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Lost at channy

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I lost my blue first run boss yesterday on hole 1. i shot from the practice tee.. ( i know were not supposed to, but its my favorite shot) and i forgot to pick it up.. it was in a very easy spot seeing i got all my other discs.. but i guess i left one behind.. im not sure if my name is on it yet either. i just started throwin it.  if anyone found it, or does find it, ill gladly give a reward..

-Ben Carrescia

Could be Karma my friend...not supposed to tee from there??  You knew that and did anyway??  HMMMMMM...maybe it will never be found!

Check on the side of the bathroom building.  Was it a dyed disc?  Someone almost hit me in the back of the head.

no.. that was tyler. mine was a normal shot. didnt put alot on it. wasnt tryin to bomb it. just forgot to pick it up.

Lost a orange Destroyer with a Channy stamp on hole 1 in the Ice Bowl. Has a Gary Lewis autograph on it. Need it bad. Return for reward. Thanks!


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