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29th illinois state championship?

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NiNja SteVe:
hey whats up guys, i would like to sign up for the tourny, but there is not an online registration up yet on the pdga site. im coming from california, and i would like to play open. any info on how, or when i can get in would be helpfull. thanks.  steve sydock #37450


Sign-up through the PDGA will be open sometime this week. If you need more information contact me.

TD Jesse Saenz
Home - 630-759-6818   
Cell - 630-312-9477   
email - disc71@comcast.net

It's great your coming out Steve. I'm curious to what makes you want to play Illinois State coming from California?  Did you live in the area at one time, have friends here? Like I said, just curious. It's a challenging course.

NiNja SteVe:
im originally from chicago, but ive been in cali for 5 years. didnt start playing golf till i moved out here, but im planning on moving back so i want to see what the disc golf is like back home. only been to one park in  illinois, it was summit park. nice tight and technical shots.

Aces and Chains:
Highland is a tough course Steve, but Jesse and the J-town boys run a quality tournament. Probably the best in the area. See you there.


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