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J-Town Disc Golf: IOS #52 - The Indian Oaks Open - July 21st/22nd, 2012 - Marengo, IL

Author Topic: IOS #52 - The Indian Oaks Open - July 21st/22nd, 2012 - Marengo, IL  (Read 1841 times)


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The IOS crew will be at a brand new venue on July 21st-22nd. We will be at Indian Oaks Park in Marengo, IL! We hope to see you there.

Pre-register and save $5 on all of the following prices!
Saturday Divisions:
Open - $55
Intermediate - $35
Novice - $35

Sunday Divisions:
Masters, Grandmasters - $55
Advanced - $35
Recreational - $35
All Women Divisions - $35
All Age Protected Divisions - $35
Juniors - $25

This is an absolutely fantastic course installed last year. It brings out all parts of your game. Let's hope this becomes a destination course for future IOS events for many years to come!

Pre-Register Here: http://www.paperorplasticsports.com/2012/2012ios52.html

It will be 2 rounds of 20 or 21 holes. Huge thanks to John McGowan, Fred Vroman, and Dag Grada for their help in getting this course in awesome state! They even cut out a triple-mando clown-type temp hole for this event!

Track information about the event on the Facebook event page:

See information about the overall IOS here:

See you there!


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Re: IOS #52 - The Indian Oaks Open - July 21st/22nd, 2012 - Marengo, IL
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2012, 08:54:06 AM »
Pre-reg closes tonight!  Come on out and enjoy this great weekend.  The 3 temp holes...

- Hole 1A, a 244' anhyzer with a triple mando - designated by staying in between the two marked trees and staying below the top of those two trees.  Can play short of mando with no penalty.  If mando missed you take a stroke and throw from drop zone.
- Hole 19, a 750' bomb.  Plays uphill at first, and once you are on flat land funnels down towards the basket with OB baseball field fence on the right side and OB yellow rope on the left side and behind the basket.
- Hole 20, a 312' island hole.  Plays as a righty hyzer if you think you can hyzer your disc and land in the island.  Everything on the tee side of the road is in bounds, everything on and over the road except the island is out of bounds.  If you go OB from your tee shot, you go to a drop zone that is about 100' from the basket.  If you go OB on any throw after your tee shot, then you play from where you went OB.  Do you play safe and stay on the one side of the road until you can safely cross into the island? Or are you accurate enough to hyzer it out there and get it to land safely in the island?  Sweet hole :)

DEFINITELY worth your time to come out and play this course!
Pre-Register here: http://www.paperorplasticsports.com/2012/2012ios52.html