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--- Quote from: Goforit on May 11, 2012, 03:43:22 AM ---Thanks for your help at Eagle Ridge Frankie! Would hate to see what that Park would look like without you. Words can't describe how much I appreciate that Frank. Lot's of good kudos last night at handicaps for you my Brother..... :)

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You're welcome my brother! I love seeing your energy & spirit pick up when we're at your house, working. There are many good people out there also, so it's my pleasure. We've got the bench to do on #3 in the next two weeks.  ;D

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Paco are you cheating on us again?

Your work is always amazing!

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That's funny Jesse & put a smile on my face, actually I chuckled. There's a story behind this, but you have to keep it to yourself,  our secret. I realize Oswego is not even in Will County & has a different area code. I responded to a help the handicap ad. It was something like one handed man full of energy needs to keep busy. I responded & huh, Randy Moore Sr. showed up & that's the rest of the story.  :)
When I take a break, this guy walks around me, like he's stalking me. Kind of scary. I didn't dare ask about his hair! He hasn't bit me or yelled. I'll keep you posted

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Frankie you are hilarious!



Come out to Eagle Ridge in Oswego to play the Oswego Open today and Sunday. Frank Grimes put some of his quality work together just for all you disc golfers to enjoy. Frank is one special man and I hope you all come out to play. Love you Frankie!!

The benches are great! Thank you Frank.


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