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Blue glo buzz


lost a blue glo buzz on hole 7 some ass contacted me on facebook to tell me they found it, but then deleted there acct. so if n e one sees some one throwing my blue glo buzz take that shit n give them a punch in the face

Aces and Chains:
Sorry Barcas, but this is exactly what I disagree with when it comes to lost discs. Instead of offering a "punch in the face" for not returning it, how about offering a reward for it's return?

So many discs get lost and never returned. We need to encourage players to return discs.

Assuming that they kept it on purpose and threatening them with bodily harm is probably not going to be constructive.

If I see someone on the course with your disc, I will offer them one of mine in return and then I'll track you down to give it back to you. Now, if someone comes up to me and punches me in the face, I'm going to owe you the same in return.    ;)

no its just the way they went about it didnt contact me to see if i would give a reward, he just basicly told me thanks for the disc and thats it in a asshole type of way

Aces and Chains:
Hey DP,

I take it all back man. That's pretty crappy. Nothing like taunting you with your lost disc to add insult to injury right?


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