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I know I thank these people at my tournaments but for those of you who don't come out and support the Trinity Links Point Series and the course I will put this up for you to read.  ( you should come check out the course and play a tournament or four and help us raise funds for the course... next tourney is may 26th) but Tom M and Dan O lead the way in doing work out on the course.  Leo B has helped with bridges and trenching and has done a tremendous job.  Matt P is willing to do whatever needs to get done and is always smiling.  Lefty Al H has been out helping with water flow and trenching....  there is some others that have come out to help but the people that I have listed really just do a tremendous job and I appreciate it and all the players that come out to Trinity I am sure appreciate it to.  Also Ryan Rimbo is a local player to Trinity and he has been helping with benches and helped out with the tee pads...  Thank you guys for all you do and I look forward to continue improving the course and making it harder and harder and harder and harder to play.   



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