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J-Town Ice Bowl 2012 Sponsors



#Source     Item     Cash1Winter Leaguecash$100.002Summer Leaguecash$100.003Dan & Holly Grimescheck$100.004Shawn Harmoncheck$50.005Joe & Wendy Fleischauer (Flash)check$50.006Chicago White SoxCarlos Quentin autographed photoFMV $50.007Darrin Johnson/Tracey Keenercheck$50.008Shorewood LubeOil changeFMV $29.129Dan & Patty Charlescheck     (no sign)$75.0010J. D. Brown & Co.check$50.0011Standard Bankcheck$50.0012Duane's Paintingcheck (no sign)$100.0013Marks on 592- $10.00 gift certificatesFMV $20.0014K's Liquor & Food$20.00 gift certificateFMV $20.0015Louies Pizza3 $11.00 gift certificatesFMV $33.0016Martha Schoffstollcheck$25.0017Gyros  shack (washington st.)gift certificateFMV $5.0018Kreis Paintingcheck  (no sign)$150.0019Lee Rakoski Paintingcheck$50.0020Wal-Mart (Morris)cash  (no sign)$100.0021Matt Coynecash$100.0022Cemeno's Pizza3 - $10.00 gift ceretificatesFMV $30.0023Ultra Foodsgift certificateFMV $25.0024Frank GrimesInnova Travel Basket (inc Shipping)FMV $150.0025Al & Cindy Grimescheck$70.0026Dominick'sgift certificateFMV $10.00277 - Elevengift certificateFMV $25.0028Big Apple (restaurant)2 - $10.00 gift certificatesFMV $20.0029Cardinal Enterprisecheck$50.0030Tri County Stockdalegift certificateFMV $25.0031Rax Roast Beef13 - $1.00 gift certificatesFMV $13.0032Cracker Barreldinner for two certificateFMV $50.0033Commercial Systemscheck$50.0034Highland Liquorcheck$100.0035anonymousX out champ destroyerFMV $12.0036anonymousstar sidewinderFMV $12.0037anonymousstar maxFMV $12.0038anonymousstar vulcanFMV $12.0039anonymous2006 usdgc roc star/special blendFMV $20.0040anonymousbuzz 2010 ice bowl stampFMV $20.0041Hero's Westgift certificateFMV $25.0042Paul & Jen Coffelcheck$100.0043Babe's Hot Dogs4 - $5.00 gift certificatesFMV $20.0044Starbuckscoffee, tea, misc. mugsFMV $80.0045Thor Batchelorcheck$100.0046Jerry & Jean Harmoncheck$150.0047Boz's Hot Dogs2 - $25.00 gift certificatesFMV $50.0048Crase Auto Connectioncheck$50.0049Chicago BearsLaser Autographed FootballFMV $50.0050Robert & Laura Dobczykcheck$25.0051Steve & Edie Grimescheck$40.0052Michelle Grimes/ Kate Peterscheck$50.0053Lowe'sgift card (Frank Grimes)FMV $25.0054Arby's2 - meals $7.00 ea.FMV $14.0055Mike Lennoncheck  (no sign)$100.0056Channahon Rentalcheck$50.0057Ivo's   (restaurant)2 - $10.00 gift certificatesFMV $20.0058Target$25.00 gift cardFMV $25.0059Town & Country LanesBowling Party PachageFMV $50.0060Steak & Shakegift card FMV $20.0061Sam's Clubgift cardFMV $25.0062Jerry & Mary Grimescheck$50.0063Ron & Evie Newtoncash$20.0064Jeff & Beatrice Grimescash$50.0065Betty Capista check  (no sign)$100.0066Frank GrimesInnova Travel Basket (inc Shipping)FMV $150.0067Chuck & Martha Renfroecheck$25.0068Scott CoyneFirewood 1 face cord oak/cherryAV $100.0069Walmart (Jefferson, Joliet)gift cardFMV $20.0070Walmart (Shorewood)gift cardFMV $50.0071Art & Sue Grimescash$50.0072Joyce Terandycash$20.0073Joe's Cigars   (Joliet)cash$50.0074Frank Grimescheck$350.0075NI Steel  (Channahon)check$200.0076D'Arcey Motorscheck$100.0077Charles & Kathy Sharpcheck$250.0078Lone Star Restauranttwo $10.00 chicken dinnersFMV $20.0079Mitchell's Meat10 lbs ground beefAV $30.0080Dennis Holtcheck  (no sign)$100.0081Kieth Hallcheck (no sign)$100.0082Lucenta Tireoil changeFMV $30.0083Quick Print (Crest Hill)check  (no sign)$100.0084A-1 Wirelesscheck$50.0085Mikes Paint & Papercheck$25.0086Casey's General Storescheck$100.0087McDonalds   ( Rt, 52 & I55)8 value mealsFMV $48.0088Dave Kocibuacheck$50.0089Divas Salonfull body massage  (by a woman)FMV $75.0090Frank GrimesMisc. suppliesAV $29.0091Frank GrimesDay of RestAV $0.0092Morning Star MissionLunch, coffe, hot chocolate, donutsAV ???93Just Toni"s $25.00 gift card  (restaurant)FMV $25.0094Delta Sonic6 - $12.00 certificates (car wash)FMV $72.0095Drop ZonePortable toiletAV $130.0096anonymouscash$200.0097Chicago BullsBulls portrait of an era bookFMV $50.0098Janice M. Burkecheck$50.0099Larry Lesliecheck$25.00100Byron Grahamcash$50.00101Joe, John, & Bobcash  (no sign)$100.00102Scott Coynecheck$50.00103Frank GrimesPlayers PackAV $50.00104Tom McManusdiscontinuum club membershipFMV $15.00105Tom McManuscash$20.00106Ken & Terri Micetichcheck$100.00107Chicago Cubs2 Terrace Reserve Tickets  April 9th 2012FMV $29.00108Winter LeagueDoubles CTP$262.00109Jesse SaenzSponsor FlyersAV ???110Dave KocibuaPlayer FlyersAV ???111Plainfield SignsPlayer PackAV $50.00112Jesse Saenzcheck$25.00113I-55 Salvage check$50.00114Scott Harmoncheck$100.00115Kevin & Marjorie Valadecheck$25.00116Carnagio Mickey D's Channahoncheck$50.00117McDonalds  Minooka, Joliet, Channahon5 - $11.47 misc foodFMV $57.35118Blaine Scheepcash$25.00119The Webbscash$25.00120Dana Vicichdry fit Vibram shirtFMV $25.00121David Pungcash$40.00122Dan Wisemantlecash$40.00123Tom Matesevaccash$100.00124Ray Hillcash$100.00125Disc Golf World c/o Garycheck$39.00126Silent Auction  J-Towncash$47.00127Silent Auction Gary Lewiscash$69.00128Roy Bazancash$20.00Added Value$389.00Raffle Value$1663.47Total Cash$5487.00


--- Quote from: Frankie on November 29, 2011, 07:37:43 AM ---
#Source     Item     Value1Winter Leaguecash$100.002Summer League cash$100.003Dan & Holly Grimes check $100.004Shawn Harmoncheck$50.005Joe & Wendy Fleischauercheck$50.006Chicago White SoxCarlos Quentin autographed photo fmv    507Darrin Johnson/Tracey Keenercheck$50.008Shorewood LubeOil changefmv 29.129Dan & Patty Charlescheck $100.0010J. D. Brown & Co.check$50.0011Standard Bankcheck$50.0012Duane's Paintingcheck$100.0013Marks on 592- $10.00 gift certificatesfmv 2014K's Liquor & Food$20.00 gift certificatefmv 2015Louies Pizza3 $11.00 gift certificatesfmv 3316Martha Schoffstollcheck$25.0017Gyros  shack (washington st.)gift certificatefmv 5 18Kreis Paintingcheck$100.0019Lee Rakoski Paintingcheck$50.0020Wal-Mart (Morris)cash$100.0021Matt Coynecash$100.0022Cemeno's Pizza3 - $10.00 gift ceretificatesfmv 3023Ultra Foodsgift certificatefmv 2524Innova Travel basketFrank Grimes  (includes shipping)fmv 15025Al & Cindy Grimescheck$50.0026Dominick'sgift certificatefmv     10277 - Elevengift certificatefmv     2528Big Apple (restaurant)2 - $10.00 gift certificatesfmv     2029Cardinal Enterprisecheck$50.0030Tri County Stockdalegift certificatefmv 2531Rax Roast Beef13 - $1.00 gift certificatesfmv 1332Cracker Barreldinner for two certificatefmv 5033Commercial Systemscheck$50.0034Highland Liquorcheck$100.0035X out champ destroyeranonymousfmv 1236star sidewinderanonymousfmv 1237star maxanonymousfmv 1238star vulcananonymousfmv 12392006 usdgc roc star/special blendanonymousfmv 2040buzz 2010 ice bowl stampanonymousfmv 2041Hero's Westgift certificatefmv 2542Paul & Jen Coffelcheck$100.0043Babe's Hot Dogs4 - $5.00 gift certificatesfmv 2044Starbucks coffee, tea, misc. mugsfmv 80 45Thor Batchelorcheck$100.0046Jerry Harmoncheck$100.0047Boz's Hot Dogs2 - $25.00 gift certificatesfmv 5048Crase Auto Connectioncheck $50.0049Chicago BearsLaser Autographed Footballfmv 50?50Robert & Laura Dobczykcheck$25.0051Steve & Edie Grimescheck$40.0052Michelle Grimes/ Kate Peterscheck$50.0053Lowe'sgift card (Frank Grimes)fmv 2554Arby's2 - meals $7.00 ea.fmv1455Mike Lennoncheck$100.0056Channahon Rentalcheck$50.0057Ivo's   (restaurant)2 - $10.00 gift certificatesfmv 2058Target$25.00 gift cardfmv 25 59Town & Country LanesBowling Party Pachagefmv 5060Steak & Shakegift card  fmv 20Total Cash$1990.00
--- End quote ---
Awesome job, your killing it Frank!

Thanks Randy! You know how much work & time it takes, You taught me, along with Thor. I've said this before I admired what you've done with helping others in your community. My hat's off to you!!!

Got a couple more today.  :D

You are the man Frankie keep up the good work. you do a lot for the community too Frankie from this tourney, down to all the work you put in on these courses, Thanks for everything you do Frankie.


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