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Fund Raising for Channahon


Thor's glow golf fund raiser for concrete tees make me think what I can do for funds at Channahon. Watching him tonight made me put myself in his position. I'm sure i could do it, but it's way out of my comfort zone.
To give an example that may appear insignificant, as far as end result, I have $142.00 with material, painting J-Town on #4. The club would refund my total cost but I'm only asking for $75.00 for the two gallons of stain. Thirty dollars was my mistake for picking the wrong colors. That's just one example.
I'm lookig for input. One thought I had is raffle tickets. They would accumulate over a certain dollar amount, & then be raffled. Another thought is having  a fund raiser tournament. I'm looking for suggestion.

 I am in the middle of building you a donation box to put up at channy, It will be mad of thick steal with 2 locks that only you have the key for. it will have to be welded to a steal pole by hole 1. I hope by putting this in that everybody could atleast through a dollar each in, which on a good day should give you 50 Dollars. see if the park will let you put it in, since all the money would go back into the course and to pay you for some of the work you do around there.

Will do DP! I would like to talk to them personally & that may not happen until Friday. Thanks Dr. Pepper!

just give me a call and let me know what happens, i might be able to get the steel pole to weld it to.


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