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Bald Eagle:
*The Fall/Winter league will start Saturday October 31st at 9 am and runs till April 10th 2010..

*Random draw doubles - one division only (4 points awarded for 1st place, 3 for 2nd, 2 for 3rd, everyone else receives 1 point)

*Payout:  1st, 2nd, and 3rd  (depending on turnout).

*There will be 4 trophies awarded at the Fall/Winter league party In April. 1st, 2nd, 3rd place in points and a fourth trophy for best attendance.

*$5.00  entry fee. 
*There will be a $1 extra charge for non-members (money goes towards Eagle Ridge concrete fund for the longs).

* 2 each 50/50 $2.00 CTP's (1 goes towards concrete & 1 towards trophy/party fund)

*$1.00 Ace fund:  #1 = $100.00/ #2 = $66.00 (pots built in $50. increments)

****Schedule subject to change (due to course conditions, club challenge date, & Ice Bowl date TBD).****


October 31st  Oswego - Eagle Ridge



November  14th  Oswego - Eagle Ridge

November 21st  Aurora - Jericho Lake

November 28th  Oswego - Eagle Ridge 

December 5th  Aurora - Jericho Lake

December 12th  Oswego - Eagle Ridge

December 19th  Aurora - Jericho Lake

December 26th  Oswego - Eagle Ridge 

January 2nd  Aurora - Jericho Lake

January 9th  Oswego - Eagle Ridge

January 16th  Aurora - Jericho Lake

January 23rd  Oswego - Eagle Ridge

January 30th  Aurora - Jericho Lake 

February 6th  Oswego - Eagle Ridge

February 13th  Aurora - Jericho Lake  ICE BOWL TOURNAMENT (no dbls.league)

February 20th  Oswego - Eagle Ridge

February 27th  Aurora - Jericho Lake

March 6th  Oswego - Eagle Ridge

March 13th  Aurora - Jericho Lake

March 20th  Oswego - Eagle Ridge

March 27th  Aurora - Jericho Lake

April 3rd  Oswego - Eagle Ridge

April 10th  Aurora - Jericho Lake


Bald Eagle:

Club information from Doubles league & bag tag challenge.    LONG TEES ARE MOVING ALONG AT EAGLE RIDGE....STONE IS IN &  COMPACTED.

 Re: 2009/2010 Fall/Winter League
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Played Jericho Lake, even holes longs, odd holes shorts. 

PLAYERS NAME                                SCORE                   POINTS

George Maltsiniotis/Glenn Gruenke        -10                     4

Ray Esquivel/Randy Murphy                   -9                      3

Ron Miller/Tyler Williams                        -8                      2

everyone else receives 1 point each

Jason Gordon/Mike Esquivel                   -6

Randy Moore Sr./Blaine Schepp             -6

Luigie Noe/Frank Pierce                         -5

Joe Pearson/Steve Owens                      -3

Rocky Owens/Scott Pitner                      -1

50/50 ctp hole #10 ($9.00) won by Sr.
50/50 ctp hole #13 ($11.00) won by George

$9.00 added to the party fund = $61.00

$11. + $1non member added to concrete $763.33 + $4.00 from Sunday 12/6 = $767.33

$14 added to the ace pool (#1 = $143.00 / #2 = $100.00)

Members that renewed their membership this weekend:

Dylan Lhotak
Jake Rieser
Glenn Gruenke
Randy Moore Sr.
Tom McManus

 Re: Bag Tag Challenge Every Sunday @ 9 am at Eagle Ridge
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Sunday 12-6-09 bag tag challenge @ Eagle.

PLAYERS NAME                   SCORE             BEGIN TAG          END TAG

Travis Lhotak                       -5                    6                        6

Randy Moore Sr.                  -4                    36                      36

EJ                                       -1                    didn't have a tag

Blaine Schepp                      par                  42                      42

Glenn Gruenke                     par                  56                      46

Dylan Lhotak                        +4                  46                       56

Kyle Chapman                      +7                  55                       55 (mistake, should have gone to Dylan)

Blaine won the 50/50 ctp on hole #1 ($4.00)

$4.00 was added to the ace pool (#1 = $104.00 / #2 = $100.00)

$4.00 was added to the concrete tee fund = $767.33

Bald Eagle:
Weekend update from leagues & bag tag challenge.

Re: 2009/2010 Fall/Winter League
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Eagle Ridge (all shorts) 11 players

PLAYERS NAME                           SCORE               POINTS

Markie Esquivel/Ronald Bieberitz       -8                   4 points

Jason Gordon (CALI)                        -7                   3 points

Blaine Schepp/Glenn Gruenke          -5                    2 points

everyone else receives 1 point each

Wes Lindquist/Jason Poole                -3

Benton Lindquist/Leif Johanson          -1

Dag Grada/Jess Esquivel                  +1

50/50 CTP hole #10 ($8.00) won by Blaine Schepp

50/50 CTP hole #11  ($8.00) won by Jason Gordon

1st place split $40.00
2nd place took home $14.00

$11.00 added to ace fund = #1 = $150.00 / #2 = $104.00

$4.00 non member + $8.00 ctp ($12.00) added to concrete = $779.33

$8.00 added to party fund + $1.00 from cali ($9.00) = $70.00

Renewed membership:  Duian Altepeter


 Re: Bag Tag Challenge Every Sunday @ 9 am at Eagle Ridge
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PLAYERS NAME                    SCORE               BEGIN TAG    END TAG

EJ                                       -2                     38                   12

KYLE CHAPMAN                    -1                     55                   21

BLAINE SCHEPP                  +3                     42                   31

STEVE OWENS                    +6                     12                   37

MAX LARSEN                      +8                      37                  38

ROBBY HARTMAN                DNF                    21                  42

JAKE RIESER                      DNF                    31                  55

$2.00 ADDED TO ACE POOL #1 = $106.00 / #2 = $100.00


Hey all, it is once again approaching fast, the Jericho Lake Ice Bowl! In it's fourth year, we are looking to surpass everything we have done in the past from sponsorship, to money donated, to player joining in on the fun. Come be a part of it all!

Pretty much everything will remain the same as the other years, with the exception that mulligans will once again be for sale all day long.
With over 60 sponsors, the goodies just for coming out to play are going to be there for the picking! Come and get some!!!

Everyone will recieve an Ice Bowl mini in their players pack along with some Jel-Sert items as well.
There will be, as always, free hot lunch served as well as a putting contest and multiple CTPs throughout the day.
Also available will be raffle tickets available for $1 that will get you chance to win some of the bigger ticket items such as a laser autographed Bears football, and a cubs jersey, just to name a few.
Mulligans will be on sale for $2 each or 3 for $5 ALL DAY LONG.
So make sure you put this date on your calendar! You don't wanna miss this one!
For the first 25 people to preregister (http://www.paperorplasticsports.com/),  your name will be entered into a drawing for an autograph from ADAM BURISH of the Chicago Blackhawks along with a set of hand warmers. Get yourself preregistered!

For some more specifics on both registration prices, times, etc. check outhttp://foxvalleymetrodiscgolfclub.com/new/event-icebowl-2010 and http://foxvalleymetrodiscgolfclub.com/forum/index.php?topic=1403.0.

Hope to see a lot of faces there!

It's great to see J-Town on the Ice Bowl list!

Bald Eagle:
Reaching out to all my Hibernating friends.  Appreciate the cancellation of Tag's to free people up for the Fund raiser for the Hesed  AKA 4th Annual Jericho Lake Ice Bowl.  Chili and brothership is what I can offer.  I personally will guarantee a good time and the way you gentlemean throw Ace pots and Prizes are assured.  Leaving the light on for our extended Family down south.  Looking forward to making you at home!  Blaine Schepp.

Blaine Schepp  (Bald Eagle)


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