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dyed LS discs boss


hey everyone... someone stole my dyed champ boss at highland park on hole nine... I put it out just past the trees and the car stopped and grabbed it and drove off... I tried to throw a rock at the car but I was about 200 feet short... should have thrown a disc.... If anyone sees a blue blazer extreme or knows who is a disc golfer and drives this blazer let me know.. I would like to talk to this person... I will give someone ten bucks for this disc back.. thanks

...that blue blazer has been seen so many times taking discs from people on that hole.. and at west park.

I saw we get together and find this scum bag..... and the next time you play glo call me.. I am always down.. have the cops bothered you at all

No, one came up to us at west when we were throwin on 21.. just asked us how the hell we see the basket all the way down there, and how we dont lose our frisbees.. then he said he didnt care cuz he knows we werent the ppl trashing the courses.. so he just said be careful and courteous and he didnt care.


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