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Manhattan, IL--Round Barn Disc Golf Course

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Jesse's right. The point I was making is it will be ready. I'll mention it to Mike & Mick, it really is their call. Dana mentioned there will be 36 baskets, two for each hole.

Can't wait to check it out. can never have enough disc courses


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--- Quote from: 26228 on September 13, 2011, 08:14:38 PM ---no way to get this on to the winter league schedule???

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You have to get a hold of Mike Holmquist or Mick McGowan before they decide on their winter schedule.

I'm thinking definitely spring/summer schedule 2012

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I talked with Mike & Mick has already made out the schedule. As someone overheard me talking with Mike, said there would be a charge for parking. Now that's a rumor, but doesn't suprise me. Think about the cost. Thirty six baskets @ $350.00 ea. = $12,600.00. The concrete, material only is around $125.00 = $2,250.00. My experience with park district employees is at least two do what one can do. I can't imagine what the labor cost will be.Fifteen thousand?  Coming from me, I give to our local courses, mainly Channahon, & also Oswego, Lockport & Highland.

From Brett-

I have some good news and some bad news.

Let's start with the good news. The DGA baskets and tee signs have arrived. The classic barn red baskets are sweet! Concrete work has also begun. The circle tee pads are going to look and play awesome. 

There are a couple of items on the bad side. There was some miscommunication between myself and the park district. There is an area that is going to be off limits due to the planting of wild grass/plants . It was my understanding it was a fairly small area near the creek. I found out it runs the entire length of the creek and comes out 100ft. That area really takes away a sweet par 4 and a creek that was in play. I'm going to have to redesign 3 of the final holes. It's not going to be easy and takes away a really awesome hole. The last is a kick to the nuts. The disc golf course is going to be mostly completed by the end of October like initally planned. The park will not reopen until October of 2012. It could possibly open sooner if the rest of the work (other projects in the park) is completed by then. This means the baskets will not go in the ground until the park is open. It looks like we have some time to wait.

I can certainly understand that thinking. It take time for things to get established. I bet it will be awesome when they open it & worth the wait. We almost have a new course at Lockport.


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