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does anyone have or know someone that has a metal detector i lost my key to my car at channy and need a metal  detector to find or it will cost me close to 400 for the new key.

you just lost a key.. thats it. not a key chain or anything.?  have any idea around which area of the course?

I have one. I'll be at Trinity Links tonight for leagues if you want it. I'll bring it. It's brand new and I only used this model 4 or 5 times. It should do the trick.

                                  Randy Sr.

if u would not mind letting me use it if you go to leagues tommorrow bring it with and ill grab it then.

yes ben i lost just a single key i was teeing off at hole one and ran back to hole 17 to  get my cigs i left behind.  i ran through the tall grass next to hole one i looked every where else but need a metal detector to look in the long grass


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