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Gary Lewis Achievement Award

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The 2010 Gary Lewis Achievement Award nomination process starts now until September 1. Please submit one person’s name from the Joliet area that best fits the awards description below for the 2010 year. You can either respond to this message, personal message me or email me at with your nominee’s name. We will also have slips next week at Wednesday’s doubles league if you want to fill one out instead. We will than vote on the nominees, but if one person is overwhelming selected during the nomination process we will than pick that person as the 2010 Gary Lewis Achievement Award winner. If not the vote will decide the winner. This is a prestigious award that all of us should be honored to receive so please make sure you follow through with this process and nominate someone. The JTown area is loaded with deserving nominees.

Gary Lewis Achievement Award

Ultimate Ambassador to the Joliet Area Disc Golf Community

Tireless pioneer who through hard work consistently leads the sport of disc golf into a positive direction we love and call our own.

Inspiring role model who has devoted his blood, sweat and tears to help build a foundation to provide generations of disc golfers opportunities to compete, grow, and learn.

Disc golf icon and visionary leader who, through his generosity, humility and determination helped construct a united disc golf community that regardless of age, ethnic background, educational or economic level we are all honored to say we belong to

very cool Jesse.. THANKS for doing this! I have a lot people in mind.. we are fortunate to have a lot of people this award describes.  email coming

And the Nominees Keep Coming! Get yours in before September 1.

At 9:05 am August 23, there are 12 guests and 4 users online. Get your asses voting. Send me your nomination votes now.

There’s only a day and a half left for the nomination process. Please get your picks in asap.


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