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Starting Saturday 12/5/09, the J-Town Discgolf club will be hosting weekly bag tag challenges.  The schedule will follow the current winter league schedule, every Saturday at 10am.
12/5/09- Lockport
12/12/09- Shorewood
12/19/09- Channahon
A club officer will be running each challenge.  We are looking for a volunteer to run these challenges.  Please contact an officer if you are interested.
Tag challenges are free to play with an optional $1 ace fund.

what would the volunteer be doing.. and will you have ctp's or blind birdies??


--- Quote from: Thor on December 01, 2009, 02:46:15 PM ---what would the volunteer be doing.. and will you have ctp's or blind birdies??

--- End quote ---
The volunteer would collect the tags and mark down the names, tag numbers, and collect the ace money.  At the end of the round, they would sort the tags based on score and redistribute tags.  At this point we were only planning on having an ace fund, however, if people wanted to do a blind birdie or ctp we could add those as options.

Bag Tag.
Tag #2 was won today, 12/01/09, by Randy Moore Sr.
He's been hot the last couple of weeks, winning the last two tournaments & getting #2 JTown tag.

Course:  Lockport
Tees:  Longs except 7,10,17
Date:  12/5/09

Name     Tag In     Score     Tag OutDean Bingham     23     50     1Allen Hermosillo     1     52     3Matt Coyne     3     53     6Jimmy MacDonald     6     55     9Gary Grossnickle     9     55     23Jason Poole     46     58     46Bryan Marcotte     68     58     59Frank Grimes     59     65     68
$4 in Ace money rolling over to Shorewood 12/12/09 10 am


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