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Ice/Snow Tees at Channahon


I was working on the tees yesterday. What we have is light snow on top, crunchy snow in the middle & ice on the bottom. I was thinking about working on them after league today. I realize snow is in the foecast this week & I'll deal with that as needed.

   I shoveled off tees 1-12 today, i couldnt  find the calcium chloride that you use, so i just shoveled them off, there are some that are still icy, so bringf your yak traks

Thanks Ryan. I don't want you to put anything on the tees, so I'm glad you didn't find anything. I already posted something about bringing yak trax & that my goal had changed to just getting the snow off the tees & not the ice. I posted it last night in courses, a reply to Jacob. I'd prefer you work with me. We have a different standard. I'll talk to you more tomorrow.


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