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Raffle Tickets
« on: January 21, 2011, 09:53:27 PM »
To date it seems I'm the lone ranger in getting donations for the Ice Bowl. Last year we had CTP's as a bonus n/c. This is a fundraiser for an organization that's helped people in our community for over 100 years. It's life blood depends on local donations.
Everything I've collected will be raffled, with a $100.00 Grand Prize. I discussed this with Thor & he agrees. We feel that winning something is a bonus. My effort for this event started Thanksgiving, my son reminded me. I've driven countless miles & spent as many hours, not only to promote our club, but for a worthy cause. It will give you a better chance to win something in the raffle. It's around 40 right now. For those of you that disagree, beat the bushes, your efforts can be ctps.
I want to give kudos to Dave K. & Scott Coyne. They overheard me asking for support, & came up to me & donated. Others like Matt Coyne & Shawn Harmon are always there, always. I'm disappointed in some & if the shoe fits, wear it. If you don't believe in the cause, believe in the club!!!
Well.............that's two hours of my life!
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