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Best Players In Illinois When You Started

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What Illinois players were you blown away by how good their skill level was when you first started playing casually or playing tournaments?   
In no particular order here’s my top six.

1. Bob Ryan
2. Scott Martin
3. Phil Arthur
4. Alex  “Rifleman” Bingman
5. Tim Martin
6. Joe “Flash” Fleischauer - I’ve never seen anyone throw as far as Joe. He would anhyzer the whole length of hole 9 at Channahon with a Roc and blow past the basket. Only the trees behind the basket would stop the disc.   


Joe is a bomber! Just overthrew #16s basket at Eagle Ridge Wednesday. He also shot two rounds at -6 with no bogies in both those rounds! He tore me up on my home turf. Good shooting Joe! We missed Franks presence as he is a busy busy man. See you next time Frank!


Flash can throw. We played at Highland & on #9, I through twice & was still short of his drive, about a foot. Now everyone knows I don't have any D, but I threw 3 times! I didn't hit anything either! I remember him before he got hurt & after 4 years & big time struggle he's coming around.
 He throws so smooth & effortless. Flash gets my vote!!!

Thanks for those kind words fellas.
I can remember going to Westpark every day as a kid, i grew up only 6 blocks away. One day out of the blue sometime around 1979 i think baskets started popping up at the park. I can remember saying to some friends, what the hell are those things. I thought the park put them there for birds to hang out on. Then i saw some people throwing frisbees at those baskets. These things weren't for birds, well in a way they were if you could throw a 110 gram world class frisbee from k-mart far enough to make a duece. Soon after i got a frisbee from k-mart and started playing every day, i was hooked from day one. Then i met some of the old pioneers from the sport, guys like Gary Lewis, Paul McCallister, Steve Matul, Phil Corrigan, The late Dennis Flatt, Brian Cummings, and Bob Ryan, and many others too many to list.(never thought i would lose my memory but 30 years ago can do that) Those guys all had different styles but they were some of the best i can remember when i started. They all had a very positive effect on me playing disc golf as well as the growth that we see today in the Joliet area. Thank you fellow Disc Golf Pioneers, if not for them and all the new guys that continue to keep the Joliet area one of the best places to play we would not have what we have today in J-Town.

Jesse, its Alex Bingman.  I am Bingham. :)


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