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Author Topic: International Disc Golf Center in Appling Georgia  (Read 977 times)


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International Disc Golf Center in Appling Georgia
« on: May 04, 2011, 09:07:28 AM »
Ed Headrick, Jim Warner, WR Jackson.

3 of the best disc golf courses I have ever played. If you get a chance go there you will be satisfied. They have everything a course can offer. All are very wooded with narrow fairways and lots of elevation. Lots of par fours and a few par 5s on every course. This tournament was very special for me because I got to meet some of the best players in the World and meet some disc golf Hall of Famers. One Hall of Famer that stuck out was PDGA member #3 Dan Stork Roddick. He was instrumental in helping Steady Ed jump start this game into tournaments. He worked for Whammo and helped with the transition. He gave a great speech at the players meeting that brought tears to my eyes. He said if the mail wasn't so slow he could of had a lower PDGA number lol. The winner Dave Felberg was there on Wednesday the same day I arrived. Him and some other great players signed a disc for our 6th annual Ice Bowl. I wanted to buy some Destroyers from Avery Jenkins but he refused to sell them to me and just signed them and gave them to me. Awesome guy. All the pros were very nice. We stayed in Augusta to try and check out the Augusta National Golf Course where the Masters is played and got about 30 feet in the gate before we were swarmed by security. They said this is a VERY private course and to turn around and get out. We took a picture of Magnolia Lane and got out. They didn't like that at all. Augusta was a dissapointment. Didn't realize the amount of poor people who live there. They are the 18th most illiterate City in the United States. North Augusta, which is in South Carolina was much better. Rented a nice black Toyota Camry with only 48 miles on it for the trip and I was glad I bought their insurance for it! We went right through a tornado on the way and quarter size hail dented and chipped up the whole car. Damage was really bad. We were so lucky to survive that storm. Beside that and cornering a copper head snake we had a blast! The south is not for me. Hospitality was not good. Those courses were top of the line and it's the Home of every PDGA member. Should of stayed in the bad old man division because I would have taken fourth place instead of eleventh but I was glad to cash.
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Re: International Disc Golf Center in Appling Georgia
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2011, 10:40:13 PM »
Very nice Randy, but don't forget to tell everyone that your the new alligator hunter. Randy went in about 2 feet of water for a valkrie, into waters that house gators. You da man Randy, a crazy man..