and then he took it back. (He didn't ask for it back, he just took it.)

My problem with this is that I didn't hear him even say thank you. Granted, the other golfer didn't come forward with the disc. But, it is my contention that we should be encouraging golfers to return discs in a positive way. For my part, when a disc gets returned to me, I offer up any disc in my used bin, or in my personal stash of unused discs that I keep in my trunk. I feel this is a win-win because I get my prized disc back, while they get to choose from a bunch of used discs in return. Usually, the other golfer finds a disc they prefer over the one they are returning to me anyway. This costs me almost nothing, and it encourages those golfers honest enough to do so to continue returning lost discs.

Please keep in mind when this situation comes up that "your" lost disc isn't really yours anymore. You lost it. They found it. We all know that saying.

I've overheard a LOT of golfers talking about what they would do to a person they caught carrying a disc they lost. Please adjust your attitude so that we can encourage people to come forward and return lost discs to their original owners.

I'm open to a discussion with anyone who feels I am wrong.....

Funny that I see this.  I am the one that lost the disc.  To clarify, I did thank the guy that had it.  I also said to the guy that it was funny that I had a bag full of discs that are marked just like the one he found.  I may have been a little miffed at the guy as well seeing that he and his partner came pretty close to hitting myself and my parter as we were looking for the lost disc.  Also, it seemed pretty odd that this guy found this disc, had it at your table and was looking at your used discs.  This tells me he was planning on trying to trade you.  Well, this disc is plainly marked with my email and a big thanks.  To me the right way would have been to at least try the email addy.  Now, my question is would you have traded this guy or would you have suggested he try the email?

Aces and Chains:
Well, I'm glad you thanked him. I missed that....my apologies.

I'm sure he was planning on trading it in. That happens all the time. And, to answer your question to me, I would have taken it in trade. I do, however, return discs to people from my bin when I can. Especially when I know the person trading it in is not the person on the disc, though that is tough to determine sometimes. I have been known to call the number on a disc just to see if the person wants it back. I have returned about half a dozen discs this way, including one worth about $50.

I agree with you that he should have tried the email addy. I know I always do.

And, just to be clear, this was not a post that was meant to be directed at you. I was just using the most recent example in my memory to make my point.

I certainly don't want to make this post about you. I want EVERYONE to think about how they view lost discs, both those that get returned to you, and those that you find. And I stand by my statement that if a player loses a disc, it no longer belongs to them. They do not have a right to demand it back if the person does not want to give it up. And they certainly don't have the right to beat someone up over it (I have overheard threats regarding lost discs in the past.)

On the other hand, I would hope that all players feel some obligation to return a lost disc whenever possible. If the players name and phone number is on it, there is no excuse not to try.

I'm glad you responded and I'm really glad you thanked the guy. That is so important. Anything we can all do to encourage positive behavior in the disc golf community is a plus. And once again, sorry I didn't hear that, and sorry I used you as an example.

Bald Eagle:
We are the lost & found for Fox Valley Metro Disc Golf Club.  Members find disc of other members & the disc get turned into us.  The disc sit in the van till members come and get them.  Blaine always gives a disc to people to get a lost disc back.  He also keeps a box of disc in the van to hand out to people that are playing that look new to the game usually dads with there kids.


Aces and Chains:

I have personally experienced the lost and found that you and Blaine run. Got back one of my prized discs just before the last tournament at Oswego. Thanks again!

For those of you who don't know them, Blaine and Christie are fantastic people. When I caught up with them to get my disc, they were busy helping out the TD to get the course ready for the tournament. Both of them are super nice people!


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