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Expiration Warning!
By MembershipsManager  |  Dec 30, 2010

We interrupt your disc golf day-dreaming with the following report:

The Professional Disc Golf Association has issued a Membership Expiration Warning scheduled to hit your area on December 31st. Those in the path of this warning should seek immediate assistance by calling 888-840-PDGA(7342) or renewing online.

A Membership Expiration Warning means an expiration date has been spotted. It will continue to threaten your stats, points, scheduled DiscGolfer delivery dates and keep you from competing in SuperTours, National Elite Tour Series and Majors until a renewal is submitted.

Only YOU can prevent Membership Expiration Warnings. Renew or join today!

We thank you in advance for your support in 2011 and look forward to serving you again.

Club members can get a $5 discount on PDGA Memberships.  Just follow the link for details.


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