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Smoking has been banned during competition at both the 2011 PDGA Professional and Amateur Disc Golf World Championships. Players will not be permitted to smoke from the start of play until the player’s scorecard has been submitted. Smoking of any kind during competition could result in immediate disqualification and further disciplinary action as stated in the PDGA Competition Manual, Section 3.3 Player Misconduct.

After many months of contemplation, In January 2011 the PDGA Board made the decision to restrict smoking during both the 2011 PDGA Pro World Championships in Santa Cruz CA and the 2011 PDGA Amateur & Junior World Championships in Rochester NY. The Board was well aware of the potential ramifications of this decision and how others have addressed this issue, and this board (as has past boards) debated this issue for some time before making this decision for 2011.The board has not made any decisions on a long term smoking policy for our major events. With the 2011 PDGA Pro Worlds in Santa Cruz requiring a smoking ban due to the drought conditions in California, the Board felt this was the opportune time to test the waters on the impact of a smoking ban at our two (2) most visible and public events – the PDGA World Championships.

We will evaluate the effects of this policy for the future at our 2011 Fall Summit, and we welcome your comments and suggestions.


Dave “Nez” Nesbitt

PDGA Commissioner & Board President

Great rule. Wish it was PDGA wide! Cigarette butts are sickening.

I read that on the PDGA website & it freaked me out! The problem I have with that rule is more & more of our rights are taken away. The government is trying to tell us what to eat, what light bulbs to buy, what cars to drive. Now the PDGA board! There is a rule & it's called a courtesy violation to deal with cigarettes butts. I don't smoke & cigarette smoke makes me gag. I believe in freedom! I strongly disapprove of this rule.

Obesity in our children today is running rampant. Love taking pop out of schools and making healthier meals for the kids!  But if a child wants to eat unhealthy they can still pack a lunch full of fat if they want. Obesity will skyrocket health insurance in the future. So out of control. Should of done that years ago. You can buy any light bulb you want still but only makes sense to save money and the earth.  You can still buy any car you want. Nobody can force you to buy any car. And coutesy rules won't clean up the butts and keep the smoke away from the people who don't want their lungs full of cancer. If you can play a round without drinking it's pretty safe to say you can play a round without smoking. I love this free country of ours!!!

.. so far, i am for and against this.. obviously, i smoke, so its gonna change the way i feel about it.. but its for the good and for the bad.. cigarette butts do make a course look bad.. they smell, and they are everywhere.. but thats from the people who dont care.. its not too hard to keep ur cig butt in ur dg bag.. thats what i do after i smoke.. and then i empty my bag after.. just dont be rude and throw em on the ground.. top pros like climo and feldberg smoke.. i just dont understand the ppl who complain about the smoke.. ppl smoke everywhere.. just dont stand by someone who is smoking. 


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