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Lookie what I found listed on Ebay:


Nope, not mine, if I had this I would NOT be selling it!

Just thought it is a neat piece of J town disc golf history...

Does anyone have one??

I saw your post & called Phil. Wrong Way (Phil Corrigan) has one or two. I didn't ask how many, but still throws them. Throwing Wham-os is old school. Good find Kev, but he said I don't buy discs. Do you think someone who throws wham-o discs today has some history? He would battle Gary in that department. For a refresher, Phil picked up Ed Headrick at the airport, founder of disc golf. FYI, Ed passed away a few years ago, heart attack.  I think it was at World's in Miami, Florida. I remember Paul taking it pretty hard.  A little history Patrick. 

Hey Frank --

Yeah, I had some midnight flyers myself when I started playing...In fact, adding my own bit of history...back in '79 and '80 I was the Illinois State Jr. Frisbee Champion...Not in disc golf, but in a variety of throws, catches, distance and accuracy events...anyway, to make a long story longer, as a result of that, Whammo invited me to the grand opening of Channahon when it first opened...as I recall, the layout is altogether different from when it first opened!  And, correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't it start at as a 9 hole course??

As for this disc, I put 3 offers on it and all were turned down!  I think 40 bucks is a little steep, but it would be cool to have in the collection!

if gary would like this let me know

safely in my possession


so it says west park 1979 est .

ill try to reach out to gary but i will be at west park on sunday for the T on the 28th



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