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Hello Everyone --

I was approached by Candy Cassetto, Executive Director of Illinois Valley Industries in Morris.  IVI is a series of programs available to the developmentally challenged youth and adults in our area.

A few years ago, a scout looking to attain his eagle scout status, hand made several disc golf basket as his community service, to make a long story longer...

She saw my truck which has numerous disc golf stickers on it, she asked who was into disc golf...when I told her that I was, she asked if there was a group in the area, and if there was if anyone would be willing to do a "lesson" for her group.  She also explained that she would like to get disc golf into the Special Olympics.

So, J-towners, anyone interested??  Thinking maybe Patrick??  I would certainly help with anything and offer assistance in any way possible, just don't think I'd be able to take care of all of it myself (particularly the teaching part!!)

This could be something really cool and could help in the effort to get a course in Morris!!

Whaddya think??



Kevin Schramm


I would definitely get in contact with Gary Lewis. I know he has done several similar things in the past.

Jason McKinney

Aces and Chains:

Jon and I did one of these clinics recently, and it went over very well. I would be more than happy to help out.

Vibram also sent me a box of putters to give away at the clinic, and quite frankly, they sent me way too many! Lol. So, I have extras that we can give away at any future clinic. I also have a number of DX drivers set aside now for that purpose that the participants can borrow for the duration of the clinic. They are gazelles, cheetahs, and 150 valks.

Shoot me an email at and we can talk more about it.

What's the time frame Kev? My heart is else where but I may be able to help.

Not sure yet, Frank...I can't seem to reach the director, we keep playing phone tag!  I'll post it here when I learn more!


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